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A performance friendly and subtle preset using per-weather configuration for Cathedral Weathers, based off "The Truth ENB" by phinix.

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A Cathedralist's ENB
Created from the base of phinix's The Truth ENB, A Cathedralist's ENB is designed to be used alongside Cathedral Weathers and Seasons and Lightweight Grass Overhaul as to not break the horizon seam fix of the former, and the terrain/grass blending of the latter. By default, this preset stays close to Cathedral Weathers intended look, and is quite lightweight on performance. However, with some minor tweaking, it can be modified to suit a variety of visual preferences.
Now with ENB Multiple Weathers Support

489830_20190518182609_1 by walrus no, on Flickr. Click here for more 5120 x 2880 screenshots of A Cathedralist's ENB.

1. Download the latest version of ENB and copy the contents of the zip into your Skyrim Special Edition root directory (where your SkyrimSE.exe is).

2. Download the latest version of A Cathedralist's ENB and copy the contents of the zip to the same destination as step 1, overwriting some of the default ENB files.

3. Download and install Cathedral Weathers and Seasons and Lightweight Grass Overhaul (I recommend Mod Organizer 2 for installation). A Cathedralist's ENB will work fine without these mods, however they are integral to how the preset is meant to look.

4. Download and install ENB Helper SE. Required for multiple weathers support.

5. (Optional, but highly recommended) Install ENB Lights by 4109 to get the intended effect from complex particle lights for more light sources.

6. (Optional) Ady's Shaders are included but disabled by default, enable them by activating EnablePrespass in the ENB GUI or through the enbseries.ini.

7. (Optional) Configure to your liking in game as demonstrated in the following section, otherwise, you're done!

By default, A Cathedralist's ENB does not need any tweaking to have the intended visual effect. However, if you wish to enable more ENB effects or make the game warmer, colder, brighter, darker, etc, read on.

1. Go in game, open console so you don't move around while you configure stuff, open the ENB GUI by pressing RIGHTSHIFT+ENTER.

2. To edit the brightness, contrast, saturation, and color filters, open ENBEFFECT.FX on the right window called Shader Parameters. Here, you have three options to color correct the game to your liking: HD6, AGCC Input Mixer, and ENB Output Effects. For making the game warmer/colder and for general color tweaking, modifying the HD6 Color Balance is your best bet. For making the game brighter/darker, modifying the ENB Output Brightness is the easiest way to do so. For modifying contrast, I would start with changing ENB Output Gamma to see what effect it has, however there are several options to do so within ENBEFFECT.FX. HD6 and AGCC often have a subtler effect on the image, where as ENB Output Effects are easy to overdo.

3. Although Ambient Occlusion, Detailed Shadow, Cloud Shadows, Image Based Lighting, Sub Surface Scattering, and Skylighting are disabled by default, they come preconfigured to fit in with the general aesthetic of Cathedral Weathers. Be warned, effects like Detailed Shadow and Image Based Lighting can degrade Lightweight Grass Overhaul's grass/terrain blending, and Volumetric Rays will break the horizon seam in many cases, so you enable these effects are your own risk.

4. Sharpening, vignetting, and film grain are available by enabling PostPastShader on the left pane under EFFECT, then
configured on the right pane under ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS.FX.

5. If Bloom is too strong/weak, play around with the Amounts under Bloom on the left pane of the ENB GUI, with further configuration available under ENBBLOOM.FX on the right pane.

I encourage you to play around with the different settings throughout the ENB, or leave a comment asking how to achieve your desired effect, so don't be afraid to just ask! If you have a question about something you don't understand, chances are someone else does, too.

If even with the default settings you are getting unwanted fps decreases, you have options to regain some lost performance.

1. If you want an overall boost in performance, although only about 1-2 frames on my system, disable Bloom and Distant Shadows.

2. If your frame rate drops when looking closely at lights or when looking at many lights at once, try disabling Complex Particle Lights. I've noticed that holding a torch out in first person drops my frames a lot more than normal with Complex Particle Lights enabled.

Keep in mind running any ENB what-so-ever will have a performance impact versus a completely vanilla game. To return to vanilla performance, don't just disable UseEffect in the ENB GUI, completely remove the ENB .dlls from your SSE root folder.

Further Tweaking
1. Although Skyrim Special Edition's default SSAO settings are usable, if you want to get closer to what you see in my images, change/add the lines fSAOIntensity=12, fSAOExpFactor=0.2200, and fSAORadius=750.0000 under [Display] in Skyrim.ini.

2. In order to achieve what you see in my images, run DynDOLOD with the High preset while also using DynDOLOD's 3D Tree Static Object LOD, the guide for which can be found in DynDOLOD's files under /Docs/trees.ultra/DynDOLOD-Trees.html.

Fully Nighteye Compatible
Thanks to Phinix's original implementation, nighteye is not only functional with enb enabled, it is also configurable under ENBEFFECT.FX!

  • Phinix, for creating The Truth ENB of which A Cathedralist's ENB is based off. Endorse their preset!
  • JonnyWang13 and many others on the Cathedral Discord for helping me out with many things, most importantly fixing the horizon seam!
  • Reforged Bloom by SandvichDISH on the enbdev forum
  • Color and bloom filters by HeliosDoubleSix (HD6)
  • AGCC tonemap & 3D LUT support by kingeric1992
  • Bokeh Depth of Field option by Marty McFly
  • Postpass blur, sharp, grain, vignette, etc by JawZ
  • Prepass subsurface control by The Sandvich Maker and Adyss
  • ENB itself and various effects by Boris Vorontsov
  • Day/night/twilight separation by kingeric1992 & Phinix
  • Additions, in-game options, & formatting by Phinix
  • Khajiit Nighteye control by Phinix
  • Ady's Shaders by Adyss
  • ENB Weather ini structure by LonelyKitsune

Four different weathers, all taken at 6:00 pm.