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(Rustic Preset used in screenshot)

Wow, I am truly honored and humbled by the support received by the modding community on this ENB. I can't believe this has already received 5000+ Endorsements. THANK YOU ALL that have taken the time to support me on my first ever Skyrim ENB. Thank you to all those have taken time to download, use, provide awesome feedback and comments and even endorse. Without the modding community, mods would mean nothing. So, thank you all. Enjoy!

Thank you everyone! I can't believe this went File of the Month for January 2017. Thanks for the support...

(Update 5 Aug) See sticky post.Fixed the default DOF error I had in the file which was causing things to be blurry up close. 

--- Not a ReShade+ENB ---

--- Adjustable ENB via in-game GUI ---

--- High quality Depth of Field with multiple DOF strength options ---

--- Image enhancing ENB SSAO effect that is far superior than in-game SSAO ---

--- Individually tweaked Day Night Interiors settings for better color balance at all times of day ---

--- New easy to use interior & night brightness selector to change darkness to your personal preference ---

--- New Apply Game Color Correction (AGCC) Mode allowing effects light night eye/vampire to work with ENB ---

--- Individual LUT files for each each preset to allow good color representation for all included weather mod/presets ---

--- Presets for all major weather/lighting mods to include Vivid Weathers, Climates of Tamriel, Dolomite Weathers, NAT & Vanilla---

--- Each preset has different performance levels to meet your needs. Go for either full quality, Ultimate or Color Correction Only Presets ---

--- Additional image enhancing options available for you to activate in-game if you choose such as Film Grain, Vignette and Letterbox effects ---

--- Detailed and thorough "Install" and "How to Adjust & Use ENB Settings" video created by yours truly to help making using easier for newbs ---

--- Atmospheric enhancing Bloom that is adjusted for each time of day (Day, Night & Interiors ) without being too overpowering but impactful ---

(Dolomite Preset in shot)

This is my first ENB for Skyrim. It was originally built off of one of my Witcher 3 ReShades Wild Hunt Re-Engaged but, further tweaked to better suit Skyrim. Although, that was just the for the Vanilla Preset. Overtime now I have expended this preset to include presets for Vanilla, COT, Vivid and NAT.  I tried to keep the changes subtle and too the weather mods authors intent of their mod but, provide an impactful enhancement at the same time. You will find that this is colorful still but, at the same time gloomier and giving you that colder feel in the environment. Nights and interiors will be slightly darker  giving a better atmospheric look without taking away from the image quality by hiding the details.  You will find the sunsets/sunrises not as bright orange but, slightly toned down to a redder look. Fires will feel warm and the the sunlight color will bounce off objects with a more realistic look. I tried to keep the effects I wanted to use to not bogged down the reshade but, used just enough to give the image I was looking for. If your system can handle it try the optional DOF add on for an even more immersive feel and the MXAO add on for an even more impactful image quality. Feel free to give it a try. I hope you enjoy. 

What Preset to use you ask???

Rustic- (Weather Mod Link: Rustic) This is a gloomy feel of a preset. Colors are toned down while not being under-saturated. This preset tries to bring out what most would consider the world of Skyrim to feel and look like. You will find clear sunny days to look nice with some dull colors while cloudy/stormy weathers to be darker and grey. 

NAT-(Weather Mod Link: NAT) If you like a more natural and realistic looking game this is for you. Colors are vibrant but darker to add to the realism. Lighting is balanced out very well and appears very natural. Day time is bright and ambient and stormy weathers a grey/gloomy. You will find sunny/clear weathers more vibrant compared to colors darker in stormy/darker weathers. 

Vivid-(Weather Mod Link: Vivid) This a bit of realism with a hint of fantasy. Colors are little brighter/vibrant compared to the NAT preset especially at different times of day and depending on the weather. Lighting tends to be on the darker side. (Not dark as in no light just not as bright or ambient) Stormy weathers are dark/grey and gloomy. 

COT-(Weather Mod Link: COT) This is close to a realism preset but ambient light tends to be brighter. Colors are more towards a realistic tone. Colors tend to change depending on if you are in brighter areas vs shadow/dark areas but, tend to be a lighter tone in nature. The lighting tends to be more impactful at times adding to the realism. Storms are very immersive and atmospheric. (V5.4se of COT is a much better improvement over previous version of the mod)

Dolomite- (Weather Mod Link: Dolomite) This is more closer to a fantasy/realism preset. This preset tends to be more on the colorful side compared to dolomite on its own. The sky is a brighter blue and the foliage can have a nice green tone to it. Depending on the weather colors will vary. The preset is a bit brighter when if comes to ambient light. Some weathers are brighter then others as well as more colorful at times. This weather mod has some very nice rays that shine through the fog and trees as well. 

Vanilla- If you like staying along the lines of the new Skyrim SE visuals by Bethesda. 

Note: Images above are a mix of all presets. Go to image section and click on title if you want to know what preset it is. Also see below to see screenshots for each preset to maybe get an idea what preset is for you. 

Here are some videos of the different presets Re-Engaged offers. 

If you feel you game doesn't look like my videos please see the desc in for each video to see the mods listed that are used in the video. The mods you use can have a big impact on the overall image of the game. Additionally, I have the mods I use in screenshots listed in the image section & mod list section.  

------------------------Videos by Firemanaf----------------------

Dolomite-NLVA II Preset Showcase                                                                                    Rustic Preset Showcase


Vivid Preset Showcase                                                                                 NAT Preset Showcase 


                                         COT Preset Showcase                                                                                    Vanilla Preset Showcase                                                                                                                  

-------------------------Videos by Users--------------------

I want to thank all youtube video authors that have made videos of Re-Engaged ENB. I know the time and effort that goes into them. I appreciate the support of this ENB and the willingness to make a video using it. I wish I could post them all here on this page. But, just due to space and updates to Re-Engaged ENB I possible can't. However, I will try to have some videos by youtubers posted on here of most recent version. 

For those that want to see some other videos of Re-Engaged feel free to check out some of the following channels.
Maybe even show them some support.

Sinitar Gaming
StormDragon aka KGEFlash
Ultimate Immersion

If you make a video of any of my presets in recent versions let me know and I can post on here.

Thank you Sinitar Gaming for this 5000 endorsement ALL presets compilation preset video. (V4.0.1a)

  Here are screenshots of each version available.

My screenshots also have other mods in use since I do mod my Skyrim. If you find your game doesn't look exactly like my screenshots the most likely factor maybe your mod list. ENB really provides a final touch to your modding endeavor. While other mods like texture mods build the foundation. Here is some mods you can use to get image like my screenshots. 

(Click on the mod name to go to the mod website)

Ruins Clutter Improved / SMIM / 
Noble Skyrim / Skyland / Vivid Landscapes / Fantasy Forest Overhaul / Northfire's Photoreal Mountains / Enhanced Vanilla Trees or Realistic Aspen Trees / Skyrim Bigger Trees / HQ Tree Bark or Forest Bark / Verdant Grass and Verdant-Spring Grass PluginRealistic Water 2 / Nordic Snow or Fluffy Snow / Skyrim Better Roads / Dimmer Fog / DUST / Birds of Skyrim / Skybirds / Birds and Flocks / Blowing in the Wind / Skyrim is Windy / ELFX / Claralux / Real Rain / Ethereal Clouds

For more info on recommended mod guides please scroll down to the "Mod List" section below. 

Rustic Preset
(Needs Rustic Link: Rustic Weathers Mod)


Natural & Atmospheric Tamriel (NAT)
(Needs NAT Link: Natural & Atmospheric Tamriel Mod)


Vivid Weathers 
(Needs Vivid Link: Vivid Weathers Mod)


Dolomite Preset
(Needs Dolomite Link: Dolomite Weather Mod)


Vanilla Version


Climates of Tamriel (COT)
(Needs COT Link: Climate of Tamriel Mod)


Disclaimer: Every ones monitor is different and image will be directly affected by this. I have a Dell S2716DG Gaming Monitor and this reshade was created off that monitor. You may have to adjust monitor settings to fit your liking.

Note: Want a better way to adjust your graphic options check out the mod Click Here: BethINI

Gamma/Brightness- I would leave at default (1.0 in SkyrimPrefs). However you can adjust as needed if you find too dark. 
Note: If you are using ENB version you adjust brightness via the ENB menu by hitting shift+Enter and under colorcorrection adjust brightness. But this will apply to all times of day. I would recommend more using the enbeffect file to adjust Day Night and Interior (DNI) settings. See video on how to in the install section below. 

Click to see ENB Menu Brightness Control


Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)- I would leave on unless you are using my Ultimate Presets which have MXAO added and you can then disable SSAO.  Otherwise this is personal preference.

Click to see Game Option to disable SSAO


Anti Aliasing/Sharpening- This really a personal preference between TAA and FXAA. However, some find TAA can cause blurring especially with moving vs standing still while playing. If you are using my DOF as well it can mess things up with TAA too. So, if you are experiencing that I would recommend switching to FXAA and the using additional GPU driver AA ( I do recommend enhance or adding additional  FXAA through driver)

You can even add FXAA through your GPU driver or even enhance in-game AA through your driver. (See GPU settings below)

Note: If you find you sharpening is too much in my preset if could be the combo of the AA settings and my sharpen settings. My sharpening settings are based on the average user most likely using TAA for AA only and not having and GPU adjustments. You will most likely have to adjust sharpening in you find sharpening to strong.  

Click to see how to adjust ENB sharpening


GPU Driver Setting for AA- I recommend you enhance your AA through your GPU as well as turn on FXAA, AF & Texture Filtering. Especially if you are noticing shimmering effects in LODs and in Trees/Grass.
(These settings are not all inclusive. Its highly dependent on your preference. )

Click Here to see example of GPU setting


DOF- If you are using an Ultimate Preset and prefer my DOF you can disable

Click to see Game Option to disable DOF


Main effects in the Default Version

- Lumasharpen
- Various Color Effect to include a LUT

Hot Keys

F10- ReShade on/off (only turns off colors/lumasharpen)
Delete- DOF (Ultimate Preset ReShade Only version)
Insert- MXAO (Ultimate Preset ReShade Only version)
Shift+F12- Disable Effect/Enbable Effect (ENB Only)
Home- Lock FPS to 59 (ENB Only)
*- Show FPS (ENB Only)

FPS Costs:

Default Version- 8-10 FPS Hit
Ultimate Edition- 10-20 FPS hit
Color Correction Version- 3-5 FPS hit

ENB vs ReShade Only versions

ReShade and ENB version are the exact same except ENB version is using ENB DOF (Better than ReShade DOF) and Bloom effects in the Ultimate Presets. Plus as of 2.8.1 ENB version use day night interior shader to allow individual adjustments for brightness, contrast, saturation and tone mapping. As more updates come out for ENB I will be adding more to the ENB version. 

For those that like a walk through of Install. Here is a video I made:

Time Stamps for the How to Install Video:

Intro: 0:01
Files Needed: 3:07
Extracting Files: 5:45
Installing Files: 7:13
Optional DOFs: 12:00 

How to Use & Adjust ENB Settings 

Time Stamps

How to adjust ENB what are the ENB files: 1:00
How to adjust ENB settings in-game: 9:03

 Re-Engaged ReShade Only INSTALL 

1. Download File
2. Extract to a location
3. Copy ReShade folder/dxgi/ReShade note from Default Version (install 1st ) Folder
4. Paste into your Skyrim Special Edition Game folder 
( Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition)
5. Then go back into Re-Engaged folder and choose the preset you want (Vanilla, NAT, COT or Vivid Weathers) and open folder
6. Then choose version of the preset you want (Ultimate, Quality or Color Correction) open folder and copy contents and paste into game folder. 
7. If you want a different DOF open the optional DOF folder and choose version you want. Copy folder and paste into game folder and overwrite

Re-Engaged ENB Version INSTALL

1. Download recent ENB Binary here: ENB Skyrim SE Binary (click the binary icon) and extract
2. Copy d3d11.dll and decompiler_46e.dll and paste into game folder
3. Download  SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB and extract
4. Open Default folder (install 1st) and copy all contents and paste into game folder
5. Go back to Re-Engaged folder and then open folder of preset you want (Vanilla, NAT, COT or Vivid Weathers)
6. Then chose version you want (Ultimate, Quality or Color Correction) and copy and paste content into game folder
7. If you want a different DOF. Open optional DOF folder. Open folder of version you want. Copy folder and paste into game folder and overwrite.

What is each Version?

Ultimate Edition- This is for those that want best image quality and are ok with the performance hit. This the same as the default version but, have DOF, Bloom (ENB version) and MXAO active which really enhance the image. 

Default Version -
 This is the main version of this reshade. This is what most user will probably use. This has the main effects active to achieve the look I wanted. DOF, Bloom (ENB version) and MXAO disabled.

Color Correction Only- 
This is for those that want only the color corrections to maintain good performance. Lumasharpen, HDR, DOF, Bloom (ENB version) and MXAO are all disabled

For users from Germany 
(Here is a German how to install video by SacrifiZe)

1. Remove all files that you pasted into your game folder. Sorry it really is that simple to uninstall. 

There is no mandatory mods for you get to use my presets except if you are using vivid, NAT or COT preset. 

But here is a key list of mods I am using that you see in my screenshots/videos ( I am using a lot more than these but, these are the one that affect my screenshots/videos) This is by no means an all inclusive list and not saying these are the best mods to use. They are just some of the visual mods I use at this time for my skyrim. 

Ruins Clutter ImprovedSMIM
Noble Skyrim / SkylandVivid LandscapesFantasy Forest OverhaulNorthfire's Photoreal Mountains / Enhanced Vanilla Trees or Realistic Aspen TreesSkyrim Bigger TreesHQ Tree Bark or Forest Bark / Verdant Grass and Verdant-Spring Grass PluginRealistic Water 2Nordic Snow or Fluffy SnowSkyrim Better RoadsDimmer FogDUSTBirds of SkyrimSkybirdsBirds and FlocksBlowing in the WindSkyrim is WindyELFX / ClaraluxReal Rain / Ethereal Clouds

Here is a couple mod guide pages I recommend. I am currently using a lot of mod off the SEPTIM guide linked below. If you are wanting more of a complete mod list. Also check out the Skyrim B.O.S.S guide as well because, it is similar to SEPTIM however, is a more recent guide page. 

Check out Zacalope Mod Guide if you want to really enhance your Skyrim SE. He keeps it up to date and makes sure everything works correctly before having it on his guide page. This is especially great for those new to modding Skyrim. Check it out its a great mod list. 

Click Here: Skyrim S.E.P.T.I.M Mod Install and Load Order Guide

PredCaliber has even made an awesome 11 Part-Series on how to mod your Skyrim using the S.E.P.T.I.M mod guide. You can get to his youtube playlist here: PredCaliber YouTube Mod Tutorial

Here is a video of the final product if you follow his guide. 


Skyrim B.O.S.S: A Total Overhaul. 

Here is another great mod guide you can use if not sure what you want to add to your Skyrim. This is a mod page by LupasHegemonia. While it has similarities to the above SEPTIM guide page, he further enhanced on it and recommends a lot more mods. 
Click Here:
 Skyrim B.O.S.S: A total overhaul project

 How to change ReShade Hot Key:

Open ReShade folder and then open common file. Make #define RFX_ToggleKey VK_F10 and change F10 to a key you want

If you find your game crashed when you use ReShade or ENB (Always try this first)

Try installing: Link: Visual C++  Start with 2015 and test and if doesn't work try install previous year versions too. Also you can try installing Link: Direct X (Download and extract files to a folder. Run the DXSETUP application) which may help some users as well. Also try this link: DirectX End-User Web Installer

 If ReShade won't load/crashes or takes to long to load (Try this second)

1. Try running in windowed mode if running fullscreen or vice versa
2. If that doesn't work switch to reshade only version and rename dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll. Sadly wont be able to use ENB.  

If you find you are getting frame rate drops and stutters

If you are running game in windowed bordeless mode try switching to Fullscreen mode. Also, if you are using the ENB version you can try opening enblocal file and make ForceVsync=false to true and EnableFPSLimiter=false to true. 

If you want to change HDR Hotkey:

Open ReShade folder and then open SweetFX and find #define HDR_ToggleKey VK_F11 and change F11 to a key you want

How to adjust the focal point of the DOF (ReShade only users)

Open ReShade and open McFX and adjust #define DOF_INFINITEFOCUS 0.28. Higher value will push out and lower will make things have to be close to turn on

 How to adjust the strength of the DOF (ReShade reshade only users)

Open ReShade and open McFX and adjust #define DOF_BLURRADIUS 10.0. Higher is more blur.  Lower is less blur. 

How to disable DOF effect permanently (ReShade/ENB Ultimate only users)

ReShade Users: Open ReShade and open the McFX file and make  #define USE_DEPTHOFFIELD 1 to #define USE_DEPTHOFFIELD 0
ENB Users: Open enbseries file and change EnableDepthofField to False

 If you find the image too dark or bright. You probably need to calibrate your monitor.

Use the following 2 website to help with calibrating your monitors. Click:  Black Level TestWhite Level Test

Night eye or predator vision not working with ENB

ENB disabled in-game post processing. So only way you can use it is when you need to use Night Eye open ENB Menu and check the line
"Apply Game Color Correction" in the enbeffect section, this enable vanilla image spaces however my preset is not tuned for this to always be active and will make the image looked washed out at times/brighter and colors may look off. 

Reshade/Shader credit to


Boris- For his amazing and hard work on ENB Binary

Marty McFly- For his ENB DOF & MXAO effect files 

MaxG3D- For his ENB Bloom Shaders

Tapioks- for DNI Shader

JawZ- for his ENB postpass shaders

l00ping- for enbpostpassshader containing reshade effects

Prod80- for his Realistic Sun & Sun flare texture

 StellifyGamer-  for all the testing and feedback

DarthSidious666- for all the testing and feedback

Dahaka71- Testing and feedback and feedback

Vareli- for all the testing and feedback

KgeFlash- for all the testing and feedback and help with ENB Strong DOF

Zacalope- Testing and feedback.

Daymarr- Testing and feedback 

All those that have taken time to make videos

Also to all users that have shown their support. 

Natural View Tamriel (NVT) ENB
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Re-Engaged
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Re-Imagined
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Adaptive