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All-in-one solution for playing at higher framerates. OSD compatible physics fix, borderless fullscreen performance improvement, refresh rate control, highly configurable frame rate limiting plus a few bugfixes and optimizations.

Permissions and credits

  • Physics fix compatible with on-screen display software such as RivaTuner Statistics Server. Supports dynamic fMaxTime calculation, same as Havok Fix plugin.
  • Adds support for 'DXGI flip model', a DirectX feature which greatly improves borderless fullscreen mode performance and adds support for features which were previously only available in exclusive mode.
  • Ability to disable VSync in borderless fullscreen mode (with DXGI flip model enabled).
  • Refresh rate uncap for exclusive fullscreen mode.
  • Framerate limiting with separate options for the UI, map, journal, loading screen, ...
  • Lock cursor to the game window (fixes runaway mouse glitch on multiple monitor setups).
  • Improve game startup times by skipping processing of missing plugin .ini files.
  • Fix controls locking up in third person at higher framerates.

Please read the detailed annotations in the configuration file (SSEDisplayTweaks.ini). Default settings should be fine for most players with high refresh rate monitors.

If you want to play at over 60 FPS on a 60Hz monitor, you'll have to set EnableVSync=false, FramerateLimit=<max framerate> and possibly adjust MaximumFramerate in HAVOK section.

Skyrim's built-in limiter is disabled by default, if you want the vanilla 60 FPS experience set FramerateLimit=60 to cap it. 

Note that fullscreen and borderless options in the launcher (bFull Screen and bBorderless in SkyrimPrefs.ini) have no effect, if you wish to change the display mode it must be set in SSEDisplayTweaks.ini (Fullscreen and Borderless options). If you want to switch to exclusive fullscreen, set Fullscreen=true.


DXGI flip model can bypass desktop composition (DWM) and send frames directly to the screen, making windowed mode perform just as good or better than exclusive with less stutter, reduced input lag and higher framerates. Another benefit is better integration with features like HDR and G-Sync. The plugin will detect if flip is supported on your system and automatically select the best available option (if necessary you can configure it manually, see SwapEffect option in the config). 

Flip is supported since Windows 8.1, if you're running an older version use exclusive fullscreen for better performance.

Lowering frame latency may also reduce stutter, there's a detailed explanation above MaxFrameLatency option in the config I strongly recommend you read it.


Physics fix works the same way as Havok Fix adjusting fMaxTime and fMaxTimeComplex each frame, with one important difference - fMaxTimeComplex is properly calculated to work at high framerates during complex scenes such as civil war battles. The formula used in Havok Fix and suggested in guides (fMaxTimeComplex = fMaxTime * 2) is wrong, that's why physics never worked properly during those quests.

fMaxTimeComplex is calculated as a negative offset (no larger than 30) relative to current or maximum framerate (fMaxTimeComplex = 1 / (FPS - 30)). Lower offsets shouldn't be necessary but can be configured if you happen to experience issues during these quests (see MaxTimeComplexOffset option).

If you have issues with controls not working in third person, set ThirdPersonMovementFix=true.


  • Havok Fix is not necessary if you use this (it will clobber fMaxTimeComplex with the wrong value if used together).
  • ENB: Set ForceVSync=false in enblocal.ini and configure VSync options SSEDisplayTweaks.ini.   

Check SSEDisplayTweaks.log for errors or warnings if you experience issues.