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Ruvaak Dahmaan ENB returned from Oldrim to create a immersive and balanced experience. With ELFX/Relighting and Vivid Weather.

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!For Changes please look at the Bottom of the Page

V5.7 EXP is for ENB Version 0.394

V5.0EXP is for ENB Version 0.381 -> compatible with AGCC you can activate it in the ENB Menu under ENBEFFECT

V4.5EXP is for ENB Version 0.376

V4.2 is for ENB Version 0.370

V4.0 is for ENB Version 0.352

V2.3EXP is made for ENB Version 0.325

V3.5 is made for ENB Version 0.334

Hey Guys !

Ruvaak Dahmaan ENB is back in SE. BUT it will be a little bit different from the Original Version because with SE the ENB settings have not all features and the lighting works a littlebit different.

I tried again to create a balance for dark and light and tried to make the game look as immersive as I could within the limitations.
Like before I aimed for an ENB in which suits Skyrim for Videos and for Immserive Gaming so that you love the sun, feel cold in snow and feel unpleasant when it rains.

I came to the conclusion that this mod works with almost every weather and interior lighting mod. I prefere RLO and vivid weather with it. Before I used ELFX and Climates of Tamriel and both versions work totally fine. Just take the one you like the taste more.
This is the first try release and things will evolve in the process. There are some limitations I cannot change and that are some weather situations.

Best to turn of Lens Effects of Skyrim SE! They mess everything up.



1. Download the Binaries files from

2. Copy the files into the Skyrim folder which contains the SkyrimSE.exe Files: d3d11.dll, d3dcompiler_46.dll and enblocal.ini

3. Download my mod and copy all files into the same folder like before.

4. tweak the enblocal.ini to your liking

4. Installation done
Pictures will follow as I test further :)

I hope you like it. Please give me feedback so I can see what I can do to make a better experience for you.
As some of you know. The ENB can change in the time I develope it. But I will always keep the old files in the "Old Files" Section of the mod.

Have fun and Give some Feedback. Thank you ! :)



- Initial Release

1.1 EXP

- tried to fix the washed out shadows but maintain the visibility of things in shadows.
- also activated adaptation settings to help me adjusting the right brigthness to deal with the overly bright snow (doesn't work all the time like I want it=
- adjusted the Night setting to make it a little bit brigther so light appears more bright too. Before the night had very dim light.
- not everything will work like I want but I will tweak as I go. Thank you very much :)

1.2 EXP

- added adaptation to overcome the great contrast between lightshafts and shadows
- made nights lighter until the ENB gives better options to change the brightness. Otherwise every light seems very dim. This is not really pleasant
- changed the indoor lighting in brighter. With ELFX Enhancer it is still dark. But it is more playable. And the lighting is bett I think.
- feedback please :) thanks ! :D

1.3 EXP

- changed the adaptation to get good results for the extrem bright snowy weather (clear snow weather)
- tried to make adaptation as natural as possible so that it feels immersive (if you are in the shadows all light will be brighter if you go in the light the shadows are darker
- please feedback

1.5 EXP

- I added the AGCC "Apply Gamma Color Correction" Code to make it possible to use vampire sight.
- the problem with it changing the whole balance of the enb forced me to overdo the ENB totally.
. this could result in another look than the 1.3 EXP version. Take the version you prefere.
- Please give some feedback of the balance and I will see what I can do. Thank you guys.
- So this is kinda AGCC 1.0 from scratch

1.6 EXP

I made great progress in adapting the enb -> I began to use modular shaders by --JawZ-- to get better results.

- added better adaptation to make it look more natural
- added better bloom to make fire and windows look more bloomy
- added new sharpness filter to make th quality better overhaul and tried to balance it to not make flickering while moving your head ingame
- balanced the light with compromise. That means not every weather is perfect, sometimes the light is dim, but this is the best solution at the moment.
- please do some feedback.


- totally reworked the ENB and got rid of some balancing mistakes.
- with the new ground base I can work further and can avoid over bright surfaces so every texture detail is well seen.
- the rework should match more the oldrim Ruvaak Dahmaan ENB
- Important for me. The contrast of magic to the surroundings. So fire, spells and everything that glows sticks out really nicely and easy to spot.


- Adyss helped me to improve the enb by adjusting and adding lines to my enbeffect.fx and bloom.
- added Tonemap
- added new bloom
- balanced the outcome to the 3.3 version but improved.
- balanced other settings like specular and so on


- added even newer Bloom
- added Skylighting and adjusted new AO of the ENBSeries
- changed the DOF Settings to take effect in nearer distance
- one version has near dof (blurred weapon in first person, blurred object that are near you and not in focus)
- did some adjustments for bloom intensity, direct light, and other settings like sky, pointlight and so on
- decreased the volumetric rays to make it compatible with other weather mods that keep strong volumetric rays
- changed shader settings to give the picture a more full feel but still harsh and cold
- made DOF less intensive
- adjusted Adaptation to have a cool "I am in the shadows and light on the outside is brighter when I look in the dark" effect
- (Future plans to implement Night Vision code)
- adjusted white levels to fight overbright surfaces

4.1 Experimental

- updated to newest Version 0.368 ENB Series
- changed the adaptation to have more Natural Theme
- increased brightness so that sky looks lore realistic connected with the adaptation changes
- fire is more intense
- complex particle lights configured
- complex fire particle lights configured
- distant shadows configured
- changed a little bit the balance of saturation, contrast and gamma with filmic shader
- added the cloudshadows but I was never a fan of it will see if that changes
- bloom edited to be more present and give more atmosphere.
- Skin Specular also configured

4.2 Experimental

- Balancing on Bloom (Interior Reduced, Outdoor increased a bit)
- Balancing Pointlight (Decreased Interior ro maintain the Skin specular without over glowing)
- Balancing AO (Make it mor Authentic and Realistic -> reduced)
- Balancing Complex Particle Lights -> disabled Big Range
- Balanced Speculars (Increased and further balanced on Skin, increased on objects by a small amount)
- newest ENB Version 0.370 Version features configured.
- Balanced SSS and deactivated the Prepass of it

4.5 Experimental

-new adjustement to bloom
-more blue sky
-adjusted speculars on skin
-adjusted firesetting to match new bloom setting
-updated new features -> adjusted volumetric ray setting
- adjusted grass setting
-still experimental

5.0 Experimental

- Updated to ENB Series 0.381
- switched from filmic shader to ALU shader
- totally new balance
- added new water features
- rebalanced everything to fit the ALU shader, still more to do
- changed bloom, ambient light, complex particle light, pointlight, out black, Subsurface Scattering, Specular Lights (Skin and normal),
- changed Color Balance, Fog Setting, changed volumetric light setting
- still experimental and maybe things will change
- feedback is always welcome

5.63 Experimental

A lot of balance changes.

- SSS changed
- Adaptation changed
- Bloom changes
- Sky changes
- Ambient Lighting changes
- AO changes

5.7 Experimental

- added Sunrays
- edited fixed Volumetric Rays to be more present
- little AO tweaks
- performance tweaks (sorry guys for the low performance on last version)
- tweaked SSS a little
- colored son for sunrays have different colors dawn, day, sunset