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This mod makes changes to Serana's combat abilities in an effort to make her more effective in battle & make her more worthy of the title "Daughter of Coldharbour" No more weak Ice Spike or useless Necromancy spells that are useless against higher level opponents.

Permissions and credits
Queen of the Damned - Deadlier Serana version 2.0 for Skyrim Special Edition

Version 2.0 is here! And it brought some
patches with it!!

--Make sure you download a patch file if you use an appearance changer mod--

Xbox version available here (shout out to Dima9r27 for the port!)

    --Supported appearance changer mods--

***Really, every appearance changer mod is now supported!***
HUGE thanks to cupcakeninja64 for pointing out this tutorial  showing how to make your own patch:

Legacy patch files available:

1. Tiny Serana
2. Serana and Claire
3. Fangs and Eyes - Serana
4. Diversity (Serana & Valerica are both supported)
5. Superb Serana
6. Seranaholic (all versions + Valerica support)
7. Babes of Skyrim (Serana & Valerica are both supported)
8. Pandorable's Serana + Pandorable's Valerica
9. Volkihar Family Redone Serana
10. Natural People Serana
11. Serana Unsquared
12. Bijin All in One 2019
13. Moolgogi's Serana and Moolgogi's Valerica (WARNING - both mods are in old Form 43 and should be resaved in Construction Set to avoid bugs)
14. Kangmina's Serana
15. Miqo'te SeraNya
16. Serana... Resurrection
17. Refined Volkihars
18. Smaffs A Beautiful Serana
19. SR Serana Replace (may not work with all versions)
20. Serana TTR (triptherift Serana replacer)
21. Serana Re-Imagined, also for Hood Plus Hair for Serana Re-Imagined (courtesy of Magink666 and CarlosS4444)
22. Gman749 Ladies of Dawnguard NPC Replacer SSE, also mixes with Serana and Claire and Serana Re-Imagined (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
23. Hedgehog's Serana (courtesy of TheBaldHedgehog)
24. Anima Nera - SerketHetyt's Serana Replacer
25. Pandorable's small replacers AIO (courtesy of aceofpie)
26. --- Serana Rework --- (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
27. ColdSun's Creations - Definitive Edition - High Poly Head NPC Replacers, also CDDE Pack 2 option (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
28. My Lovely Serana (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
29. Serana - Daughter of Coldharbour (also Vampire Eyes version) (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
30. Selina Mage Follower or Serana Replacer - High Poly Head - 4k FaceTint (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
31. Serana and Valerica replacer By Bacetrica CBBE 3BA(3BBB) and CBBE SE, for both Serana and Valerica (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
32. eeekie's Serana (courtesy of xNemes)
33. A Rose in the Snow - Reborn (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
34. Juliada - High Poly Breton Necromancer - CBBE - BHUNP - Serana or Illia Replacer - ESP-FE (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
35. Serana Re-Imagined and Valerica Re-imagined, also for Hood Plus Hair for Serana Re-Imagined, also mix with Seranaholic's Valerica (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
36. Dovahnique's High Poly Serana Replacer - ESPFE (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
37. ColdSun's World - NPC Replacers Pack 2 for both Serana and Valerica (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
38. BBs Serana Replacer (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
39. Rosalie Follower_Serana Replacer
40. Hedy's Serana Replacer (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
41. ThePurpleTie1's Volkihar Family Replacer 2.0 SE-AE (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
42. WICO - Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
43. Olivia - Replacer of Serana SE (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
44. Dibella's Blessing - Daughters of Coldharbour (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
45. ColdSun's Pantheon - NPCs - Pack 2 for both Serana and Valerica (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
46. Fridam's Serana With Family Overhaul (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
47. Sensuous Serana (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
48. Koralina's Serana Replacer (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
49. Lein's Perhaps Realistic NPCs (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
50. Van's SE Serana Replacer (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
51. Ellxe's Standalone Serana Replacer
52. Mira - HP Standalone or Deluxe Follower and Serana Replacer - 3BA-BHUNP-Bodyslide - ESPFE mod (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
53. Leonora - Serana Replacer from Follower Mod Created by Anuketh (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
54. Ulla Follower Serana Replacer and Preset (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
55. Pantheon - Serana and Valerica - Dark All Day Versions all weights (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
56. Selene Kate Follower or Serana Replacer SSE - MCM (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
57. Serana High Poly Follower - CBBE 3BA - BHUNP - ESPFE (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
58. Anuketh's Serana Replacer (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
59. Rosalia - A Serana Replacer (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
60. Serana and Claire De-Standalone (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
61. NPC Overhaul - Serana (High Poly) Director's Cut (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
62. Vexed - HI-Poly Serana (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
63. Bloodline - Volkihar Family (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
64. Serana NPC Overhaul (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
65. NITHI NPC Enhancement - Serana (courtesy of nightmarezone)
66. R.B Serana Replacer (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
67. The Sleeping Beauty - Serana Replacer (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
68. Buxom Females NPC Replacers 1.1B (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
69. Alva - High Poly Replacer (Serana replacer option) (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
70. Seranaholic 1.5 Re-Imagined
71. Kukielle's Elves - Serana Replacer (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
72. Valerica And Serana by Milfactory (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
73. TFS Serana and Valerica Replacer - Maria and Zaya Nyr (courtesy of CarlosS4444)
74. Cover Gurl - Serana and Valerica (courtesy of CarlosS4444)

    --Short Overview--
Thank you for viewing my mod! Queen of the Damned - Deadlier Serana was originally developed by Xunderxdosedx, so please, be sure
to check out her other cool mods here on the nexus. This (much needed) amazing Serana enhancement mod would not exist without her.
I've since taken what Xunderxdosedx developed and advanced it even more by making Serana a one woman vampire army... you'll be
VERY glad she's on your side! This version is for Skyrim Special Edition only, and it contains everything the classic Skyrim version had;
with an additional tweak to Serana to make her use her sword and engage in melee combat more often.
NEW IN VERSION 2.0: Valerica has now been given the Queen of the Damned tweaks, abilities and melee weapon to fight just like Serana.

--The Specifics--
- Vampire Lord style missile spell which does 150 points of damage. Unlike the VL version it doesn't have any Absorb properties, it's simply a more powerful alternative to Serana's favored Ice Spike spell. It does non-elemental damage so as to ignore resistances as much as possible. She also now has the necessary perks to dual-cast this spell.
- Vampire Lord style Paralyze spell, which paralyzes targets for 7 seconds. Serana needed some sort of crowd control type of move, and for lack of a better idea I decided to give her her own version of Corpse Curse so she could selectively immobilize enemies.
- Castable Bat Cloak spell, absorbs 10 points of health per second from enemies within range. Should work against anything but Centurions. Serana needed a little bonus to melee defense and a balanced way to heal herself in combat, this should provide both.
- Conjure Gargoyle for 60 seconds. Unlike the regular Gargoyle summoned by Vampire Lords, this Gargoyle is based on the Gargoyle Sentinel, has a unique skin which was in the CK but wasn't used for anything, has a slightly improved AI, and levels up with the player from 10 to 50. This spell replaces Serana's default Raise Zombie-type spells so she's not leaving ash piles everywhere, and because the Gargoyle is more useful than most of the corpses she resurrects anyway.
- Her weapon strikes now deal 25 points of poison damage, and her power attacks with a weapon can knock enemies away, much like the knockback effect Werewolves and Werebears have. I wanted to emulate the Vampire Lord's Poison Talons perk, and to illustrate the physical strength a 4,000 year old vampire would possess. It's also worth noting that she only uses her weapon very rarely, so I thought I should make it count more.
- Small resistance to magic and physical damage [10%], and a near-total elimination of fall damage [90%].
- New sword replacing her default Elven Dagger. The sword is named Coldharbour's Daughter. It does equivalent damage to that of a Dragonbone Sword, can be enchanted with whatever you think is appropriate, and can be tempered at a grindstone with a Steel Ingot. It's nothing fancy, I just re-used the model from Harkon's Sword.
- Her default Drain Health spell has been slightly buffed, and the magical effects behind it have been altered to work on anything but Centurions. This spell is pretty much Serana's main weapon and defensive option, so I thought I should tweak it a little.
- Become Bats Swarm. This spell will allow Serana to evade her opponents, if she feels threatened, for a few seconds by turning into a swarm of bats and getting a temporary increase in her movement speed. This is basically the "become ethereal" shout but in spell form and a different look.
- When her health is low, there is a high chance to trigger an effect which will heal Serana for 100 points. It will also shroud her in mist which renders her temporarily ethereal and invisible until she attacks, as well as allowing her to telekinetically repel nearby attackers. This is supposed to be like a combination of Mist Form and some kind of telekinesis, and it lasts ten seconds. Additionally there is a very high chance for her to auto-cast Mass Paralysis when her health is sufficiently low. With this ability, she should now be able to hang in high-level fights a little bit better.

- Skyrim Special Edition
- Dawnguard

    --Load Order--
(listed from top to bottom)
0. Serana Dialog Addon (in fact SDA is compatible as it doesn't change Serana NPC record directly, so it's position shouldn't matter in QofD context)
1. Any appearance changer mod (See mod description for supported appearance changer mods)
2. Serana Dialogue Edit (if using it)
3. This mod: UD_Serana.esp
4. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (if using it)

Except for Serana appearance changer mods, this shouldn't have any conflicts with any other mod since only Vanilla assets were used.
I kept this mod as light-weight as possible, just like how Xunderxdosedx originally intended it to be. There are no changes
to Serana's voice, sounds, appearance, quests, relationship with the player, aggression, or confidence. All that was done
to Serana was that she got a new sword, some new perks, and a handful of new spells.

    --Enjoy the mod!--
If you have any questions or if you'd like to just stop by and say thanks, please feel free to post them in the mod's
comment section. I'll be happy to read them!