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Made 1 esp (VJRS.esp) to show the arms in 1st person mode, and 1 esp (VJRSArm.esp) to show all things that adult human races can wear ("default" armor, shields, clothing and jewelery.) by adding the 4 child races in the "Armor/Addon" section of the Construction Kit (CK)

Permissions and credits
For RS Children Overhaul "only" and really for those people who haven't played with the "CK" that much (like me!)

Made 2 simple ESP's to fix the arms not showing in first person mode while playing as a child (VJRS.esp) and no "default" armor (including helms), shields, clothing and jewelery not  showing (VJRSArm.esp)

In the "CK" I went through every line in the "Armor/Addon" section and if an adult human race can wear it, I simply changed the "other race" tab to  INCLUDE the 4 child races (BrentonRaceChild, BrentonRaceChildVampire, ImperialRaceChild, NordRaceChild and RedguardRaceChild.)

NOTE:  I don't have any armor addons .. yet .. and the VJRSArm.esp if for the game "default" armors and clothing. Also I didn't change the prison clothes, so you still won't have any on until after "Unbound" and you pick up some armor or clothes.

This mod is only 2 ESP's, so a Mod Organizer isn't neccasary (but highly recommend one for complex mods). Simply extract and place the esp's into your Data directory .. and to remove, just delete with zero impact on anything ..  however .. load order "IS" Important !!

My current load order is:

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp
RSkyrimChildren.esm (the reason for the fix:)
VJRS.esp (this mod)
VJRSArm.esp (this mod)
Unofficial High Resolution Patch.esp
Other esp's

Possible Conflicts:

Please note that I use Hearthfires DLC, but because I only changed the "default" armor to INCLUDE the 4 child races, I don't think it maters which RSkyrimChildren.esm is used.