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An attractive, but realistic overhaul of the Volkihar family made with Charmers of the Reach.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • French

  • Attractive, but realistic and lore-friendly reinterpretations of vanilla NPCs.
  • Carefully sculpted heads using the Charmers of the Reach meshes to look good under various angles and lighting.
  • NPCs use your teeth mesh and textures instead of the COtR Teeth.
  • Customized diffuse textures and normal maps to suit each character.
  • No unexpected nudity. NPCs use your default body mesh/preset.

  • Requires patching with any mod that directly edits Serana, Valerica, or Harkon.
  • Compatible with Serana Dialogue Edit and Serana Dialogue Add-on.
  • Compatible with any follower mod that supports Serana.

  • Charmers of the Reach team for head part meshes and textures.
  • rxkx22, Maevan2, HHaley, Anini, Zonzai, Serena4xx, drunkenmojo, Gearhog, Hello Santa, Hidanna, and Diethard for Bijin skin textures.
  • Ken for screenshots.