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Compatibility patches for Requiem and various other mods.

Permissions and credits
Patches for Unofficial Requiem Port
Here are a few patches for the unofficial SE port of Requiem
Patches for Requiem 2.0.2 in Main Files
Patches for Requiem 1.9.4 in Optional Files
Load order unless otherwise stated:
(Patched Mods)
Requiem for the indifferent.esp

Imp's More Complex Needs
-Adds IMCN keywords to the foods and Bottled Water added by Requiem
-Requiems Blood Potions feed IMCNs Vampire Hunger
weight of IMCNs Water from 3 to 0.5 to better suite Requiem carry capacity
-Adds 2 Cooking Pot recipes to convert 1 or 10 IMCN Water to  "Bottled Water" (For food recipes)
-Disables IMCNs health regeneration from high morale

SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators
Combines Requiems stats and perks with SkyTests behaviors and looks. (BETA)

Bijin All in One 2018
Combines Requiems stats and perks with Bijins looks.

Scoped Bows
Gives Requiem stats to Scoped Bows. Delevels and merges some loot lists.

Hunting in Skyrim
-Gives HiS crafted arrow Requiem stats
-Merges animal drop lists with minor tweaks (Animals won't drop gold, gems, etc)
-Gives HiS pelts Requiems value and weight
-Good/Fine/Flawless pelt values raised by 20%/40%/60% above normal pelts
-Fixes arrow damage and armor piercing

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