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New edition of Scandinavian Seasons Weather mod. A complete weather mod featuring different sunrises/sunsets, volumetric mist, distant rain, season system, custom sounds,custom and different clouds for every weather and custom different weathers that recreate the typical Scandinavian Weather, compatible with True Storm

Permissions and credits
Why a new version? Well when i started to work for the new update of SS what i wanted to do was just a new mod for clouds but to do it as intended i was tied to a weather mod but if I would release just an update all the big work i have done would have been lost and not reach everyone.
So why Extended? cause the new version of SS has clouds unique for every weather situations, this means every single clear weather, cloudy,rain and storm will show different types of clouds

- Season ( season system will follow the internal calendar of Skyrim every season, will be different from another winter,spring,summer,autumn)
- Custom weathers ( new weather situations that will appear randomly and unique during the seasons )
- Different custom Sunset/sunrises ( every weather clear or cloudy has a different sunset and sunrise many of this are realistic pics location from Finland )
- Different reflection color during sunrises and sunsets on ground
- Custom and unique Sounds ( a new variety of sounds for storms, thunder and wind )
- Custom Realistic and unique Clouds for every single weather situations to create a realistic sky with northern clouds
- Volumetric mist ( different types of volumetric mist soft and heavy depending of the weather situation, will also cover and fix partially the cut of the horizon in       some situation )
- Distant Rain ( and effect that will  reproduce the idea of falling rain in distance )
- Daylights ( some days have a more strong light than others and you can tell the difference moving form a dark spot to a light one, this gives the idea of a     warm   sunny day)
- Nights are dark and navigable, it would be possible to move during night time and have a complete visual of what around 
- Fog has been completly value redone and now is strong and thick but still will leave a good visual of the scenary
- Colors in general are not so strong, a bit more washed but realistic ( this should be easy for modders to create ENBS and have a balance saturation level )
- Snowflakes textures  from Cathedral Weathers
Smooth Sky mesh - SSE from --JawZ--.
- Sunglare included
- Version True Storm Patched


- True Storm ( compatible with alternative Esp )
  True Storm will mostly affect Solsthein area.  SSE has it's own Extreme weathers situation that will appear seasonly
- Storm Lightning for SSE by ShiZof 
- Obsidian montain fog
- Any other Clouds mod, but it will break the singular clouds feature of Scandinavian Seasons Extended
- Volumetric mists ( it will work perfectly with the one generate from Scandinavian Seasons Extended )
- all mods that make seamless the Horizon or Sky vault


- with any other weather mod without any patch
- with mods that will alter the sky vault  ( such colors ) or lighting external mods ( not tested but i assume it will not work well)

INSTALLATION Scandinavian Seasons:

- Download the version you prefer and install it with your modmanager ( to start the season go to sleep and when you wake up you should receive a message on the high left about the month you are in )
- Use the manager to disintallation

A complete ENB dedicated to Scandinavian Seasons

Rudy ENB



Any ENB that is generic and do not support a specific weather mod listed

All pictures are taken with Scandinavian Seasons ENB few examples of Unique clouds apperance


This mod and its files are open to use but not distribuition on other sites
for any other files in this mod see permission of original authors before use
Even this mod it's an open resource i would prefer to be contacted and ask for permission
expecially for the use of files like clouds and sunrises or sunsets
my only limit i will not permit this mod to be mixed in another weather mod if this break the porpouse of the weather mod
( for example some unique weathers are made to happens in specific periods)
thank you

PREVIOUS WORK and porting:
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L3st4t Mods and Games


Boris for ENB
CeeJay for SweetFx
chosire for Reshade
MartyMcFly for is amazing DoF adaptation for SSE
Ewi for his Retexture overhaul
Firemanaf for part of his shaders
Tapioks for his Enb DNI source
the Sandvich Maker and 
Adyss for prepass skin and godrays shaders
Team Cathedral for snowflakes textures 
JayZ for the sky mesh
A big thank you Arindel for the help and support for the Seasons script
Megaloblast for the permission and guide to create a weather mod
Kojak747 and Megaloblast for the Nlva content
Mangaclub for the volumetric fog content on Nlva