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A blended compatibility patch that completely integrates the intense storm effects, audio, and unique weathers from both True Storms and Obsidian Weathers. Comes in two separate versions for your visual preference.

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Obsidian Weathers - TrueStorms Compatibility Patch

Ever since it's release, Obsidian Weathers has been a really close second to NAT as my personal favorite weather mod, as its ominous, mysterious atmosphere and interesting seasonal weathers are really hard to beat. Although I do find the stormy weathers of Obsidian to be top notch on their own, I can still never bring myself to give up the added visual intensity that True Storms provides, so I thought I would go ahead and try yet another blended patch :) Yes, it's true that there is already a True Storms patch provided by the authors of Obsidian Weathers, but upon further inspection I discovered that it only served to replace the audio of the stormy weathers with those from True Storms, and did not touch on any of the visual aspects. As such, this patch aims to go just a little bit further by integrating not only the audio from True Storms into Obsidian's weather system, but also the visual effects and unique weathers provided by True Storms as well. I hope you'll enjoy!

  • Completely merges all audio from both Obsidian and True Storms into one experience, including 40+ thunder sounds as well as all ambient and interior rain sounds. Special care was taken in distributing the sounds throughout Obsidian's weathers to provide as much variety as possible, so no two storms should look or sound alike.
  • Redistributes all of True Storm's unique weathers into Obsidian's regions, taking special care to uphold Obsidian's unique seasonal system by only adding some of True Storm's unique weathers to those regions where they would fit.
  • Revamps the Solstheim regional data to include all variations of unique ashy weathers provided by True Storms, and tweaks the overall rarity of all Solstheim weathers to add more variety to the region. There is also an optional Wet&Cold patch that integrates all of the unique ash weathers that it adds as well, for all of your ash-related needs :)
  • Comes in two versions for visual preference. Both versions contain all of the above features, they simply change the "aesthetic" of your stormy weathers purely by tweaking things like ambient lighting, coloring, fog settings, etc. None of Obsidian's distinct features have been altered.

I did decide to do things a bit differently this time in order to add as much flexibility as possible to the choices provided. Here is an overview of what both versions change:
This version leaves the core aesthetic of Obsidian's stormy weathers entirely untouched. This includes the coloring, lighting, and even the rain/snow particles. It felt necessary to provide a non-blended version because I personally felt that the base aesthetic of Obsidian's stormy weathers was already fantastic, and I know that many people feel the same. The only thing I decided to take creative liberties on were the fog values of thunderstorms and rainy weathers, which I lowered by just a tad to help alleviate the blocky water edge glitch that I felt was very sorely apparent in these weathers. This lead to a bit more visibility and light in these weathers, hence the name 'Luminous.' Long story short, if you only wanted to carry over the audio and unique weathers of True Storms without touching anything else from Obsidian, then this is the version for you.
This version selectively incorporates the lighting and coloring of True Storms into Obsidian's stormy weathers to achieve a darker, eerier atmosphere. It also carries over the snow/rain particles from True Storms into all stormy weathers as well, so if, like me, you are a big fan of the rain particles from True Storms and like your storms to be as intense and ominous as possible, then this might be the perfect version for you :) This version is basically the conglomeration of all of my previous patching/blending, and of course, I was very selective about which settings I chose to tweak, so there should be no worry of any visual glitches or harsh transitions here.

The video below compares both versions in action to help you decide on a preference. I was using a lighting overhaul (ELFX) and an ENB (SkyrimSE Re-Engaged) for both the video and the screenshots, so please keep in mind that your version might look different depending on your own ENB and mod setup. I also included a few extra shots of the really cool Solstheim weathers added specifically by True Storms that are carried over by the patch, which I find to be one of its main bonuses. They are at the end if you'd like to skip ahead to see them :)

Installation and Load Order
The patch requires both Obsidian Weathers and True Storms to be loaded like this in your load order:

Obsidian Weathers.esp

If you are updating to a newer version, simply uninstall the old one and install the newer version. This is completely safe to do mid-game.

Make sure you only choose one of the four versions  provided. The optional Water's Edge Fix versions are identical to the original main files, they simply directly incorporate LoD7995's fix in with the merge for those users that can't stand seeing those blocky water edges. If you are using one of those versions, you no longer need to load the original Water's Edge Fix plugin.

This patch basically combines Obsidian Weathers and True Storms into a single weather mod, so it will not be compatible with any mods that alter region or weather records. A few good examples are:
-All other weather mods.
-Aequinoctium Add-on Patch for Obsidian Weathers - Unfortunately this add-on is currently incompatible with this patch setup, as it makes edits to the region data in order to combine the weathers from the two mods. It's really difficult to make patches for every single mod that touches region data, but I am currently looking into the best way to provide an option for it.

-Darker Nights - Unforbidable has kindly gone out of his way to create an official Darker Nights patch. You can find it on his page here!
-Water's Edge Fix - Two extra versions are included as optional files that are identical to the two main versions, only they also directly incorporate LoD7995's Water's Edge Fix. The only reason I've included two more separate versions instead of including the fix directly into the original versions is because, as stated in LoD's description, the water's edge fix works by drastically decreasing the amount of fog in all weathers. So, for those that don't mind losing the foggy aesthetic in a lot of their stormy/foggy weathers, then this is a great option. However, I know that a lot of people are willing to deal with that blocky water edge in order to keep their foggy weathers (myself included), so I made sure to keep the original files untouched with all their fogginess intact :)
-Audio Overhaul  - Incompatible due to some sound edits AOS makes to the region data, but I've included a compatibility patch to remedy this. This patch can safely replace all other AOS patches that you might have been previously using for Obsidian Weathers, True Storms, or both.
-Sounds of Skyrim - All versions  - All Sounds of Skyrim plugins are incompatible due to some sound edits that they also make to the region data. I've included a compatibility patch for Sounds of Skyrim Complete, but please do keep in mind that this patch will not work for any of the standalone SoS versions (like The Wilds). This patch can safely replace all other SoS patches that you might have been previously using for Obsidian Weathers, True Storms, or both.

-Wet & Cold - Almost fully compatible, it only changes weather records for ash storms in Solstheim. I've created a compatibility patch to ensure that Wet & Cold's effects will be registered in all of Obsidian's and True Storm's unique Solstheim weathers, which can be found here.
-Minty's Lightning  - 100% compatible with everything, as it only adds its own new effects into the game. However, there are a few unique stormy weathers in True Storms that would not receive the new lightning effects without a patch, so I've created one here to carry those over. Obsidian does not add any of its own unique stormy weathers, so you are safe to use the standalone version of the Minty patch with this setup.

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Of course, huge thanks to Megaloblast and fadingsignal for the fantastic weather mods!
And another HUGE thanks to LoD7995 for figuring out the water's edge fix and allowing me to incorporate it directly into my patches! You're awesome!