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Spells to use with VRIK gestures to equip weapons you're holding thanks to HIGGs or swap equipped weapons between hands.

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This mod adds some spells to move weapons around: Drop or Equip (Left and Right), Equip Held (Left and Right) and Swap Hands.

Drop or Equip will either equip the weapon (or shield or torch) you're holding with HIGGs if you haven't already got a weapon out, or drop your weapon to the ground if you do.

However, the drop spells use DropObject() in Papyrus which doesn't play nicely with some weapons such as Silver Swords. Once they've been dropped the Equip spell won't work on them again. They'll go back to normal if they're picked up normally and dropped from inventory rather than with the spell.
There's also no checks for whether the equipped weapon is a quest item at the moment so it will (I assume, I haven't checked!) let you drop Wabbajack on the floor during that quest for example. Be careful with it in other words!

The Equip Held spells are the same except they don't have the Drop effect just in case you don't want to risk breaking anything! They'll just equip items you hold with HIGGs. There may be room for this to break things too, let me know.

Finally there's Swap Hands which move whatever's in your left hand to your right hand and vice versa.

Add the spells you want using the console commands:

help "drop or equip"
help "equip held"
help "swap hands"

To find the ids of the spells you want, then

player.addspell spellid

You'll find that apart from Swap Hands there's a Right and Left version of each.

When you've added the spells, setup your VRIK gestures using MCM - select your desired gesture in gesture overview, then set it as cast spell or shout and choose one of the spells.

I have Drop or Equip Left on my left trackpad press, Right on the right. Then I have Swap hands on trackpad + Right+Left.