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A merged, All in One ESP for - Bijin Warmaidens-NPC's - Wives - Seranaholic\Valerica by rxkx22. Includes all the latest bug-fixes and updates from USSEP, along with extra features and fixes not found in the original mods.

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 Bijin All in One-SSE

         A merged ESP, that combines all the features of: Bijin Warmaidens - NPCs - Wives - Serana\Valerica by rxkx22  into a single, up-to-date, and improved ESP. More than just a merged esp. Features numerous updates, bug-fixes, and extra features for the npcs not found in the original mods, or USSEP even. 
The goal: 
To streamline your load order, simplify management of Bijin NPCs, while offering improvements that complement and enhance the vanilla game. All contained in one single, unified ESP.

Current Release: Bijin AIO 2020 4.3+

Additional Features
-Fully updated for, and compliant with, USSEP 4.2.3+
-Shut up Mjoll! (all versions). Reduces her endless chatter (a lot), thus making her actually tolerable as a follower.
-All three versions of Legate Rikke are set with Bijin features.
-Improvements to actual NPCs stats, in a balanced, vanilla-friendly manner. Includes:
Recruit-able followers will benefit fully from worn enchantments.
  >Modest boosts to some NPCs max levels, to make them a bit more viable at higher levels.
  >Perk and skills, and outfit fixes, added to the Bijin combat NPCs. Provides perk skills the npcs should have, but dont. Now they do. 
-Werewolf \ vampire transformation fixes included.
-Full Slider support for all NPCs
-Optimized & updated meshes and facegens, feat: Ruhadres Ultimate Eye mesh fixes, and the ENB brow fix by TriptheRift.
(optional, but recommened)

 -Wherever fine-looking Bijin ladies are to be found. 



 Bijin AIO 2020        NPCs Managed (46) The 'standard' Bijin AIO version.
This version is mainly intended for those that prefer to use one of the many (non) Bijin Serana makeover mods. Or even if you prefer your Serana&Valerica vanilla. 

 Bijin AIO-SV 2020  NPCS Managed (48)  AIO + Serana and Valerica.
This is, the AIO version + the two vampires. Pretty self-explanatory.

Bijin AIO 2020 w AI Overhaul. Compatibility and support for the AI Overhaul Mod.  

Bijin Alternate Frea-Iona:  Now in ESL format
Two older, but superior, iterations of Frea (v3.0), and Iona (v2.9). These versions may be quite hard to find and afaik, this is only place they officially exist as a download. A conventional mod file with all the meshes and textures necessary unlike the AIO files. See instructions below for installation alongside Bijin AIO. This file can be installed entirely on its own, and does not require Bijin AIO 2019 or any original Bijin mods. It will overwrite any newer Bijin Iona and Frea's currently installed in your load order. 

German (DE) Version available. Submitted by and thanks to psover2. Manual install only.

-Skyrim Special Edition
-USSEP 4.2.3+
-Bijin Warmaidens SE v3.1.1+  
-Bijin NPC SE v1.2.1+
-Bijin Wives SE v1.1.2
-Seranaholic SSE (by bchick3 & elrizzo )
-AI Overhaul v1.5.3+.   Required for the Bijin 2020 - AI Overhaul esps. No ,really?!

Serana and her various looks....
If you are wondering why Bijin Serana can look so different in pictures, there are 6! different Bijin versions of her produced alone. And many other 3rd part makovers besides. Everyone has their preferred look for Skyrims signature vampire. Mine is v1.7. Opinions will vary. Generally, the idea of not including her in the main facegen update resource, is to give everyone the flexibility to install the textures for any of the 6 versions they wish, with minimal compatibility issues.

Installation for BIjin 2020 AIO's. Install in the order listed below.

Warning! Reading installations instructions fully, has been known to result in everything working properly, and taking far less time and effort to sort out, as opposed to ignoring the information provided and assuming and doing [whatever] one happens to feel like. 

Bijin AIO SSE is completely safe to update, add mid-game or remove. It uses no scripts and consumes only the resources of a single, standard esp.
Its optimized meshes are as resource-efficient as possible, and will not impose any excessive overhead on anyones game experience.

1) Install ALL the necessary Bijin mods for your selected version. Choose All in One installation options, along with any additional graphics options you wish. 
Bijin installer options do not impact AIO 2020 in any way. Use Fomod capable installers only. Do not attempt to install Bijin mods using the SSE built-in mod manager, or manually!

2) Install either Bijin AIO OR AIO SV. 
2a). AI Overhaul users. It's probably not necessary to explain this but just in case.....
AI overhaul Mod users, can just install their Bijin AIO-AI overhaul ESP directly. There is no need to install the non-AI overhaul esp and then overwrite that with the AI Overhaul compatible one. This is not a necessary step.

If you wish to use other modders Bijin textures and meshes options, you might want to skip to steps 4+ 
If you want the Core Bijin Mods basic assets updated, optimized and modernized, proceed to step 3. 

3) Install optimized Body-Brow-Eye-Face(Head) Mesh Resource. Allow overwrites. While these are optional, there is no reason not to use these updates.
They come with a wealth of optimizations and improvements and are fully optimized for SSE.
This file updates all 46 npcs covered by the 3 main mods, excepting the two vampires, with updated body and facial meshes, all at once.

These facegens included are for the default Bijin installer options. They are NOT the facegens for the wrinkled or other optionals
For the wrinkled versions and other optionals, please obtain those specific facegens, from the Skyrim's Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered page.
Install ONLY the files for the NPCs that match the options you choose during step 1. Install and allow overwrites when prompted.
This will install the proper, optional face mesh for the selected NPC. They are compatible with the meshes from here.
If you didnt select any wrinkled Bijin ladies, then no additional steps or files are required.
Important: Never optimize the updated mesh files with NIF Optimizer. They are already optimized and their eyes fixed. 

3a) Install optional Ruhadres meshes next. Allow overwrites.

4) Optional: Install the Alternate Frea and Iona file of your choosing. 
-Install this like any other mod, but do it last, and allow all overwrites. Yes - all.
-Leave its ESP ENABLED, and placed BELOW the AIO file in your load order.

5) Once all the Bijin Mods are installed, uncheck (disable) ALL* bijin esps, except for the AIO  esp.
-You can also delete the listed Bijin ESPs from /data if you wish. (recommended)  

The following ESPs are to be disabled or deleted from your /data folder. (I recommend deletion) There is no benefit leaving them around as they could accidentally get re-enabled.
Bijin Warmaidens.esp
Bijin Wives.esp
Bijin NPCs.esp
Serana.esp (SV)
Valerica.esp (SV)

*Only the the Bijin AIO-SSE esp needs to be active when finished. The Alternate Frea-Iona ESP, is an exception, and *must* be left enabled.
That is now an ESL and wont count against your esp count in any event.

NOTE: The Bijin page has an option called All in One as well, which may be confusing. That file, is quite out of date at this point. Nor does it offer the same functionality and updates available here. It is not compatible with Bijin AIO 2020.  Not to be confused with the INSTALLER"s, All in One option. Confused yet?

-Simply delete /data/Bijin AIOxxx.esp or uninstall using your Mod Manager.
-Re-enable the Bijin esps, or reinstall all bijin mods normally.

Compatibility and the so-called 'black face bug'.

Bijin AIO will conflict with any other mod(s) that changes the same NPCs as Bijins. Any mods that modify the same NPC's will likely result in graphical errors-you have been warned. While it should be obvious that competing NPC makeover mods are not compatible with Bijin's,  Some people more than you would think,  are still surprised when they learn that this in fact, ...true

The 'Black Face bug'.

There is no such thing as the so-called 'black face bug' and Bijin AIO. This 'bug-that-is-not-a-bug, is a result of user-generated CONFLICTS in their installs.  Because so many other mods can potentiality modify these 48 npcs, if even one of them is installed or overwriting a Bijin NPC, which, are for all the extra features here, are basically vanilla, then there is a good chance you will find one, or more possibly, with a 'black' face. And tbh, it wont take a lot. All one of your mods has to do, is say, give an NPC covered here, a new weapon, or piece of clothing or w/e, and may find yourself with a visual problem. Or, the file in question might have its own facegen file and or meshes. Those will certainty conflict and cause a black-face. Load ordering is always a possibility as well.

Loose files vs BSA.
Another potential source of 'black-face bug'. Loose files vs. BSA. Loose files, always take precedence, so if you have a mod doing something to one of the 46 npcs, and it its assets are packed in a BSA, again, chance this could cause black-face.

This aside, there is one last thing to be said here. The actual game engine, has no trouble with facegens. It works exactly as intended, and is not subject to random black-faced 'bugs' as such. However, black faces can indeed occur, that is not in question either. Sometimes, a mod-maker will not generate a facegen properly, set improper texture paths etc. Those would be bugs, sure. Lastly, potato GPUs that are low on horsepower, might? create situations where NPCs faces do indeed start turning black, but this is due to memory shortfalls between the GPU and the game engine.
This definitely was a thing in Skyrim Classic, not sure how common it is in SSE as I never experienced this issue.

The games engines rule-set is fairly simple and can be summarized this way.
-Lowest ESP,  along with its specific feature set, in the load order 'wins'. This is the ESP the game will actually utilize and apply in game.
-The last set of meshes and textures installed 'wins'  These are what the game will try to use.
(Whether they happen to be the correct ones or not, is immaterial, as far as the file system is concerned).
-Loose files 'win' over BSA's. (You cant tell what a BSA contains just by staring at it.)

Conflicts happen - potentially, a LOT. It only takes one conflicting or incompatible file be it mesh, esp, or texture, to alter your game in a way you might not like. Be aware of this and dont call call conflicts 'bugs'. Both files are likely working as intended. They are just not working, TOGETHER. See?
Welcome to modding.....

-Bijin AIO includes all current USSEP updates, which the original Bijin lacks. There are no conflicts between Vanilla\USSEP and the Bijin NPCs as far as their expected behavior and stats. The updated specs, stats, and changes introduced by AIO 2020, are balanced with the vanilla game and all unofficial fixes in mind.
Amazing follower Tweaks SE & AIO SV. -See article for eye fix issue you may encounter with Serana's eyes.

Scoped Bows - Changes Annekke and Aela. Recommend  using the vanilla replacer and NOT the main file.

AI Overhaul - Support for AI Overhaul Mod v1.5+. Simply Install the appropriate ESP.

Mator Smash
This tool is specifically designed to merge conflicting mods features together in a seamless way. A discussion about how to use Mator Smash is beyond the scope of this page.  See Gamer Poets video and visit the MS page, for more information.  If used properly,  that tool can make Bijin AIO compatible with any conflicting mods. You can use any of the AIO ESPs from here as the starting point for a personal Mator Smash patch or your own custom merge patch.

Merged patches.

 I do not make, offer, or plan to provide  support for any other mods beyond what is offered here.  To make you own copy of Bijin AIO compatible with other, and or multiple  mods, requires merging the features of the mods you wish, with Bijin AIO. This requires knowledge of SSEedit, how the game handles its data, and so on. You can make your own with SSEedit, or use the Mator Smash utility mention above. It is specifically designed to help manage and merge conflicting mods features to produce a merged esp with the results users seek. It is being actively worked on and supported. 
By all accounts, it is superior to Wrye Bash for conflict resolution.

Want to use a different Serana? Sure you can.

Serana, is probably one of the more,of not the most, popular NPCs when it comes to appearance mods. Bijin produced no less than 6! different versions.
Numerous makeover mods for Skyrims most popular vampire exist. If you wish to use SV, and install a different Serana, this is doable. Simply install the Serana mod *after* Bijin AIO is completely set up. Allow your alt. Serana mod to overwrite everything and anything Bijin AIO or otherwise has installed. Place your alt Serana mods esp  BELOW the Bijin AIO esp in your load order.
Do this properly, and your 3rd party Serana will work with Bijin just fine.  - Note: Such mods need to be in LOOSE file format for this to work properly.
You can also use basic AIO (not SV), forgo Valerica and just install your Serana mod normally with no conflcit. That works too.

Updates - Bijin AIO 2020 and links to other Bijin Resources.

Optimized body-Bow-Eye meshes for your AIO NPCs  (Updates) 
An updated, AIO set of optimized body and facegens meshes to improve the performance and appearance, of your Bijin AIO npcs.
Skyrim's Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered by Ruhadre: Specifically created for Bijin AIO' facegens. These improved eye meshes come with a wealth of improvements and fixes. For more information on these eye meshes as well as a fix for ALL skyrims npcs eyemeshes,  not just Bijin, follow the link.
> ENB Brow fix by TriptheRift. Bijin AIO already has this feature, but, if you like spending hours in nifskope editing all your existing mod-created followers, then this resource is for you.

Non-Bijin Resources
High Poly Male Body Meshes and Seamless Male Heads.for SSE    (MISC files)  
A combo file for updating any Male Body that uses vanilla meshes.  Includes Triptherifts Seamless male head resource. While the Body meshes will update every male globally, the seamless head will only effect the player.  Not for use with custom male meshes or SOS. 
Troubleshooting. If the file causes any issues with your NPCs for w/e reason, simply un-install.
High Poly Males by: Austinlyle0 and Nymphetta. Seamless males by: Triptherift

Additional resources to modernize and update your Bijin followers.

Bijin Skin for Bijin Family SE:  New ultra HQ Bijin textures in one go. Support for other rxkx22 followers as well.
My take on these: The textures themselves, are well made and cannot be faulted. They are an improvement over the already HQ default textures and you wont be disappointed. If you were looking for more 'realistic' skin tones for the Bijin NPCs, some may find these 'too flawless' YMMV.  (See image gallery).

Bijin Family - Salt and Wind Textures SE
: (Recommended).  Replaces the overly glossy, ultra-clean and shiny hair textures, with 'roughened' (realistic) hair textures. Alt Frea Iona use this hair by default (v4.2). Adds a nice touch of realism to the NPCs appearance without detracting from it in any way.

Dialogue overhauls seem to warrant their own little sub-section so here it is.

-Follower Commentary Overhaul SE - FCO -  Not recommended(at all).  This mod is yet (another) so called 'port', conversion, of a mod that was buggy , obsolete and essentially broken in classic long before someone thought they were providing a much needed public service by bringing it to SSE. Well, now you can enjoy all its broken features here in SSE thanks to a yet another, direct-to-SSE conversion that addresses exactly none of its original flaws.  

-Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
-The above mod (RDO) is: Not recommenddue to the significant  amount of unsolicited content and features and bloat, that have nothing whatsoever to do with overhauling dialogue. Yet the mod is misleadingly marketed by its creator, as a 'dialogue overhaul'. If it were focused solely on what its name implies, it would be quite good. However, this is far from being the case. There is a stipped down version called RDO Lite, it may be worth investigating.

Until someone makes a modern, focused dialogue overhaul for SSE, instead of just converting buggy old content from classic, I suggest you have your Bijiners speaking vanilla until (IF), this situation changes.


My Mods

This mod could not exist without: rxkx22! Thanks for his approval and ongoing support of this project.
Ruhadre for his work and contribution to the updated bijin facegens.
Triptherift. For the UNP Brow Fix and Seamless Males
Shiva182 for Alt Frea and Iona's Salt and Wind Hair Textures.
Austinlyle0 and Nymphetta for the High Poly Male resource.