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Presets for recommended SkyrimPrefs and INIs settings for performance and graphics boost on Skyrim Special Edition

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First of all, read this all careful, as you will miss some important Information and may get bad experience if you tweak your INIs wrong.

The new Skyrim Special Edition has been released on Oct 28, 2016 and is a 64-bit application and the graphics environment and memory management is more powerful. More details here.

Don't use my preset recommendations for legacy Skyrim for this version of the game.

New features of well known ENB (v0.448 currently) for Skyrim Special Editon and a version for Skyrim VR are available.

Recent screenshots made with this settings here and my current active mods (see Excel sheet under downloads) here.

Before you start to tweak your INIs, save and backup your current INIs. May be you first start opening yours and then choose one from my presets and compare it in Notepad and edit yours.

Backup your SkyrimPrefs.ini before you enable the new Skyrim SE Creation Club, as it will make changes on your ini, so compare afterwards with your former settings. And usually if new creations are announced, Skyrim version will be updated, most likely one day before release of new creations. So make sure you save/backup your SkyrimSE executable, if you use mods which rely on the version of this executable. It may be a good idea to set your library settings for updating SSE only when starting the game. A guide for roll-back your Skyrim after an update here.

If you're using an AMD Radeon graphics card, use the currently new final release, or even better Adrenalin 20.x, with one of my gaming notebook, I use version 20.9.1 now and all stuttering has been gone, all supporting Windows 10.0 as well already, to continue with your good experiences on the game and graphics and my settings. When you use the new AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition, take care you defined the game settings for Skyrim as mentioned before, as adjusting AMD game profiles is different as before with CCC. You are now able to adjust the predefined profiles in the new AMD Radeon Adrenalin UI.

But keep in mind, that usage of VRAM on Win8 and Win10 was limited for DX9 games up to 4GB only, not higher as it was possible with Win7. Microsoft Platform Support Team was already investigating this bug. Details here. Looks like with the Win10 Fall Creators Update during October 2017 this bug has been fixed. The recent version of Windows 10 (starting with 1703 Build 15063.13 and higher) gives you a bit more with the new integrated game mode, which gives your game more priority on resources and the VRAM limit for DX9 games has been removed.

With Skyrim V Special Edition, general memory issue has significantly changed, as this remastered version of the game is a 64-bit application supporting DirectX 11, which enables use of more memory. Famous modders are also prepared to change and working on their mods to match and make them compatible with the new version. There have been made also major changes for the LOD system, which solves all legacy uGridsToLoad and referencing scripting issues.

The hardware I am using currently: Intel Core i7-8750HQ, 16GB RAM, nVidia GTX 1060 with 6GB VRAM. When you use hardware with crossfire mode 'Optimize 1x1' and/or 'AFR compatible' there is not much advantage currently using both GPU. Alternatively if you have installed AMDs application profiles with recent Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition, you can choose 'Fallout 4' as a pre-defined profile for Skyrim SE instead, until ADM provides a matching one. But from my experiences, staying with the standard modus, gives more than 10 FPS on exteriors. If you want to speed up AMD go to submit a short report about missing crossfire profile for SSE. But unfortunately both AMD and nVidia have given up support for multi GPU configurations for the future on their drivers.

You need to set your graphics card Anti-Aliasing methode to SuperSampling and AA to 8x or 8xEq and option to overwrite application settings (if you use any ENB presets, you have to leave your graphics card to use application settings) , and disable the two options FXAA or TAA on the SkyrimPresf.ini section [Display] with bUseTAA=0 and bFXAAEnabled=0 (same settings as switching Anti-Aliasing to off in SkyrimLauncher) and you get better graphics experiences without this.

So additionally you have to enable Anisotropic-Filter on your graphics card settings with level 16x and option to overwrite application/game setting (except you use any ENB preset). If you use my own INIs, you have to do this, as I have switched them all off on my settings and get better graphics and performance experience without this blurry scenarios.

Until the graphics vendor provide a profile for Skyrim SE, I experienced some gain on FPS with this configuration:


But you have to enable VSync on your graphic cards settings and enable 60 FPS limit too.
Or instead toggling the card settings, you can use Frame Rate Stutter Fix - Steady FPS by heitzdaddy. I do it this way and enable


on enblocal.ini. The VSync results are even better with this setting compared with the graphics card setting. BTW, there are downloadable PDF on the files tab with screenshots of the mentioned nVidia graphics settings I use.

When you use one of my presets, watch the INIs special sections as mentioned below on this text and edit it with the values from your own backup INIs, especially the values in regards of your language and graphics device, otherwise it will be reset by default Skyrim in-game configuration.

Remember to change your graphics reference in the SkyrimPrefs.ini under [Launcher] section (sD3DDevice=) and on the [Display] section your display resolution (iSize H / iSize W). Otherwise the game will overwrite the whole INI. You must also check the language setting on [General] section (sLanguage=) in the Skyrim.ini, otherwise the Steam game management will start downloading the languages files for this language. And on the Skyrim.ini under [Archive], there is an entry for 'sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Voices_**0.bsa'. You better compare your own Skyrim.ini on this section. If this entry doesn't match for your language, you will not hear your NPC's voices.

Mod Organizer and some other mod manager tools like STEP makes and uses its own Skyrim.ini and Skyrimprefs.ini located at Mod Organizer/profiles/your profiles name. So be aware to replace or change the right INIs to get your results.

For game content fixes it is recommended to use Unofficial Skyrim Patches, mainly USSEP. Some background info here. Most of Arthmoor's mods are also available in other languages to match your game language you use.

If you use my own settings optimzed inis for 2GB VRAM I recommend:

Simply Optimized Textures for SSE from Abendaron

If you have 4GB VRAM and more, it may not be needed.

If you look for additional mods or add-ons by third parties here are some background info and quest guides.

My recommended graphics mods:

Mods from ramccoid
Mods from Gamwich
Mods from raiserfx
Majestic Mountains by T4GTR34UM3R ... plus Blended Roads mod
Nordic Snow by gorefest2011

My recommended follower mods

Rigmor of Bruma by Rigmor
Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower by John Jarvis and Christine Slagman
Vilja in Skyrim by Emma Amgepo Lycanthrops
Recorder - Standalone Fully Voiced Follower by potasticpanda
Caesia Follower by Miroslav - Anbeegod
Ambriel - The Lost Princess SE by Excelsior2000
Seductress Faye by Xidepunk
Selene Kate by Kasprutz and Hello Santa

My recommended armor mods

DeserterX mods
By bchick3 converted
The Amazing World of Bikini Armors Mod

My recommended NPC overhaul mods
Bijin All-in-One by rxkx22

When you want to replace body meshes and textures for any NPC, follow this tutorial here.

When you use the mod Interesting NPCs you should refer to the Wiki to get the most out of this mod.
An useful and interesting mod is also Amorous Adventures.

If you want to use any weather or lighting mods, follow this recommendation for installation order

Weather mods (Dolomite Weathers - Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics II by Dr Mega and Kojak)
Relighting Skyrim (Relighting Skyrim - SSE by --JawZ-- and NovakDalton)
Interior lighting mods (Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) - Special Edition by --JawZ--)

ELE and RS don't do the same, so no overwrites should occuring and for Dolomite there shouldn't be any overwrites either as it is confirmed to be compatible. Watch out for ELE patches too.

Recommended settings for Dolomite Weathers INI settings which comes with the mod, look into your games data directory

fGlobalSaturationBoost=-0.2   ;default -0.13, recommended -0.2, that reduces saturation to somewhere between the natural and vivid versions. -.2 is around the natural version, 0 is the vivid version.
;;;fReinhardWhiteScale=2    ;reduces glare only, commented out, not active, not necessary

Use load order from
LOOT. Latest version which support Skyrim SE here. Check the thread on LOOT and get the newest version, but read the release notes if you upgrade.

And read the hint about master files timestamps to avoid wrong loading here. You can find recommendation from Arthmoor too on USSEP posts and comments. This bug has been fixed in the meantime now starting with game version and the newest CK version. A guide how to clean the master files is here. But if you use the current version of SSEEdit, this guide is obsolete. You just need to execude SSEEdit.exe -quickautoclean, then xEdit will show a module selection where you just double click the file you want to clean.

If you are using SFO SE mod, be aware it contains an ini file which changes your [Grass] settings (see my change log for version 1.1) on your Skyrim.ini, which will cost a lot of FPS. You can delete this ini which comes with this mod.

Who like to use DoF effects, try DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field by Gopher and MyGoodEye. For me I discovered this settings are optimal:
Master DoF: Dynamic
Master DoF Strength: 0.7
DoF Strength for Combat: 0
DoF Strength for Interior: 80
DoF Strength for Running: 70
DoF Focus is off with Master DoF = Dynamic; if using Master DoF Static set DoF Focus Method to Sharp with speed setting 1.5.
You may adjust DYNAVISION as you like, in-game using the MCM system that comes with SkyUI.
There is a nice video on YouTube where the author introduces his mod and settings.
Make sure you have not switched DoF off in your ini file. If you don't see any effect, open your Skyrimprefs.ini and look for 'bDoDepthOfField'. Make sure it is set to 1.

Read this article about famous mods.

BTW, this version of Skyrim is more sensible removing mods during a play through. You will get a broken savegame if you remove mods you have had enabled before.

New Skyrim SE Creation Club released Survival Mode here available. If you use Arthmoor's USSEP mod with survival mode enabled, you will need Survival Mode USSEP Patch mod too and watch the load order.

Backup your SkyrimPrefs.ini before you enable the new Skyrim SE Creation Club, as it will make changes on your ini, so compare afterwards with your former settings.

And if you want to use SkyUI, you will need SKSE64. It has a new version 2.0.19 from SKSE64 available.

And if you use SKSE64, you need to start your game with SKSE64_Loader.exe, that also means, you need to add this to your profiles for your graphics card and the above mentioned settings for AA and AF, otherwise the filter may not be loaded if you start the game this way.

For breast, belly and butt physics you need SKSE64 too. And you need CBP Physics mod or to consider collisions also, prefer CBPC Physics mod.

If you want to try an ENB preset, look at
Sin Xtreme Realism ENB by L3st4t or
50 Shades of Rudy - ReShaded Rudy ENB for CoT by Zeratem
CFL II - Cinematic Film Looks for SSE by TreyM (try turning off 'Lens Distortion', disable the SSAO_Game option by setting it to 0)
Natural View Tamriel (NVT) ENB by firemanaf
SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB by firemanaf
Silent Horizons ENB by LonelyKitsune

If you want to play a Vampire, you should not miss this mods.

And for your optimal modification installation and load order, use
Skyrim S-E-P-T-I-M Guide from zackalope

Information about what has been changed with recent Skyrim Special Edition Runtime Patches here.

When you want to know if there are mods which can be flagged as light ESP plugin, read this documentation
How to convert ESPs into ESLs using xEdit
And watch out for this article with additional hints here.

When you enjoy this, I much appreciate your endorsement and vote.