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This modification changes faces of children Sofie, Lucia, Alesan, Blaise and other children.

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 Sophie, Lucia and others

The mod changes the appearance of Sophie, Lucia and the rest of the Skyrim children, with the exception of a few boys, whom I decided to keep for now.
I want all the children in my Skyrim to be unique and inimitable. So that they would touch and please, and not cause a feeling of sad bewilderment.
The work on the mod continues and I hope to make all the children attractive and dress them more decently. If you like one of them and you want a child with this appearance for adoption - write, I'm just making a mod for adopted children.

Version 1.4 changes the appearance of 30 children:

- Aventus Aretino (Windhelm)
- Agni (Morfal)
- Assur (Winterhold)
- Aeta (Solheim)
- Virkmund (Morfal)
- Jorik (Morfal)
- Clinton Lylviev (Dragon Bridge)
- Fjotra (Karthwasten, quest of the priestesses of Dibella)
- Hrefna (Golden Rock Mine)
- Eirid (Winterhold)
- Erith (Mine Left Hand)
- Sophie (Windhelm)
- Lucia (Whiterun)
- Alesan (Dunstar)
- Blaise (Kattla Farm)
- Rune Strong Shield (shelter in Riften), you can adopt
- Nelkir, Dagni and Frothar, children of Jarl Balgruf (Whiterun)
- Braith, daughter of Amren (Whiterun)
- Mila Valentia (Whiterun)
- Lars Battle Born (Whiterun)
- Minette Vinius, daughter of the owner of the Laughing Rat Tavern in Solitude
- Kaid (Solitude)
- Svari (Solitude)
- Dorthe, daughter of Alvor (Riverwood)
- Frodnar (Riverwood)
- Adara, daughter of the jeweler Endon (Markart)
- Britte and Sissel , sisters from Rorickstead

The appearance of Alesan and Blaise has been changed.

Requirements: Skyrim LE, DLC Hearthfire, DLC Dragonborn, RS Children Overhaul.


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