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A very lightweight patch to make True Storms and Wet&Cold work together seamlessly with ANY combination of True Storms and other major weather overhauls.

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True Storms - Wet&Cold Compatibility

This is just a small, very lightweight plugin to integrate True Storms weathers into Wet&Cold's systems, mainly within Solstheim. While creating my other patches for True Storms I realized that there were some direct incompatibilities between True Storms and Wet&Cold that were not mentioned anywhere, so this is just a small standalone patch to rectify those issues. Granted, these aren't huge game-breaking issues that would cause any CTDs, but they are the kinds of issues that would cause you to lose certain features of either mod while running both. So here you go :) Both mods will now compliment instead of overwrite each other.

-Both Wet&Cold and True Storms add their own unique ash weathers to the Solstheim region, which would previously overwrite each other depending on how they were loaded in your load order. Now all unique ash weathers and effects from both mods will be present in all of Solstheim's weather regions.
-True Storms unique ash storms now register in Wet&Cold's systems, so you will now see Wet&Cold's unique effects during those particular weathers.
-Includes all necessary options for any True Storms weather patch combo. Just be sure to read the instructions in the installer so you know which one you need.
-Also includes an optional standalone add-on to include the Water's Edge Fix for all unique Wet&Cold weathers that are added to Solstheim. If you were previously experiencing blocky water edges in Solstheim even with the main Water's Edge Fix plugin loaded, this is most likely why. **Please do note that this add-on is only for Wet&Cold alone. If you would also like the Water's Edge Fix to be applied to True Storms weathers, you will also need to download the True Storms version of the main Water's Edge Fix plugin.

Installation and Load Order
The patch requires both Wet&Cold and True Storms to be loaded, although it does not matter what order they are loaded in so long as this patch is loaded after both. 

**Please keep in mind that the requirements will change depending on exactly which weather overhaul you are using alongside True Storms and Wet&Cold, so please be sure to read the descriptions included in the installer to ensure you have the right one :)

-Minty's Lightning - Minty's Lightning and all related patches are completely compatible, feel free to use them together.
**The only other things that might conflict with this patch are other weather-related mods that make any edits to the region data of Solstheim or add new cold/ash weathers for Wet&Cold to interact with. As far as I know, aside from other weather overhauls, there are no other weather-related mods that should affect the changes made here.

Weather Overhaul Patches:

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Obsidian - TrueStorms Merged Compatibility SSE
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Huge thanks to isoku and fadingsignal for the fantastic weather mods :)