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A simple ENB with that focuses on preserving native weather colors by including game imagespaces. For Cathedral Weathers.

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Serio's ENB

This is my personal ENB that I use and have decided to share. It is a very basic setup that preserves the normal lighting schemes and imagespaces from supported weather mods. Applies a filmic tonemap for a more cinematic and natural look. Desaturates shadows to add an element of natural depth to ambient lighting space. Interiors tested and calibrated with ELE and Luminosity. Calibrated time of day white points to avoid blown out brights. Mods that make the vanilla Night Eye look better are recommended.

Supported Weathers:

Interior Lighting:
  • ELE - Default Calibration
  • ELFX Enhancer - Compatible.
  • Luminosity - Requires downtuning of AmbientLightingIntensity parameters. For best results use 0.50 - 0.75.


  • Extract ENB binaries (d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll) into your Skyrim Special Edition game folder.
  • Extract the file contents of this mod file into your Skyrim Special Edition game folder.
  • Turn off game SSAO either using BethINI or set "bSAOEnable=0" in your SkyrimPrefs.ini file under [Display].
  • Set Depth of Field slider in the game options menu to 0.
  • If using Glorious Glaciers, delete GloriousGlaciers.ini file. 

The ENB comes with custom LUTs (lookup tables) that give the game a different color scheme. These can be changed in the ENB menu by pressing Shift + Enter and selecting the ENBPOSTPASS.FX settings, under "--------LUT". Users can change the LUT by changing "Gradient LUT Type" and adjust the intensity of the LUT by changing "Gradient Tint Amount."

The following LUTs are included:
  • Spooky Green
  • Purple Haze
  • Snowy Blue
  • Autumn Cappuccino
  • Fireplace
  • Midgar
  • Autumn Lake
  • Blue Snowflake
  • Blossom
  • Dread Elk
  • Oak Leaves

  • JawZ - MSL Helper Functions
  • Kingeric1992 - 3D LUT, Histogram Adaptation, SMAA, & Game Color Correction
  • Adyss - Sunsprite FX & LUT Switcher
  • Marty McFly - Depth of Field
  • Sandvich Maker - Reforged Bloom & Reforged UI
  • K - Lens FX
  • Jim Hejl - Hejl2015 Tonemap
  • John Hable - Uncharted 2 Tonemap
  • Krzysztof Narkowicz - ACES Tonemap