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Overhauls the appearance of all children. Also adds some outfits and accessories.
Enables compatibility with ECE/Enhanced Character Edit features (facial sliders, basic expressions, Vertex Edit) for those who want to edit children themselves.

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7/10 Author's Note
Hi everyone, this mod hasn't been updated in a long time. Many new players had issues with the mod - whether it's from infinite loading screen or issues with clothing. LoopsOrLamps has created & is maintaining an updated patch HERE which should fix the most common bugs people encounter. It is recommended to play this with a fresh install. Do note that expansions to RS Children (ex. Elven & Beast Races) may not work.

If you want to play with this mod, and are/were experiencing issues, or are playing a fresh install, please follow these steps:
1) Download my mod & install it.
2) Head on over to THIS MOD PAGE and download his version, and read the instructions.

To those who already have my old version installed & have fixed the mod's issues yourself; have made edits for your own game in conjunction with other RSC-dependent mods (like elven children or adoptable children); or have no problems, you do not need to update!


This mod changes the appearance of all the vanilla children in Skyrim
and its DLCs, drawing inspiration from DreamBurrow's really adorable children!

This mod overhauls all vanilla children NPCs' appearances to fit into the world of Skyrim, somewhere between a modded and a lore-friendly one. It's a script-free mod that gives them different faces and some custom outfits to make them a little more unique, using meshes, textures, and the CK to put them together.

For avid character creators, this mod might serve as a nice base to build your own children from. It uses the female Enhanced Character Edit head for both boys and girls, so you can mashup your own textures while being able to use many sliders to edit heads with (thanks to ECE & RM), and replace the heads with your own.

The child races are also kind of playable (but will never be extensive or complete), and I recommend it only for those who simply want to run around and take screenshots as a child character, though I've seen reports of people playing without issues. YMMV!
Latest: June 27, 2017
July 3      Added a patch for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.
June 27
   Added a small guide on how to change a child's hairstyle. LINK
June 23   Update for RSChildren (RSChildren Update - 170623), under "UPDATES".
        - download this if you're having neckseams/clothing issues after giving new clothes to your child
        - removes "DefaultRace" from the RSChildren.esp; adds in the Hearthfire clothing meshes missing from the 1.2.0 installer
June 18
[color=#f4f4f4]  Update for RSChildren USLEEP Patch (RSChildren USLEEP Patch - 170618 Fixed)
, under "UPDATES".
        - fixes the way its masters were sorted
June 17
   Added tutorial on editing/creating your own faces & patching them. LINK

June 13, 2017   |   ver.
Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long!! I started setting up my game again about a week ago, intending to play, but it inevitably led me back to fixing up the mod first. The previous version needed a lot of patches. I think I have a better grasp of things now and I've consolidated some important records into the main .esp file.

This version should eliminate the need for the _NonPlayableOverride and some other .esps.

For now, I'm planning to play casually and patch the kids from mods as I go along and eventually combine the face patches into a single installer. And also make those children patching guides.

        - from now on, this mod will only be updated for Skyrim Legendary Edition (or w/ Dragonborn & Hearthfire)
        - updated the RSChildren installer to v1.2.0
        - revamped .esps to reduce patches needed, by merging some records
        - as a result, removed outdated patches such as USKP, NEC, Killable Children, & the mod's _NonPlayableOverride
        - renamed .esps for consistency henceforth
        - a fresh install should now only require RSkyrimChildren.esm and RSChildren.esp


    Changes significant to the mod itself:
        - made a patch for USLEEP ver 3.0.9
        - gave Aeta the Skaal Coat to wear (thanks to hl84)
        - added in Lucia's missing head morph from v1.1.0 installer
        - corrected eyebrow texture paths for many faces

    Changes significant to the playable version:
        - allow children to wear all armors and clothing without using another patch (changed Armor Race to DefaultRace)
        - allow hairstyles from mods like SG Hair, Apachii, and KS Hairdos to appear when creating character
        - updated Mogribus' last changes to children; spells removed, regen rates & starting stats kept

Installation & Requirements
Requires Hearthfire & Dragonborn DLC (or Skyrim LE).
Please don't manually install this unless you like having a bad time!!
I recommend Mod Organizer. Simply download and follow the prompts.

The .esp(s) should be at the bottom of your load order, as follows:
RSkyrimChildren.esm (required)
[bunch of mods here]
RSChildren.esp (required)
RSChildren Patch - USLEEP.esp and/or RSChildren Playable.esp

NOTE: Those who have older versions, please do a clean install just to be sure!

Recommended Mods
Dreamburrow's freckles - Recommended if you like dense freckles. This would replace the included. In the Data\ folder, create this folder structure and place the file into it with the proper name: textures\actors\character\ranaline\child\
Aymar and friends - Adoptable Elven Children - Adds adoptable Bosmer, Altmer, Orsimer and Dunmer children
Immersive Children - Makes children non-essential, but also corrects the bugs that follow such as children not using proper animations, etc. The only non-essential children mod right now that offers the most support.
Prince and the Pauper (PNP) - Adds more variety to what the children wear, so you don't see 20 of them wearing the same thing! Gamwich's "Rustic Clothing" - A texture replacer and an absolute requirement that is compatible with PNP, as well. It's included in PNP's installer. If you simply want the retextures, you can get them underneath the "Optional" files on this mod's download page.

Q: I'm using XPSME and have low frame rate drops when around children, why?
Download the XPSME skeleton for RS Children here and see if it helps.

Q: If I'm using the old version (1.1.0), how do I upgrade?
It's recommended you make a save game in a cell without children first. Then, uninstall the old mod's files (or at the very least, all the .esps and .esm). Then, download the 1.2.0 installer and install. Afterwards, grab the RS Children Update - 170623 in the Downloads tab, (and the USLEEP file if you play with that), and copy the files within to the Data directory, allowing it to overwrite the old files.

Q: Where's the Killable Children/NEC Patch?
Don't need it; just use Playable patch, it does the same thing. Or, try the Immersive Children instead which fixes the bugs KC/NEC/Playable/any unticking of the "child" flag a mod introduces, though it requires that you patch the mod with SkyProc.

Q: Beast and elven races. Where?
I've thought about this several times, but right now it's not in the plans, sorry! There are nice adoptable beast and elven children mods already, and you can easily create elves using RM/ECE alone. I think something like that could definitely an expansion of sorts, but I'll leave that for someone else to take up.

Q: What's in the plans?
A good FAQ, and my to-do list. Aside from the guides, just character patches for the most part.

Q: Neckseams on children are still apparent when I wear <clothing/armor>, and a lot of eyebrows are showing up higher than they should be. Why?!
Again it was never meant to be a playable race, so please understand that these issues won't be fixed. However, there's another children's mod if you look on the other site, that might be exactly what you want (search for Skykids).

Q: Is it possible to be bitten and turned into a vampire with the Nord child race?
You'll have to do some editing in the CK on your own if you want to be able to play as a vampire. WingBro has a detailed explanation on how you can get it working:

hl84 for meshes of children's Skaal Coat
Mogribus for tweaks to playable stats
Azrael_wtf for porting the mod over to Skyrim Special Edition
-Ren- for making the installer
PlagueHush for Armor and Clothing for Kids changes
for Skyrim and vanilla assets
Ousnius and Caliente for Bodyslide
Tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit and making the impossible possible
Bagserk for letting me use Xvision Children's assets
Imperator3 for his male underwear mesh and SydneyB (Princes of the Woods) for the textures
L0rd0fWar () for parts of Aventus Arentino's outfit
Nao4288 (Female Facial Animation) for her improved .tri files
Ginko for letting me convert her Sims 3 hair, #4 Gin, Tktk for the hair texture (v1.0.0), and HelloSanta for her conversion and textures (v1.1.0)
Apachii (ApachiiSkyHair) for her hair conversions
MacKom (Lore Styles Hair Set) for his hair creations
zn00p (Lovely Hairstyles) for his hair conversion
Faeofthewood (Waifan 2 Skin Set) for her freckles and moles in the face texture
HelloSanta (SG Renewal), HHaley(Fair Skin Complexion), Navetsea(CBBE Skin), and Pikkatze(Smooth Faces) for their face and body textures, and brows
DreamBurrow and her pictures and mods for supplying heaps of motivation and inspiration
Mankarcameron2006, Adam and blacksword6868 for testing
The TES community
The Nexus