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Physically grasp your follower to seamlessly transfer a weapon, armor, potion or other item into their inventory, bypassing dialogue/menu. Through intuitive gestures, you can also: guide a potion/food near their head for immediate consumption, put a weapon to a desired hand, make them equip a clothing, or access their inventory directly.

Permissions and credits
TL;DR 1: Instead of reading text below, you can also watch the video that introduces (almost) all features of this mod
TL;DR 2: The same text below is also available in this mod's MCM page in game

Version 2.1.0:
  • Summon NPCs and horse: this mod remembers the last 3 grabbed NPCs and the last ridden horse for you to summon. Steps: (1) put both of your hands close to your mouth and keep them there; (2.1) hold both triggers for more than 1 second and release, to summon the last grabbed NPC or horse; (2.2) or, hold both triggers for more than 2 seconds and release, to show a menu where you can choose which NPC or horse to summon.
  • Now this mod requires Skyrim VR Tools, for summoning NPCs
  • Loot bodies: triple-grasp a body to loot it
  • (Risky, default off) Werewolf: in werewolf form, grab a body and release it to your mouth (your controller is close to your headset) to feed on it. Only works when SkyrimVR's window is focused, because I simulates the press of "E" on keyboard. Doesn't work in some modlists and may even crash
  • (Risky and bad, default off) Vampire: as vampire, grab someone prone to feed (sleeping/seducted) and release to your mouth to feed on it. However, I can only open the feed menu, so you need to press "Feed" by yourself. This is a technical problem with Papyrus

Version 1.2.0:
  • Fixed a bug that makes some players need to disable and enable this mod every time the program starts
  • Now you may still need to disable and enable this mod if it doesn't work, but you should only need to do this once per playthrough


Transferring Items:
  • Grasp an item in one hand and your follower in the other (Higgs and Planck are required)
  • Drop the item into your friend or follower's hand, and it will be transferred to their inventory
  • Note1: For a set duration (configurable in MCM), the game will remember the last NPC you grasped. During this time, you can simply drop items to their hands without needing to grasp the NPC again
  • Note2: This mod decides whether it affects a NPC by checking the relationship value between you and them, and affects if the value is greater than zero. Should work for most vanilla or mod-added followers. I made an exception for Serana since her relationship remains to be zero for quite some time, so this mod always affects her.

Immediate Consumption:
  • Drop a potion/food near their head and they will immediately consume it
  • If the potion is gifted in critical situation (their health/magicka/stamina is low), it will be more effective
  • Note1: Only works with potions or food that have one or multiple of these effects: invisibility, restore health/magicka/stamina, fortify h/m/s regeneration. So most foods are covered, but not all potions. If a potion/food doesn't work, it will just be added to follower's inventory.
  • Note2: Don't let them consume stacked potions! For example, you may drop 10 Restore Health Potions at once and they are stacked to one potion with name "Restore Health Potion(10)". If you grasp this stacked potion and let your follower consume it, 1 potion will take effect and the other 9 will be lost.

Changing Equipment:
  • Grasp an item in one hand and double grasp (grasp-release-grasp in a short period) your follower in the other 
  • Drop a weapon/staff/bow to a desired hand, and they'll be prompted to wield it with that hand
  • Drop an armor piece/clothing/amulet/ring near their head or any hand, and they'll be prompted to wear it
  • Note1: Depending on their AI, they may choose not to use the weapon or opt for different equipment later
  • For a stronger equipment preference, triple grasp instead of double grasp. Works well for armor, but weapons are not guaranteed
  • Note2: I recommend refraining from using Change Equipment features on followers who have scripted weapon actions during certain quest stages. For example, Calia in Enderal will execute a bandit with a greatsword in a quest, and if you prompt her to wield a staff, I don't know what will happen. However, this should be easily solved by prompting her to equip her greatsword again.

Direct Inventory Access:
  • Triple grasp the follower's shoulder to access their inventory directly

Forcing This Mod to Work On a NPC:
  • Normally, this mod only works for NPCs that have good relationship with you, like followers
  • There is a button "Click to force work on the next NPC" in MCM. Click it and grab a NPC will add this NPC to whitelist
  • You can always give items and access inventory to a NPC in whitelist, bypassing the relationship check
  • Note: If you can't give items to a mod-added follower, you can try this

Summon NPCs and horse:
  • This mod remembers the last 3 grabbed NPCs and the last ridden horse for you to summon
  • Put both of your hands close to your mouth and keep them there
  • Hold both triggers for more than 1 second and release, to summon the last grabbed NPC or horse
  • Or, hold both triggers for more than 2 seconds and release, to show a menu and choose which NPC or horse to summon

Loot Body:
  • Triple grasp a dead body to loot it


Just install like any other mod with your favorite mod manager
  • Place it after SkyUI and VRIK
  • You can tweak some configurations in this mod's MCM

Compatibility and Known Issues

  • Compatible with all other mods

Known issues:
  • You can steal items by grasping them and put into your follower's palm. Well, stealing is already quite easy in VR
  • As mentioned above, if use Change Equipment features on some follower with scripted weapon actions, it might cause problems, but should be readily resolvable

To Mod Authors
Feel free to use any assets in this mod. You are more than welcome to create patches or point out any issues.


Thank FlyingParticle to create HIGGS and PLANCK.
Thank prog0111 to create VRIK.
Thank schlangster to create SkyUI and SuperOdie to create SkyUI VR.
These mods provide very helpful and intuitive APIs.
Thank Skyrim Scripting for the great tutorial videos of how to create mods.
Thank for the whistle sound effect