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The FIRST and most Advanced Mod that gives new Artificial Intelligence to animals for more realistic behavior, GUARANTEE OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

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SkyTEST - Realistic Animals & Predators

**This mod is a PC Exclusive... and is strictly forbidden to use this mod in consoles.**

Dear Nexus Moderators, if i am somehow breaking a rule, please give me a warning or send me a PM instead of just instant ban, i am always willing to correct humbly any wrong doing.

Many thanks to everyone who has Endorsed, Voted or have given small Donations, who ever you guys are, thank you all!!

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SkyTEST stands for "The Elder Scrolls Tweaks" and as the name states is a series of Tweaks who´s purpose is to tweak and balance the game in different "Aspects", in this case "Animals & Predators".

The name SkyTEST comes from my first Oblivion Mod called "TEST" The Elder Scrolls Tweaks.

"SkyTEST - Realistic Animals & Predators" was the first animal mod which gave new AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Animals & Predators, the mod main focus is to overhaul Vanilla Skyrim Animals behavior to act a much more realistic while leaving the Original Design of the Animals and Stay LORE Friendly. The mod does not focus completely on adding more variation to animals since there way too many mods for that, but its also not limited to only altering the Ai, the following things is what this mod offers once installed.

* Animals WILL NOT report crimes! heck this was one of the very first features of the mod back in 2012. and i believe Bethesda even addressed the issue in one of their early patches for Original 32bit Skyrim.

* 100% Compatible with HeartFire/DawnGuard/DragonBorn.

* 100% Lore Friendly and immersive, the mod feels like its has always been part of Vanilla Skyrim.

* No Save Game Bloat, since every single feature was accomplished without scripts.

Can be Uninstalled at any given time without causing issues to your save game.

Improved Combat AI for more challenging animal combat behavior.

* Tweaked animal Stats to make them Harder.

* Animal Food chain 100% Completed.

* Mammoths, SabreCats, Bears and Mudcrabs have a chance of knocking down the player. Just like in real life big animals will maul you to death, so be careful.

* Animals will NEVER Fight to the Death, they will flee and calm down as soon s they feel they had enough.

All Animals now Fear Fire, they will flee for a bit but will come back after few seconds to try again.

* Some Animals will be scared and flee while equipping a Torch, other may not be too impressed...

* Pack Based Predators can get a boost of Confidence as long as their numbers are high, on the contrary they will get Demoralized if they lost too many members and they may flee, Lions and Wolves have this behavior in real life.

- Packless Wolves will ALWAYS run away from the player, but if another nearby wolf joins them they may attack you. 
- Pack Wolves will never back down unless their numbers drop considerably, at this point the pack will disband and will try to flee on their own.
- Lone SabreCats will always attack unless their health drops considerably, but may get a boost of confidence if are within a Pack.

* Some Animals can be Intimidated to flee if you have the Intimidate Perk, others may not care...

* Animals will be scared by Dangerous Monsters such as Dragons, Giants, Trolls, Werewolves, Undead and Daedra.

* Created new spawn points through all Skyrim to give a little more life.

* Most animals will try to find a mate within their species once a year.

* Bears will hibernate in winter. 

* Animals will search for water in near by lakes, ponds and rivers once a day. *WIP*

* Predators will go out and hunt 2-3 times a day, if you happen to kill a predator and find some sort of animal meat in their inventory, then is very likely that predator has gone out to hunt successfully prior to his death.

* Ambient/Prey animals that search for Flora few times a day.

* Animals have unique personality, some will be scared when you approach, others wont like it if you approach and may give you a warning before attacking or running away, in Vanilla Skyrim Animals attacked you as soon as they see you... so i gave all Predators 3 Different Radius and each will react different:

-2000 (Aprox 60Mt) They pay attention to everything you do until you leave this radius.
-1000 (Aprox 30Mt) You`re getting too Close, they will start giving you warnings to back off, if you don`t they will attack after about 6-8 Seconds.
-800 (Aprox 20Mt) You`re too damn close, instant attack.

* Animal parents being followed by their cubs, you can encounter mammoths being followed by baby mammoths, Female Horkers being followed by their cubs... Deer and Elk Fawn and Calf, maybe even Bears with their cubs.

* Most animals has been given a boost of their Max Speed like Deers, Elks, Bears, SabreCats, Wolves, etc.

* Animals has been increased/decreased their Acceleration Speed, example Bears will take a little more before achieving their max speed since in Vanilla Skyrim Bears achieve their max speed instantly, which is of course "BS" and now it should feel more realistic, the contrary applies to Deer/Elk, SabreCats, Wolves and many more which should achieve their max speed faster.

* Small Critters through all Skyrim, you can encounter small spiders, Roaches, Rats and even Crabs which serve as prey for smaller predators.

* Better Factionalized animals, now there is a chance for predators to attack each other if encountered, in vanilla Skyrim you would get owned by wolves, bears, sabrecats, spiders and chaurus all at the same time, they acted like if they were a happy predator family who shared the meal... ANNOYING AS HELL, No more.

* More variation to Farm and wild animals.

The mod was getting bigger and bigger since i worked on the mod on a daily basis, updates were frequent at the time, but currently no plans to update the mod. 

If you want to check the mod in full action check the VIDEO SECTION. 


Animals in this mod are unpredictable, they have a mind and agenda of their own.


The very First Version of the mod started with me getting pissed at the fact that in Vanilla Skyrim all Predator Animals ignore each other and group against you, an example would be that 3 wolves, 2 types of bears and 3 sabrecats all target only you and ignored each other, so i decided to fix the issue, the following video shows the very first version of the mod which addressed the issue.

As you can see, the mod has evolved quite a lot since the first build, and it has created the illusion of a Realistic Animal Behavior and Food Chain.


Before reporting any issue or CTD please try the following: 

* Disable ALL MODS and leave ONLY SkyTest enabled, if the problem disappears then it was not SkyTest, if problem persists then it was likely SkyTest is the culprit. 

I request doing that before reporting because some people blame the mod before even doing some tests on their own, you cant expect me to take reports seriously if i just get a bunch of people claiming something like "oh i installed this mod and i had a CTD" or "this mod conflicts with X Mod please fix it".

PLEASE DO NOT use the COMMENT SECTION any longer to report issues, sometimes i will not be able to see your comment because i get too many comments making it hard to follow older comments, INSTEAD of commenting, send a PM with DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE, any report in the comment who does not try what i suggested and does not describe the issue enough, will be ignored... sorry that´s just how it is.


This mod will conflict with anything that edits Animal Races, Animal Actors and Animal Factions, the following mods are confirmed to work fully with SkyTEST:


Check Video Tab 


The mod requires the latest Version of  Skyrim Anniversary Edition.


Extract all the files and the ESP files into the Skyrim DATA folder, in order for this mod to be 100% enabled you need to save once.


The 100% safe way to Uninstall SkyTEST is the following:

* 1- Download the compressed "SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators Uninstaller" in the Files Download section, replace the original SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp (or .esm) with the Uninstaller ESP and overwrite when it asks you. 

* 2- Run the Game and Save. 

* 3- Finally remove anything related to SkyTEST. 

The Special Uninstaller esp is an EMPTY esp that forces any changes from SkyTEST, into the default game settings and preventing CTDs while making sure no traces of the mod has been left. This is the 100% SAFEST Uninstall way. Also this process can be used with any mod as long as it does not contains Scripts. 


Start messing with Quests for Random Animal Encounters.

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EtherealCodder for ideas and support on how to impment both the calm effect and the fear of fire.  

shingouki2002 for modifying some animal meshes to give a baby appearearance

wrig675 for her Bellyaches Texture Pack.

Chocolambot for his HD rabbit Texture Pack

TheRagMan for his HD SlaughterFish Retexture

MaxSustain for the Low Resolution Textures Pack

Vioxsis for modifying the rest of the Animals to fit baby proportions


Macadamstreet for her PIG & GOOSE MESH

LazySkeever for the Optimized Audio Files

KrittaKitty for allowing to use his True Wolves Mesh/Textures

Arthmoor for guidance on how to fix all the damn issues

Shurah  & Steve40 for support and help


"frankthefish" thanks for support!

"Nedius" thanks for support!

"Jsnider193" whom without his help not even half of this mod would have been made possible, he just keeps supporting!! awsome you rock Man!!


[email protected]