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This AddOn makes the children being born by BeeingFemale compatible with RS Children Overhaul.

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This AddOn makes the children being born via BeeingFemale compatible with RS Children Overhaul.

It has support for all the vanilla child-races from RSChildren:
- Breton
- (Breton-)vampire
- Imperial
- Redguard
- Nord
and additionally:
- Dark Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves
- Khajiit
- Argonians
- Orcs
- Dremora

Features (compared to original RS Children patch):

- more races
- no neck seams
- more variety in armor and clothing
- custom faces
- support for orcs, khajiit, argonians and elf races


So, what is BeeingFemale?

(note: The Video only shows the vanilla skyrim children, no RS Children)


Bugs and known issues:

- A neck seams can be visible on male actors when wearing certain armors (as mentioned in -> Armor and Clothing for Kids)

- BeeingFemale is needed for this mod to function:

- XPMSE Skeleton for RSChildren
It is needed for the argonian and khajiit children, because the original ranaline skeleton included in RSChildren doesn't have a tail-bone. Not having the tail-bone will result in tails sticking out 90°. I recommend the version with the "default head size" / smaller heads.


- also works with Armor and Clothing for Kids or any other child clothing mod


- Ausbrecher (for BeeingFemale and the original RS-AddOn)
- Ranaline (for RSChildren)