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Can't decide on what ENB to use? Well, I've done the hours for you. Screenshot Galore!

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This is a large collection of screenshots, meant to aid you in chosing the right ENB for you without having to do all the copious testing work that I've just done.

All the screenshots you see are done on top of Lexy's Legacy of the Dragonborn guide (Changelog version: 10th April, 2020), including all her ini file settings (initially for Ljoss).
Adjustments I have made: Textures for Hold Banners and Shrines.

I have not fiddled with any in-game settings (such as brightness, it's smack in the middle), and I left all the ENBs on their default settings, too.
Except one - because I wanted to try and then forgot to set it back to default. Shame on me.
This is The Truth ENB, and I only enableld and adjusted the DOF, so colors/lighting/etc. are still out of the box.

ENB version used is either 4.15, or 4.17 - I updated halfway through, because when I went to download Silent Horizons - well, the newest version required it. Since my screenshots don't show any shiny wet surfaces, I don't think the ones with 4.15 are at any disadvantage though.

File names correspond to my save game and the used ENB preset, so they appear ordered by save game.

If you're a nerd like me, and want to decide what preset to use with semi-scientific methods, I have prepared a spreadsheet for you to enter your rating for all the screenshots. It will rank them according to your average rating. (Beware: this is harder than you think! :D)
This spreadsheet is also available as a google sheet, for you to make your own copy!
ENBCo v1.0 Comparison Sheet

ENB Presets tested:
Version numbers are also on the screenshots.
  1. A Cathedralist's ENB HQ 1.0 & ENB 4.15
  2. iiENB 4.071 & ENB 4.17
  3. Intrigued (for Obsidian Weathers) 4.6 & ENB 4.15
  4. Ljoss (Naturalistic) 5.1 & ENB 4.15
  5. Lucid 4.10 & ENB 4.17
  6. Natural View Tamriel (NVT) (for Obsidian Weathers) 5.1 & ENB 4.15
  7. Re-Engaged 8.5 & ENB 4.15
  8. Rudy (for Obsidian Weathers) 5.0c & ENB 4.15
  9. Ruvaak Dahmaan 5.71EXP & ENB 4.15
  10. Semirealis 3.8 & ENB 4.15
  11. Serio's ENB 1.08 & ENB 4.17
  12. Silent Horizons 7.1 & ENB 4.17
  13. Soul Spectrum 1.82 & ENB 4.17
  14. The Truth 1.00.22 & ENB 4.17
  15. Vividian 1.3 & ENB 4.17

My Choice:
I highly encourage you to do your own rating though! Tastes vary, and you might put focus on a lot of different things than me!

Other links and "Thank You"s:

I have unfortunately due to late hours and quarantine-beers missed a small number of shots. These are visibly replaced by something else, so as not to break comparison sequences.

Deliver the missing shots subsequently
Mark the screenshot locations on a map
Take additional screenshots:
  • new locations (Solstheim, Soulcairn, Interiors)
  • more people
  • other seasons
For consideration:
  • Vanilla
  • Sin Xtreme realism
  • Lucien 
  • Imaginarium 
  • Luxor's Keizaal
  • PI-CHO