About this mod

The successor to one of the most customizable ENB presets for SSE is here! Including improved performance, lots of new features and tools for screenarchers.

Permissions and credits

Silent Horizons is the next step in the evolution of my ENB and a huge leap forward in both quality and performance. Featuring a brand new framework and unique, new shaders specifically made for this preset to bring you the best tools for customization and screenarchery.
Note: For a more detailed desciption of the features look into "Customization" down below.


New Framework
  • Better time of day seperation to enable more control with less performance impact
  • New global option file to easily customize the feature set of the ENB

Your Game, Your Style
  • Completely new and improved color correction suite and tonemapping
  • Marty McFly's Lightroom is included again with optional DNI seperation
  • LUTs return better than ever with new ones and improved custom LUT integration
  • The Revolution has begun! - Included all RevoLUTion LUTs as addon

Integration of the latest ENB features
  • ENB Ambient Occlusion
  • Subsurface Scattering
  • Skylighting
  • Imagebased Lighting
  • Improved Rain
  • Cloud Shadows
  • Distant Shadows
  • Detailed Shadows
  • Complex Particle and Fire Lights
  • Volumetric Rays
  • Multi Weather Support
  • Enhanced Water

Dynamic Bloom
Completely new and performance optimized bloom.
  • Realtime tweakable gaussian kernel
  • Optional effects like depth testing or dirt reflections

Lens effects
Optional and fully UI tweakable lensflares
  • Multi-Iris Lensflare
  • Anamorphic Lensflare
  • Starburst Lensflare
  • Lens Reflections
  • Weather Effects
  • Selectable Lens Dirt
  • Chromatic Aberration

Advanced Depth of Field +
An extended and improved version of Marty McFly's excellent DoF shader.

SMAA is included and integrated into the global options for easier control.

Full Imagespace support
No need for a night eye fix anymore!

Additional post processing effects
Custom shaders for superior performance and/or customization
  • Vignette
  • Sharpening (Unsharp Mask)
  • Chromatic Aberration
  • Letterbox
  • Monochroma

Video Showcases

Some screenshots by users


Huge thank you to everyone that made a video or posted screenshots of the ENB! <3

Pre-setup and helpful tweaks:

Required - Set Dynamic Range to full


Required/Highly Recommended - Ini tweaks


Required - Disable vanilla Depth of Field

Highly Recommended - Install ENB Particle Patch and Smooth Sky Mesh
Go to the ENB Particle Patch post and download the SE version.


  1. Optional - Install ELFX + Enhancer (or another lighting mod)
  2. Recommended - Download Smooth Sky Mesh
  3. Install the weather mod you want to use
  4. Download the latest ENB Binary here
  5. Copy d3d11.dll and decompiler_46e.dll into your skyrim game folder
  6. Install the ENB Helper (required for all MWS version)
  7. Choose the right version of Silent Horizons for your weather mod and download it
  8. Copy everything in the "Silent Horizons + Weather mod" folder into your game folder
  9. Optional - Install one of the included optional files

Post-Installation Tips
The Imagespace and you
With the new imagespace application all color correction that gets added by mods will impact the final image.
  • The first thing that alters the imagespace are different weathers. This means that weather mods have a much bigger impact on the final image than they used to have in Silent Skies.
  • This also includes filters from certain weather mods (NAT or Obsidian have the option for example). The preset was tweaked to support the default settings for each weather mod so your mileage may vary when changing those!
  • Season effects (from weather mods that support such feature) will also change the way your game is going to look.
  • Its recommended to use Predator Vision for further customization of the night eye.
  • Other imagespace altering mods like Imaginator shouldn't be installed while using an ENB anyways, because you have much more powerful color correction tools built into this preset!

For NAT users:
Disable NATs SubSurface Scattering and wet effect feature! They hinder the ENB SSS from working.
Sunlight variations or the additional skylight of NAT can look weird sometimes, so you could disable those two as well.

Note: Possible fire problems with NAT

Multi Weather Support:
Or short MWS, enables the use of different enbseries configuration files for different weathers. This enables more consistent lighting between different weathers, as well as weather specific effects (like aurora borealis illumination at night, more reflective surfaces during rainy weather, better volumetric lighting integration or simply more realistic lighting).
I seperate the way of implementation into two different types for better understanding:

Basic (BMWS)
This is the default way to do MWS and is used by most ENB presets with the exception of some Oldrim ones. Every type of weather (Clear, Cloudy, Rain, Snow, etc) gets its own config with this method.

Extended (EMWS)
This version on the other hand adds unique configs for EVERY SINGLE weather. Its far more time consuming to set up (obviously) but gives the ENB much more flexibility to make weathers more consistent and/or varied.

Versions with MWS:
Obsidian  - EMWS with 50 unique configs (DLC and Special weathers missing)
Cathedral - BMWS with 10 unique configs
NAT          - BMWS with 8 unique configs


Alright, lets get to the main part of the ENB. Customization!
This section contains a summary of the most important tweaks and options for this ENB to get you started.
Note: For more infos about global settings look at the bottom of the modpage!

Color Correction and LUTs
  • To choose a LUT go to the TECHNIQUE drop down menu inside ENBEFFECT.
  • Contrast and Exposure (Brightness) can be found in the Pre-Tonemapping section while all other important CC related settings can be found in the Color Correction section of the ENBEFFECT UI.
  • For even more CC features look into ENBEFFECPOSTASS' Lightroom.
  • More LUT related info like custom LUT support can be found inside the Silent Horizons reference (articles tab at the top).

RevoLUTion Addon
If you can't get enough of LUTs you can install the optional RevoLUTion addon that adds 29 additional LUTs!
Check out the Oldrim modpage to learn more about the LUTs in this addon and make sure to also leave an endorsement over there!

Huge thanks to napoleonofthestump for allowing me to include his awesome LUT collection.
And thanks to AntaresParallax as well for beginning with the "Frankenstein-ing" in the first place.

You have a few AA options for SSE to choose from right now. They can be either used standalone or chained together.
  • FXAA: Extremely cheap AA solution thats already implemented into vanilla Skyrim. Has one big drawback: It smooths out texture details as well, which makes the whole image look kind of blurry.
  • TAA: Another AA method that is already in the vanilla game. Smooths out aliasing pretty clean but introduces a weird motion blur like effect when moving the camera.
  • Edge AA: Built in AA method of the ENB binary. Can be enabled through the enblocal.ini and removes most aliasing artifacts from all object edges.
  • SMAA: The best AA solution imo and included with this preset. Fixes the biggest part of aliasing artifacts while not blurring the whole screen. Its enabled by default but can be easily deactivated through the ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS techniques. You can also choose a different SMAA performance preset through the global options. If its not enough AA for you try to combine it with FXAA or use a different more aggressive AA type (Edge AA or TAA).
  • CREAA: Can be enabled on top of SMAA and should further eliminate aliasing artifacts by bluring sharp object edges.
  • DSR/SSAA: If you have a ton of performance to spare you can use Nvidias DSR to render the game in higher resolution before it gets scaled down to your screen resolution. Preserves details very well and gets rid of almost all jagged edges but costs a ton of FPS.

Special Effects and Filters
If you want to add any extra effects like Chromatic Aberration or Grain to your image or want to activate a black and white filter or fancy hue separator look into the ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS.

The lens shaders have to be enabled on the left side of the GUI (EnableLens) first, before you can proceed to customize them inside the [ENBLENS.FX] UI.

Depth of Field
Choose one of the optional DoF configs I included in the download or tweak it yourself (more info on that can be found inside the Silent Horizons Reference)

While I made sure to optimize all shaders I implemented/wrote and to get the most out of the ENB binary, I can't make additional effects cost nothing. If the default performance hit is too much for you and you want to get some performance back, this is the section for you.
  • Resolution: Yeah, pretty obvious I know. Just a little additional FYI if you didn't know it already - a bunch of effects in the ENB scale with your resolution! So be prepared to pay the performance price.
  • Ini tweaks: The easiest way to safe some performance with your inis is to use BethINI to lower you graphics settings. You can get back A LOT of FPS that way. (mod organizer user have to edit seperate inis for their profiles as usual)
  • Ambient Occlusion: While Skyrim built in AO is pretty bad, the ENB SSAO costs more of your FPS (even after my tweaks). You can either just disable it or disable it and use the vanilla AO instead. If you opt for the vanilla AO you can control the intensity in the ENB GUI under [SSAO_GAME].
  • Depth of Field: Rule of thumb - the heavier the DoF effect the more FPS will be lost. So, disable it completely if you don't need it, use one of the lighter included DoF configs or tweak it yourself.
  • SSS: Doesn't hit your performance as heavy as the ENB AO, but it still costs a few frames to compute the effect. Only disable it if you don't mind the vanilla plastic like skin.
  • SMAA: While I disabled UI tweaking for better performance it still costs some frames to do its magic. You can disable it in favor of a cheaper AA alternative like FXAA (see Antialiasing section) or choose a cheaper preset through the global settings.
  • Skylighting: Doesn't cost that much performance but can give you back one to three frames depending on the environment. If you want to disable it you can sort of replace the effect by decreasing the "AmbientLighting" (under [ENVIRONMENT]) across the board a little bit to "fake it".

Silent Horizons and ENB Binary Reference

The place for all informations regarding this ENB. Includes a reference for my shader setup and all the available parameters of the ENB binary itself.
-> Moved to the articles section to make the modpage more compact and easier to navigate.
It can be found at the top of the modpage.

If this is a big "update" to my previous ENB (Silent Skies), why not just upload it as one?
Because this is not the same ENB anymore. The only thing the two ENBs have in common is the goal and some shaders (and the author obviously).

The overall look of Silent Horizons will be different from Silent Skies because of the changes I made to the whole rendering pipeline. It has more natural colors and contrast and is positioned somewhere between fantasy and realism while leaning more towards fantasy. In case you don't like the new look of the ENB, Silent Skies will be kept available to download on its old modpage, but won't receive major updates anymore!

Little more infos for those of you that like to know why I didn't simply expand on Silent Skies and made a completely new ENB instead.

I don't like the dark rain, how can I turn it off?
Go to the [RAIN] section on the left side of the ENB GUI (scroll down a bit) and disable the "EnableRain" parameter.

How can I make nights/interiors/... brighter/darker?
Use the "Exposure (F-Stops)" parameter. It can be found on the right side of the ENB UI under [ENBEFFECT] -> Pre-Tonemapping

I can't launch my game with version 2.2+, what have you done?!
Seems like older Nvidia graphics card drivers don't play well with my new unsharp mask shader. A update to newer drivers should fix the problem.

Wheres the version for *insert weather mod*?!
The current selection of weather mods will be the only officially supported ones for the foreseeable future.
You can always try the preset with other non supported weather setups, but you probably have to tweak the ENB.

For code, shaders or textures I used:
Boris Vorontsov - ENB
Kingeric1992 - Multi-Iris, LUT code, Adaption, Splittone and SMAA integration for ENB
Marty McFly - Depth of Field, Lightroom and Vignette
napoleonofthestump - Revolution LUTs
Obsidian Dawn - Photoshop Frost Brushes
Kyokushinoyama - Lens Dirt Textures
Bethesda - Skyrim

For help, inspiration or knowledge:
Timothy Lottes, John Hable, Prod80, Sonic Ether, Sandvich Maker, Adyss, Gurleygirl