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This is a port to SSE of the original Skyrim mod Companion Selene Kate - Kiss Me by Kasprutz and Hello Santa with (implied) permission from the original author.  You may not redistribute, upload or otherwise use the assets of this mod in any way without permission from the original authors.

Mod cannot be uploaded anywhere else other than nexus without permission from the authors.

Required for full functionality: 
1) XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE by Groovtama do not let anything overwrite this skeleton.
2) Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS by fore
3) SkyUI by SkyUI Team - Be sure to match proper SkyUI version to your SKSE64 Version
4) SKSE64  There are two versions - be sure to use the one appropriate to your SSE version

DO NOT attempt to install the oldrim mods mentioned in the original description as it probably wont work at best and at worst it will destroy the universe.

The description below is copied from the original mod so the links in it will be pointing to oldrim mods, not SSE mods


This mod adds female companion, Selene Kate to your Skyrim game. Thanks to wonderful character customizing by Hello Santa, Selene's appearance could be similar with Selene on the movie "Underworld" not exact but more refined. She is specialized with onehanded weapon and shield. And she has various functions to help you with enjoyable Skyrim adventures as following:

  • She can do melee attacks using onehanded weapon skills from TK Combat.
  • She has two range attacks called Maximum Drive and Aurablade(Imbued Weapons)
  • She blows enemy around 360 degree using Mass Force skill at emergency.
  • She can heal Player and herself at emergency. The heal attribution is fully configurable.
  • She can cast alteration buff spells(Ironmanize and Ebonyfresh) to protect Player/herself when combat start.
  • She use wind-walking to catch up with Player more efficiently.
  • She can dance alone, teach Player how to dance, and dance together with Player. (Total 45 enjoyable TBBP Dances)
  • She would like to cheer you up by hug.
  • You can kiss with her when you marry her. Kissing her has an effect called "Divine Protection of Love".
  • She can call and stable Player horse, Arthur and her horse, Guinevere.
  • She can make camp and collect ingredients for you.
  • She can relax and do various gestures during following you.
  • She can guard important place for you.
  • Fully configurable companion to your taste using Sky-UI MCM options.
  • You can control total 30 places(17 taverns, 10 in-game player homes and 3 custom homes) as her Home on the MCM.
  • You can fast-travel to Selene's home when you're teammate with her.
  • You can control various combat & improved stealth AI on the MCM.
  • Her perk combination automatically configured according to game difficulty setting on the MCM (Support 4 Game Difficulties).
  • Including in-game hairstyle and hair color changer on MCM (Support 8 hairstyles and 35 hair colors).
  • Including in-game eye changer on MCM (Support 13 eye-types).
  • Including Face Light to show better face even in the dark place (Possible to turn on/off on MCM).
  • Support extra 4 inventories for convenient storage managing.
  • You can remote-control her by pressing F2 key(calling Selene's Soul) such as summon, teleport, blast and so on.
  • She has various dialogue responses for unique personality (280+ response dialogue lines using Vanilla voice).
  • You don't need any body meshes, textures, and skeleton for her separately.
  • And more!

Her current voice is FemaleYoungEager of the vanilla Skyrim. However, very talented voice actress, Aryes Grace has joined to make custom voice for Selene now. You'll see it soon.

Appearance video by hodilton and Mod Review by Frank SiriuS (German Game Inside). Thank you so much!

Skills and dance videos: Thanks Challi for "Cyber Thunder Cider" and "T-ara's Bo Peep Bo Peep" dance video. I really love it.


You are required to install followings first for Selene to work correctly and please verify SKSE is the correct version compatible with your Skyrim version.
  • Skyrim v1. or higher
  • SKSE 1.06.16 or higher
  • Sky-UI v4.1 or higher
  • FNIS v5.0.2 or higher

Recommended Mods to be used with this mod

Install and Usage

Please follow below steps to install this mod:
1. Install the mod using NMM or MO.

2. Selene's body type is TBBP body. So she need TBBP skeleton_female.hkx file to make her TBBP skeleton work perfectly. This mod will install TBBP skeleton_female.hkx file at "Meshes/Actors/Character/character assets female" folder. If you're using separate BBP or TBBP skeleton at "Meshes/Actors/Character/character assets female" folder for your own female character already, don't overwrite your file with skeleton_female.hkx included in this mod.
* NOTE: The main role of skeleton_female.hkx included in this mod is to fix arm animation bug of original TBBP skeleton when updating behaviors using FNIS. Even without this, there is no problem to play game. But arm of Selene is a little bit straight when she has a torch at night.

3. Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe in the "Data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users" folder to update FNIS behavior. You need to turn on "SKELETON Arm Fix" - see FNIS Description -> "Patches" option when you update FNIS behavior to fix arm animation bug of TBBP skeleton. This step is required only at the stage of installing this mod.

4. Install optional TBBP animation pack if you like to see female idle motions with TBBP. You can activate/deactivate this motion by turning on/off esp plugin on NMM/MO.
* NOTE: This TBBP idle animations will be applied to the all of female characters if you don't have specific animations for the female idle motion in "Data/Meshes/actors/character/animations/female" folder.

Interaction with companion
  • You can interact with Selene by dialogue conversation.
  • You can configure all of features regarding special skills, horse riding, and follower functions on the Sky-UI MCM menu.
  • You can give follower various remote command called "Selene's Soul" by pressing F2 key. This shortkey could be changed into another one on the MCM menu.

How to add music to dance
To add music to Selene's dance animation, You need to convert following songs into xwm files and rename it into following:

Please follow below steps for detail:
1. Download MultiXwm by Vikichan or other XWM converter.
2. Install and run MultiXwm ver.1.3.exe.
3. Convert downloaded Youtube dance music mp3 or wav files into xmw files (Recommend to use default bitrate 48kb/s).
- Be careful that all file extension of mp3 or wav files should be lower characters. i.e mp3 (ok), MP3 (not ok)
- MultiXwm can convert both mp3 and wav file into xwm file.
4. Place converted xmw files to "Data/Music/KateTrack" folder.
5. Run Skyrim and let Selene dance. Then, dance music will come out simultaneously

- Youtube Tools -
Torch Browser (Easy Youtube Downloading)
Youtube Downloader HD
MP4 to MP3 Converter

* PLEASE READ README.TXT FILE in "Data/Music/KateTrack" folder carefully then, you can find the easy and detail way to convert music from Youtube and additional links to Youtube music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is she?
She is in Riverwood hotel.

Should I need clean save?
Yes. If you use game save with history of old version of this mod, it can make Selene do odd operation or error.

Can I use her with other animation mod?
Sure. I recommend to use Female Animation Pack by NonokuraSan for nice 1H weapon and shield motions.

Selene would not follow me even if she is my teammate.
Please restart saved game or new game. And load Selene mod again(The save should be the one without history of Selene). When the message "Companion [Selene Kate] Loaded" is displayed on the top/left of the screen, plz wait for 2-3 minutes. The time is required to load her (quest alias) completely. Then, let Selene be a teammate. She'll follow you.

Her body color is abnormal.
If you use BSA version, this situation could be happened. However, it is very rare case. Using LOOSE version would resolve this problem. To make LOOSE version, extract files from BSA package version using following tools:
. Fallout mod manager by Timeslip
. BSA Browser by Fawzib Rojas
. BSAopt - Bethesda Archive Management and Optimization by Ethatron

How can I use 1H Aurablade skill for Player in her inventory?
1. Learn the skill by clicking book.
2. Select Aurablade spell by pressing "P" key.
3. Equip spell by pressing "Z" key.
4. Equip onehanded weapon. And do forward/backward/left/right powerattack.

Is it possible to use Selene without FNIS?
Basically, Yes. However you can not enjoy the dance dialogue that plays dance animations of Vocaloid or Girl Group Singers in Asia. And you can not kiss Selene also. But does not matter to play Skyrim, it is only for entertaining boring Player.

How can I exchange her armor with other one?
1. Take off her default hidden armor by selecting dialogue menu 「Selene... -> I want to see you naked」.
2. Then, take away all of her armor in the inventory to your's.
3. Give her the armor what you want to put on. Then, she'll put on the armor you give.
4. Put extra armor that she is not wearing into her extra inventories by selecting dialogue menu 「Show me your extra inventory」". Then, she'll not put on extra remaining armor again.

How can I find MCM menu?
if you press ESC key, then you can see "Companion Selene" menu. Sky-UI should be installed first.

Where are Selene's extra armors, bikini, and jewelry provided by this mod?
Please find it in the Selene's extra inventory #3.

The F2 key for Selene's Soul does not work.
Selene's Soul is available when you are teammate with Selene only.
And if F2 key does not work, go to MCM menu and select「Game Setting」menu. Here, re-assign F2 key into other one. Then you can use Selene's soul.

I'm using Dual Sheath Redux. How can I make her shield on back?
1. Make folder "Data/Meshes/actors/character/KateBody".
2. Copy your skeleton_female.nif in "Data/Meshes/actors/character/character assets female" folder into "Data/Meshes/actors/character/KateBody".
* NOTE: your skeleton_female.nif file should be from XPMS that support TBBP & SOB.
3. Try Dual Sheath Redux again and see Selene's auriels shield position on her back.

She just left from me. How can I find her?
If you make her wait for 10 days in game time, she'll leave from you.
You can call her using「MCM -> Game Setting -> move to player」option again.
Please don't make her wait for a long time. Recommend to use Relax rather than Wait if you don't need her.

She does not return to her specified home on the MCM when I dismiss her.
If she does not move and hold position when you dismiss her. There is a problem in the specified home on the MCM such as you don't buy or build that home, or you never visit that home with Selene once before.

I've got CTD when this mod is applied to. What is the root cause?
I don't know exactly. There are tons of possible root causes to make CTD in the interaction between mods installed. I've got made and tested this mod on the basis of vanilla Skyrim without any mod installed except pre-requisites. I can not see any CTD on the pure platform like this. Possibly, you can suspect problems relating with TBBP skeleton or animation, race compatibility, lacking of VRAM from high resolution textures, save corruption by other scripts and so on. Please look into your Skyrim mod system carefully and think it is very good oppertunity to learn. Following mods will help you with cleaning scripts and textures.
. Optimizer Textures by AdPipino
. Papyrus Data Transfer - ESS scripts cleaner - Console version by flexcreator
. SKYRIM Save Cleaner by seifer69er
. Save game script cleaner by Hadoram
. Savegame script scalpel - Disassembler - Diagnostic Tool - Papyrus Data Transfer by flexcreator

This companion mod is based on other the work of other modders and I have just integrated them and programmed using CK or Papyrus to make companion have individuality. So 99% of the credits go modders in the following list. Thank you!

Credits and Thanks






Permission & To Uploaders

I know. You'll upload this mod on your site regardless you have my permission or not. However, please notify the original Authors and Nexus source address. I think, it is a basic manner for mod community.

Your endorsement and comment will be the basic thrust to keep this mod developing!

Change Log

Ver. 1-6-0
  • Please note that the version of pre-requisite is changed as following (from Selene v1.6.0):
- Skyrim v1. or higher
- SKSE 1.06.16 or higher
- Sky-UI v4.1 or higher
- FNIS v5.0.2 or higher
* Be careful if you use the lower version of pre-requisite, unexpected error from this mod will happen.
* When you upgrade to v1.6.0 from old version, you should re-update FNIS behavior using GenerateFNISforUsers.exe tool (Only for v1.6.0).

  • You can kiss with Selene when you marry her.
- Please find 「Let's enjoy something... / Please kiss me」dialogue menu.
- If you kiss with Selene, you'll get the alteration spell effect called "Divine Protection of Love".
- The effect of "Divine Protection of Love" is to reduce physical damage by 5% and magical damage by 5% for 2 hours.

  • Added in-game hairstyle and hair color changer to MCM.
- Please find hair options on the「Miscellaneous Setting」page of MCM.
- You can change Selene's hairstyle and hair color very easily on MCM (support for 8 hairstyles and 35 hair colors).
- Press「Recover Face」button to recover Selene's face if her face is abnormal like gray-face, wrong hairstyle, hair color, and eye color. (this button is a workaround for rare abnormal case).

  • Added in-game eye changer to MCM.
- Please find eye options on the「Miscellaneous Setting」page of MCM.
- You can change Selene's eye very easily on MCM (support for 13 eye-types)

  • Re-organized MCM structure for easy and quick reference and future extension.
- Now, we have 4 optional pages (Game Setting; Common Spell; One-Hand/Shield Spell; Miscellaneous).
- Optimized MCM script source for fast response of each options.
- Added information text for all options.

  • Now, you can turn on/off all Selene's custom spells separately on MCM.
- Please see 「Common Spell」page to control:
. Heal Player (Restoration)
. Heal Self (Restoration)
. Ironmanize (Alteration)
. Ebonyfresh (Alteration)
. Mass Force (Area Spell)
. IceForm (Shout)

- Please see 「One-Hand/Shield Spell」page to control:
. Rend (Melee Spell)
. Rolling Thunder (Melee Spell)
. Water Splash Slam (Melee Spell)
. MaxDrive (Range Spell)
. AuraBlade (Range Spell)

  • Added MCM option to turn on/off face light on Selene's face.
- Please find it on「Game Setting」page.
- Face light will be autmatically turned off when Player is in sneak and turned on when Player release sneak.

  • Added MCM option to select what kind of attributions would be recovered by Selene's heal.
- Total 4 kinds of combinations are provided:
1) Health
2) Health + Magicka
3) Health + Stamina
4) Health + Magicka + Stamina

  • Changed Combat AI concept from skill-based to weapon-based for future extension.
- Now, two AI (Avoid Combat & One-Hand/Shield Combat) are available.

  • Removed "Glowing Edge" visual effect in Selene's custom alteration spells(i.e. Ironmanize and Ebonyfresh). This effect makes user feel annoying so far. However, don't worry about it any more.
  • Fixed the animation missing errors when you do「Consistence Check」in the updating FNIS behavior using GenerateFNISforUsers.exe tool.
  • Fixed the wrong information bug of marriage check function in「Selene's Misc. Info」window.
  • Added new TBBP dance: Lamb.

Ver. 1-5-2
  • Official release of Selene DreamGirl-TBBP version. Thanks Petrovich, Hello Santa and Neovinci for wonderful body and textures.
  • Added jmenaru's Demon Huner V2 armor (Dream Girl conversion by Shayaryn) as default armor of Selene DreamGirl-TBBP version. Also, you can find Neovinci's Selene Underworld armor in Selene's extra inventory #3.
  • Perfect transplant Nao's female head/eyes/headbrows/mouth tri-meshes into Selene's face for vivid facial animations. Now, you can see Selene is more alive with better facial expressions.
  • Made 100% standalone head parts. That is, there will be no frozen mouth problem in the dialogs due to the incompatibility of head mesh that is provided by some body replacer. Thanks Erika for your precious information about incompatibility problem of head mesh.
  • Removed TBBP animation rig file "skeleton_female.hkx" in BSA package for all TBBP versions. So, now you can use HDT-Physics-Extensions along with Selene without CTD problem. But, if you want 100% pure TBBP motions without HDT-Physics you should install "skeleton_female.hkx" in this mod or other TBBP support skeleton mod like XPMS.

Ver. 1-5-0
  • Added 280+ response dialogue lines for Selene's unique personality using Vanilla voice.
  • ... Custom voice work is in progress now. But the producing speed of voice files is very slow due to the real life jobs of me and Birrii. And the version of full custom voice will be 2.x.x.
  • Added 12 new TBBP dances. Please check out the list of dances on the description page.
  • Added wig using Radioragae's GSB2 hair. You can find it in the Selene's extra inventory #3.
  • ... Adding hairs with HDT-Physics-Extension is delayed due to stability problem. I've found out that it may cause CTD on your game from time to time. If HDT-Physics-Extension is more stabilized in the future, I would like to add it.

Ver. 1-4-10-7B
  • SeveNBase-Bombshell BBP body & armor patch is added to optional files.
  • This patch will replace CBBE/UNP-TBBP body & armors of Selene mod with SeveNBase-Bombshell body & armors. Therefore, CBBE/UNP-TBBP version of Selene mod should be installed first prior to using this SeveNBase-Bombshell Patch!!
  • If you're using "Kate - AnimPack TBBP.esp" for CBBE/UNP-TBBP, then please use "Kate - AnimPack SeveNBase.esp" in this patch instead of it when you're patching.

Ver. 1-4-10
  • Selene's default armor is changed with Neovinci's Selene Underworld armor for UNP/CBBE version.
  • You can find Seraphine Armor of old versions in Selene's extra inventory #3.

Ver. 1-4-8
  • Changed the name of "Combat AI”s for better user understanding.
  • .......... "Avoid Combat": No Change.......... "Use Full Skills" to "Use Full Special Skills".......... "Use Only Melee Skills" to "Use Only Melee Special Skills".......... "Use Only Distance Skills" to "Use Only Distance Special Skills"
  • Added "Selene’s Home" function to MCM and dialogue menu. Using MCM special option, you can pick total 30 places(17 taverns, 10 in-game player homes and 3 custom homes) as "Selene’s Home" when she is dismissed. Please use dialogue "Let's talk about place..." to assign current place to custom home.
  • You can fast-travel to current "Selene’s Home" using dialogue "Let's talk about place... ".
  • Added utility function "Go to Selene’s Home" to MCM special option for easy fast-travel. So, if you are teammate with Selene you can fast-travel 30 places with controlling Selene’s Home on the MCM.
  • You can ask Selene to guard current place using dialogue "Let's talk about place...".
  • Added MCM option for turning on/off buff spells such as "Ironmanize".
  • Increased MCM controllable upper limit of special skill damage for users using "High-Level Difficulty Mods" such as SkyRe, ASIS, and so on.
  • Total 14 new TBBP dances are added. Please check out the list of dances on the description page.
  • Now, Selene can dance alone, teach Player how to dance, and dance together with Player.
  • Added smiling facial animation during dancing. Recommend to use with “Female Facial Animation by nao4288” to make nice and better facial animation.
  • Moved MCM option position of "Selene Soul" Key from General Option to Special Option.
  • Increased waiting time limit from 72 hours to 240 hours in game time.

Ver. 1-4-2
  • Add TBBP breast motion to all of Selene's 18 dances.
  • Some of bug in dance animation is fixed.

Ver. 1-4-1
  • Compatibility fix between CBBE/ UNP/ OOO version.

Ver. 1-4-0
  • Added "Improved Stealth AI" option on the MCM menu. Selene does not rush into combat before the enemy has fully detected the player. She will also unequip torches while sneaking.
  • Optimized following distance and Wind-walking speed. She will not bump into you any more.
  • New three choreography dance animations are added more.
  • Fixed "PlayerFollowerCount" value reset bug.
  • More robust "Allow Smart Motion" option on the MCM. If you turn off this option, Selene does not move like she’s alive any more during following Player. If you don't want following sandboxing, uncheck this option.
  • Dance animations in following sandbox are removed. No more drunken dances.
  • Kiss dialogue menu removed.
  • Add option for turning on/off the function of healing Player.
  • Added bikini (CBBE/UNP) for auto-clothing during swimming and sleeping. See Selene’s handbag03 to find out. Auto-clothing is in validation for the next version.
  • Add four Combat AI: “Avoid Combat”, “Use Full Skills”, “Use Only Melee Skills”, “Use Only Distance Skills” . If you want for Selene only to heal Player not to engage enemy, set Combat AI to “Avoid Combat” and turn on “Heal Player” option on the MCM
  • All of perks relating melee combat are re-balanced to Vanilla difficulty. And perk and its grade will be activated according to skill points and the game difficulty setting on MCM. So, now you can customize Selene’s power as you wish through the MCM.

Custom perk list Newly balanced v1-4-0

Ver. 1-3-7
  • Re-upload on the Nexus
  • Minor bug fix in script.
  • Compatibility fix between CBBE and UNP version.

Ver. 1-3-6
  • First release on the Nexus.
  • Taken down from the Nexus.