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Fixes bugs, removes lag and eliminates crashing caused by the original Beasts of Tamriel and more!

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Some Info/What got me to make this patch:
Beasts of Tamriel is one of the best creature mods I have ever used. Period. So many diverse and interesting creatures that come from Elder Scrolls Lore, games etc. and put into Skyrim. Unfortunately, this mod is also riddled with bugs and it has not been updated in a while. On the mod page of Beasts of Tamriel, some people reported crashing near Valtheim Towers/Ritual Stone and Geirmund's Hall when nearing these areas. I visited these locations myself and this was definitely the case. So what I did was I went into SSEEdit, removed the records that changed Guldun Rock and Shroud Hearth Barrow and it removed the (worst) CTD's thankfully. For a while now, I've had this fix all to myself and now I am sharing it with you people.

As of Version 3.0, after doing some very thorough testing, I can't seem to get any crashes or lag in any area now. But I did stumble into mod incompatibities described further below.

Before installation:
Make sure that you have Beasts of Tamriel downloaded, obviously, but also make sure that you have all of Beasts of Tamriels files, whether it'd be the .bsa version or the loose files version. Do not use both versions, instead use only one.

Installation - With a mod manager:

If using Nexus Mod Organizer
then download and install the mod like you normally would any other. If it asks you to overwrite anything then say "Yes" or "Yes to All". Also make sure that Beast of Tamriels original files are in tact and that my files overwrite the esp and the textures included. I really do not recommend using NMM if using the BSA version as I have no idea what will happen to your game when using Less Crash-Prone Beasts of Tamriel alongside that version of the original as Version 3.0 now also includes some BC7 converted textures.

If using Mod Organizer/Mod Organizer 2 then you can either rename Less Crash-Prone Beasts of Tamriel to whatever you named your installation of the original mod and then "Merge" the two (DO NOT PRESS OVERWRITE!!!) or you could make Less Crash-Prone Beasts of Tamriel be a separate mod by just installing it then and there. Make sure that Less Crash-Prone Beasts of Tamriel is lower than Beasts of Tamriel in your load order on the left in MO2 so that my files overwrite the originals. The ESP should already be replaced so don't worry about the ESP's on the right.

I can't help Vortex or Wrye Bash users as I don't know how these 2 mod managers work. You're on your own, I'm afraid. :(

Installation - Manual:
Download the mod manually like you normally would then drop the contents from the zip file into your Data folder. Make sure that my files overwrites the original ones.


Skyrim Reborn Whiterun Hold: Compatible.
Skyrim Wayshrines - Immersive Fast Travel: Compatible after Version 3.0
Dragons Shout with Voice: Semi-compatible because Rocs now recite the Thu'um.
Talkative Dragons: Semi-compatible because Rocs now speak like dragons mid-combat.
Lawbringer: Don't use the full, merged version. Select/Use any module you want except for the Bannermist Tower one.
Ultimate Dragons: Incompatible because it messes up the Rocs added by BoT.

Any mod that heavily edits any areas that are edited by Beasts of Tamriel are incompatible.
Any mod that edits the AI of the creatures that BoT creatures are based off of (such as Dragon Priests, Giants, Dragons etc.) are incompatible.

Future Plans for Less Crash-Prone Beasts of Tamriel:

High Priority:

- Adding more Rocs to The Reach as, according to Ru5tyShackleFord, recent lore has mentioned that giant predatory birds live in The Reach.
- Adding more Kopr Seals up in the north.
- Changing the voice type for Rocs to sound like something other than dragons (imagine a big bird saying "YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR ME, DOVAHKIIN" and reciting the Thu'um if using dragon voice mods and stuff). I'm thinking the Gargoyle voice type could work but I haven't decided yet. Added the gargoyle voice type for Rocs but needs to be tested in-game before releasing Version 3.2
- Fixing the hair on female Giants.
- Fixing the Navmesh on the Ashlander Camp in Solstheim (Planned for Version 4.0)
- Adding Navmeshing to the new parts of Bannermist Tower and the Riekling Camp outside of Narzulbur.
- Renavmeshing Lost Prospect Mine exterior, Bannermist Tower and the Paatru Camp in Eastmarsh.

Lower Priority:
- Finding the mystery mod that removes Kopr Seals and the Ice Atronach in The Chill thus making it impossible to enter the Chill Underworld (put on lower priority due to lack of a lead).

- MCM menu disappearing for some users (the cause is currently unknown)
- Renavmeshing the various Riekling camps around Skyrim (discounting the one next to Narzulbur)
- Skeleton Giant spawns from MCM not working (the cause is currently unknown/unfixable with my current knowledge)

Low/No Priority:
- Rig some existing creatures so that they don't stretch like crazy when animated or edit the models so there aren't any visual glitches (No longer planned for Version 4.0)

- Remodel all creatures that have "low quality models" (currently have low motivation to model)
- Make an HD texture pack for everything added by BoT (same goes for texturing)

Final Words:
If you find anything else that is related to crashing caused by Beasts of Tamriel then do tell and I'll see what I can do. I know more about the Creation Kit in 2019 as well as xEdit so I will try to make more advanced changes going forward, especially since I was given permission by Ru5tyShackleFord to do so.

Version 3.0 Discovery: This isn't a problem with BoT itself but I found a mod incompatibility that removed the Ice Atronach in The Chill as well as every single Kopr Seal in the game. I don't know which mod did this but if you find this mystery mod or any mods that do something similar then let me know and I will take a look at it.

Download Beasts of Tamriel here and make sure to endorse the mod as the original creators have done a fantastic job and they deserve nothing but praise!