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A lightweight compatibility patch for Dolomite Weathers and True Storms SSE to completely merge the audio and weathers of both mods. Also, for those who would like to replace Dolomite's heavy fog weathers with a lighter version, the patch comes in two different versions that focus specifically on foggy weathers to help with that.

Permissions and credits
Dolomite - TrueStorms Compatibility Patch

Carries over all ambient rain, thunder, and interior rain sounds from True Storms to work with Dolomite, which would previously overwrite all of True Storm's audio when used together without a patch. Comes in two different versions that focus specifically on foggy weathers (all other changes remain the same).


I noticed that a lot of people were running Dolomite Weathers and True Storms together without a patch by loading Dolomite after True Storms. The only issue with this setup is that loading True Storms would be a tad bit pointless at that point, as Dolomite would overwrite almost all aspects of the mod except the interior rain sounds. I know that for a lot of people one of the major (if not the major) benefits of True Storms is the amazing thunder sounds that it adds, which get completely overwritten if Dolomite is loaded after True Storms without a patch.

So I decided to fix that :) There is very little "blending" done between the two mods, as they both make very similar changes and hence look very similar, as can be seen in the screenshots. Again, the major difference will be in the audio, which should be a very noticeable change. Without the patch, there was a single thunder sound that would repeat at regular intervals throughout a storm. With the patch, you will hear many different variations of True Storm's thunder played at varying intervals, which will improve the atmosphere of your storms immensely.

The only thing that seemed to make a major difference visually was the rain particles, which I tried to compare in the screenshots, although it's a bit hard to see. I find that TrueStorms rain tends to look a lot heavier and create a more intense atmosphere, while Dolomite's rain is very clear and crisp. I made sure that you can choose between the two based on your preference simply by changing around your load order, which is covered in more detail below. The load order is mainly specific to the rain particles only, as the snow particles from both mods are basically identical.

The patch is split into two main versions that cover all foggy weathers in the game. Here is a little summary of exactly what these versions include:

-Heavy Fog Version-
For those who like their fogs really dense, it does not make any changes to Dolomite's heavy fog effects or weathers. It also carries over all of True Storms unique foggy weathers for a little extra foggy variety, redistributing them within the region data and tweaking their rarity to help them blend in more seamlessly with Dolomite's weather system.
-Light Fog Version-
Removes all heavy fog weathers from the game, and replaces Dolomite's heavy fog effects with True Storm's lighter version. This version also directly incorporates LoD7995's Water's Edge Fix in ALL weathers that cause the blocky water edge effect, both from True Storms and Dolomite. This water edge visual is caused by heavy fog during certain weathers, and the fix works by toning down the fog in most weathers by quite a lot, which is why it is only present in the light fog version. I've posted some screenshots comparing the water's edge with both versions loaded to help you decide if you'd like to trade the heavy fog in your weathers for smoother water.
You no longer have to load the Water's Edge Fix esp if you have this version loaded.

Both versions ONLY change foggy weathers. They each have all changes made to stormy audio and effects, as stated above.

Installation and Load Order
The patch requires both Dolomite and TrueStorms to be loaded. It should always be loaded last, but Dolomite and TrueStorms can be loaded in any order depending on which rain effects you want to keep in your game.

If you want to keep TrueStorm's heavy rain particles during your storms, then load TrueStorms after Dolomite:
Dolomite Weathers.esp


If you want to keep the clear rain particles of Dolomite during your storms, then load Dolomite after TrueStorms:

Dolomite Weathers.esp

Make sure you only load one version of the patch.

This patch basically combines Dolomite and True Storms into a single weather mod, so it will not be compatible with any mods that alter region or weather records. Some examples include:
-All other weather mods.
-Darker Nights - An official patch is now available as an option with the Darker Nights download, covering all versions. Thanks a ton Unforbidable for making an official patch :)
-Water's Edge Fix - Is directly built-in to the "Light Fog" version of this patch, so if you want to use the fix then simply download that version, no strings attached. It is not compatible with the "Heavy Fog" version, as explained above. So for those that don't mind losing the foggy aesthetic in a lot of their stormy/foggy weathers, then this is a great option. However, I know that a lot of people are willing to deal with that blocky water edge in order to keep their foggy weathers (myself included), so I made sure to keep the original files untouched with all their fogginess intact :) 
-Wet & Cold - Almost fully compatible, it only changes weather records for ash storms in Solstheim. Because Dolomite doesn't actually alter any of Solstheim's region data, my standalone patch between only True Storms and Wet&Cold will work perfectly. You can find it here. Simply load it below Wet&Cold and True Storms (it doesn't matter where Dolomite is loaded) and you're good to go.

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Of course, huge thanks to Megaloblast and fadingsignal for the fantastic weather mods!
And another huge thank you to LoD7995 for the permission to use his awesome fix in my patches. Don't forget to check out his standalone mod and endorse if you enjoy not-blocky water edges!