Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

This mod is a visual overhaul of our beloved vampire Serana, with a fierce and scary vampire look (total Vanilla friendly), with four new options for makeup. Designed for my story "A Skyrim's Tale" and shared here for everyone in the community.

Permissions and credits

S L E   ||   A N I M A   N E R A   F O L L O W E R   ||   X B O X

The main idea for this mod was create a badass Vanilla-like Serana to fit my narrative "A Skyrim's Tale", as I don't personally like Serana looking like a supermodel or underage, and I also like her original concept and all the layers that her character have, so I tried to be true to her mentality and not make her my "Goth Cute Waifu with Daddy Issues", but a scary ancient and powerful vampire.
There are some options for her makeup if you want her more or less dark, or a fully bloodthirsty vamp. You can change it anytime by just reinstalling the mod using the Fomod options. All versions have an scar (thanks Molag Bal, you bastard!) I painted myself, realistic veins and other little details that give to her skin more unique and natural look. If cured, she will display pale eyes.
The name of the mod and my vision of Serana was inspired by this song:

Incompatible with all other mods that changes Serana's appearance, just that. She will work with anything else. If you install a mod that changes her appearence, be sure that Anima Nera have priority in your plugin list (put it on the bottom of the list should solve the problems). Although I am not fan of this mod, she works with Serana Dialogue Add-On without any problem.

If you find any other problem, just let me know.

As she is standalone, she uses her own textures and necessary stuff, you don't need to worry about installing mods for her to look like in the pictures, only requiring the Dawnguard DLC. To install use a mod manager of your choice, and if you want installing this manually just drop the archives in your Data folder (but I hope you know what you're doing).

Tho, I highly suggest you to use Expressive Facial Animation and Rustic Clothing by Gamwich to have the best experience of this mod and for your game in general! In a future update she will come with Kozakowy's Vampire Armor, requiring her mod as a master.

N e w   f a c e t i n t s :   D e f a u l t ,   G o t h ,   P a l e   a n d   V a m p


First of all, without these guys it would be practically impossible to have this mod done:

4l3nZ4R for being the best bro and team mate, for all the teachings about the use of CK, providing help when something went wrong and making the needed fixes and testings.
TheMagnusTheory for the attention and teaching me how to apply High Poly Head in my mods.
CroNoctem for porting the esp files for SSE and checking the fomod I made for the first time.
Juhaaa and Xtudo for the port for SSE of the first version of the mod and some needed fixes.

My dear bros VoDovahkiin, tylermcpotter, thesarantis, kozakowy, K'hermiit and lord911 for the testings of both versions of the mod. My beloved MrKinkku for all the love and support.
A big thanks for the bottom of my heart too for Swefrida and Khisartin for the permission to use their amazing assets!

Also, super special thanks for all my dear supporters on Patreon!
K'hermiit, santoven, Gureol, Montrealporter, CroNoctem, kozakowy, tylermcpotter and hammersmcp!

To all the friends who liked this version and encouraged me to release it, showing support and interest! Thank you for every endorsement, kudos, votes and for your wonderful images using her!

All feedback is welcome, and of course I will be immensely happy if you upload your showcases, images or videos with her! <3

Body and Head:
Dimonized UNP Body by Dimon99
High Poly Head by KouLeifoh

Skin and general body textures:
BnP Female Skin by swefrida and khisartin (v3.0)
BnP Teeth Overhaul by swefrida (v3.0)
UUNP Foxed Skin Textures Suite for Females by PockyPunk1 (v2.0)
Demoniac - High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture by Regenbot03 (v1.0)
Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents by pikkatze (v1.0)
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaley (for mouth/teeth only) (v1.0)

Overlays and makeup:
Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty by Lamenthia
Koralina Makeup Tweaks and Even More Makeup by CoralineKoralina

Hair and brows:
KS Hairdos Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic
SC - KS Hairdos Retextured by ShinglesCat
Hvergelmir's Brows by Hvergelmir and the High Poly Head version by naChooey

CN's Fantasy and Demonic Eyes by Crimson Nirnroot

Permission (XBOX Port)
Xtudo has full permission to port and upload my mods to (Xtudo's profile)

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