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Another very lightweight patch to add Minty's Lightning effects into True Storms weathers, including several versions for any combination of True Storms and other major weather overhauls.

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True Storms - Minty's Lightning Compatibility

This is just a small, very lightweight plugin to integrate the awesome lightning effects from Minty's Lightning into all of True Storms weathers where they were previously lacking. I've included a standalone version for those using True Storms on its own, as well as separate versions for all combinations of True Storms with other large weather overhauls. The requirements will change depending on exactly which weather overhaul you are using alongside True Storms and Minty's Lightning, so please be sure to read the descriptions included in the installer to ensure you have the right one :)

-Integrates Minty's Lightning effects into the few storms that were previously missing out on them.
-Includes all necessary options for any True Storms weather patch combo. Just be sure to read the instructions in the installer so you know which one you need.
-I also introduced the lightning effects to Solstheim for a bit of added fun :) You will now have a very rare chance of seeing lightning during Solstheim's equally rare thunderstorms.

Installation and Load Order
The patch requires both the official SSE port of Minty's Lightning and True Storms to be loaded, although it does not matter what order they are loaded in so long as this patch is loaded after both.

**NOTE** L3s has kindly updated the original port with fixes to the MCM script errors, so you no longer have to rename your esp for this patch to work. He has also gone out of his way to revamp the audio for the lightning strikes as well, so be sure to check out the new update here :)

-Wet&Cold - Wet&Cold and all related patches are completely compatible, feel free to use them together in your setup.
Otherwise, there are absolutely no other incompatibilities to worry about with Minty's Lightning, as it does not edit any other records, it simply adds its own new effects. In fact, this patch itself is not so much about 'solving incompatibilities' as it is about carrying over these effects into True Storms uniquely added weathers, so no need to worry about incompatibilities.

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Huge thanks to Minty911 and fadingsignal for the fantastic weather mods, as well as L3s for the port to SSE :)

And thank you guys so much! <3