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I believed that, with the release of Immersive Children 2.0, I had totally eliminated the issues of past killable children mods. However, I can see that in this latest release, I have perhaps introduced a major design issue to users who wish to use my mod; they would have to frequently rely on compatibility and merged patches to resolve conflicts between my mod and other mods, and that the number of other conflicting mods could potentially count in the dozens. As such, I have decided that I will bring back the original Version 1.2 of Immersive Children since that version did not have such a major issue with mod incompatibilities. Personally, I believe Version 1.2 does not have as effective solutions to child behavior fixes as Version 2.0. However, I suppose Version 2.0 was meant more for myself than other users, and so I apologize for that. I will, however, maintain Version 2.0 for those users who do have a good head for creating compatibility and merged patches in TES5Edit. In that regard, there will be two versions of Immersive Children for users to choose from: Version 1.2 and Version 2.0.
Version 1.2
has a less severe issue with mod compatibility but may not have fixed all instances of child behavior wherever they may be found in the game.
Version 2.0 has a much more severe issue with mod compatibility but it completely restores the aspects of child behavior, without editing vanilla sandboxing packages, that are broken by simply turning off the child flag. This version is meant for users with the knowledge to create compatibility and merged patches in TES5Edit.
In this sense, Version 2.0 is NOT NECESSARILY an update to Version 1.2.




Sinitar Gaming

Hooray!!! My mod reached Hot Files!
Thank you guys! :D

Update (5/26/17 at 10:16AM): Immersive Children will now be divided into two versions: Version 1.2 and Version 2.0.

Update (5/26/17 at 3:26AM): Created compatibility patch for "Jarek - The Custom Voiced Skeleton Necromancer Follower."

Update (5/25/17 at 4:39PM): Updated Requiem patch.

Update (5/25/17 at 4:10PM): Created compatibility patch for "XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement Compilation Pack."

Update (5/25/17 at 3:30PM): Created compatibility patch for "Imperious - Races of Skyrim."

Update (5/25/17 at 2:18PM)
- Updated Immersive Children to version 2.0. This version should completely eliminate the issue of children using size-scaling furniture.
- Added a new keyword called "IsAdultRace" to non-child "ActorTypeNPC" races. Removed ALL package template edits as a result of this.
- Edited all furniture objects with the "RaceToScale" keyword by changing the Interaction Keyword from "ActorTypeNPC" to "IsAdultRace."
- Changed the optional files' version numbers  to something insignificant because it got annoying to constantly change the version numbers to be consistent with that of the main files. I will explicitly state when an optional file gets updated.
- Please re-read the compatibility section.

Previous updates


Table of Contents
  1. What is this mod?
  2. Aren't there already a bunch of killable children mods out there?
  3. So this is a standalone killable children mod?
  4. An Argument Against Using Other Killable Children Mods (Especially Non-Essential Children)
  5. Requirements
  6. Installation
  7. Uninstallation
  8. Recommendations
  9. Compatibility
  10. Issues
  11. To-Do List
  12. Permissions
  13. Credits

1. What is this mod?

This mod is divided into two versions, Version 1.2 and Version 2.0.

Version 1.2 has a less severe issue with mod incompatibility but may not have fixed all instances of child behavior wherever they may be found in the game.

Version 2.0 has a much more severe issue with mod compatibility but it completely restores the aspects of child behavior that are broken by simply turning off the child flag. Only meant for users with the knowledge of creating compatibility and merged patches in TES5Edit.

They both do the following:
  • removes the child flag from child races, rendering children mortal (except Aventus, Babette, Fjotra, and Nelkir, who are not mortal until their respective quests are completed)
  • checks the pickpocket flag, making them pickpocketable
  • fixes unique Hearthfire child animations that would have stopped working with the child flag turned off
  • fixes furniture usage so that children will assume the correct animation when sitting on chairs and will not use certain furniture, such as crafting stations
  • adds coffins and urns for children to Halls of the Dead to increase immersion
  • does fixes for some child beds that even the USLEEP patch has yet to address

Burial urns and coffins have been given to children to increase immersion.

Disclaimer: I DID NOT create Amren's urn and Saffir's coffin, despite what MxR said. These are in the vanilla game.

2. Aren't there already a bunch of killable children mods out there?

Such mods do indeed exist already such as Killable Children, Stranger Danger, and Non-Essential Children. In fact, you can even make such a mod yourself by simply unchecking the child flag from child races in the Creation Kit, and then exporting a new esp including those changes. However, most people don't know that a lot of the vanilla behavior of children is dependent on the child flag being checked. With it unchecked, unique child animations cease to work, and children will be able to use any and all furniture, including size-scaling crafting stations. This mod not only makes children mortal, but it also fixes the aforementioned issues. It also adds child coffins and urns to Halls of the Dead to increase immersion.

Past killable children mods have caused unique child animations to cease functioning. "Immersive Children" restores these animations.

Note: There are more animations aside from these that past killable children mods broke. Hearthfire users will especially notice the lack of
adopted child animations. For example, Lucia would not be playing with her doll, and Alesan would not be pouting at that moment.

3. So this is a standalone killable children mod?

Yes it is. It is a killable children mod that aims to not only give children mortality, but also act like real children once again (even if the game does not detect them as such). So in essence, if you use this mod, you will not need another killable children mod. You'll be totally set. :)

Anyway, let's review the main points of this mod. It:
  1. Enables child mortality (like other killable children mods).
  2. Adds coffins and urns to Halls of the Dead to increase immersion. (ENTIRELY NEW FEATURE)
  3. Restores child animations, such as Hearthfire adopted child animations. (A FIX over past killable children mods)
  4. Prevents children from using size-scaling furniture. (A FIX over past killable children mods.)

The last two points make up the reason why I even decided to create this mod, despite the numerous killable children mods that are already out there and have been out ever since the release of TESV: Skyrim. It was those glaring issues that I noticed that the sheer majority of users seemed to not care about at all. Really? It's fine to break child behavior if it means you get to kill children? I don't endorse child killing at all. I created this mod only to make children immersive and FUNCTIONING PROPERLY, as intended by Bethesda. Rethink about the consequences of removing the child flag before making children killable.

Also, I HIGHLY encourage you to read the next section.

4. An Argument Against Using Other Killable Children Mods (Especially Non-Essential Children)

{Note: This argument is against Non-Essential Children specifically which prevented children from using any furniture that adults could use. All other killable children mods allowed children to use these "adult-only" furniture but caused them to grow in size to reach the default 1.0 height as a result of the RaceToScale function of the vanilla game so Non-Essential Children wanted to prevent this unimmersive size rescaling. To future reviewers/showcasers, please don't get this fact wrong. Also, a major part of this mod restores unique Hearthfire idles that stopped working after turning off the child flag.}

If you are still unconvinced that my mod should be used over other killable children mods, I will attempt to convince you of that here and now. Consider the mod Non-Essential Children (NEC). It is currently the second most popular killable children mod on the Nexus with around 13,600 endorsements, 160,200 unique downloads, and 309,000 total downloads (as of 5/16/17). I have a wish to beat out NEC for I believe that my mod does what NEC does and MORE. Why should you use my mod over NEC? Well, aside from my explanation of common issues with killable children mods in this mod page's "Aren't there already a bunch of killable children mods out there?" section (which you should read if you didn't), I have an irrefutable argument; NEC has a major child behavior issue. What kind of issue? Well, take a look at the image below:

If you don't get it, I'll explicitly explain it. Lucia is currently assuming a sandboxing AI. She is walking around at that moment. She will continue to do that behavior all day until she assumes a different AI package. What's missing from her behavior? The picture tells all. She's not sitting at one of the benches, something her sandboxing AI should have allowed and made her do. This is not the only case of this strange behavior. EVERY vanilla child in the game and EVERY vanilla race child added by mods such as Cutting Room Floor and Inconsequential NPCs will assume this broken sandboxing behavior. This is what happens with NEC installed.

Why does NEC do this? To explain this, let's just use the above image as an example. You see, all furniture objects in the game, such as those benches you see, are associated with furniture records that you can take a look at in the Creation Kit. Each furniture record has something called an "Interaction Keyword"; this keyword tells the game that the associated furniture can ONLY be used by actors with the same keyword as the Interaction Keyword. This is why dragons can perch onto buildings and humans can use crafting stations and furniture, such as those benches above. By the way, those benches are associated with the bench furniture record that has the Interaction Keyword of "ActorTypeNPC;" only actors with the ActorTypeNPC keyword can use that bench. Are you following the logic? In the vanilla game, all the child races have the ActorTypeNPC keyword, allowing all actors of those races to use the bench object. However, with NEC installed, ActorTypeNPC was removed from all the child races in order to prevent child size-scaling from using objects such as crafting stations. This also prevented children from using furniture they're SUPPOSED to use, such as those benches. Whether this was unintentional or not on the part of the mod author is beyond me. What perplexes me even more however is the acceptance of this major behavior issue, seeing as how this mod is currently the second most popular killable children mod, after Killable Children.

Now take a gander at Lucia's behavior with my mod Immersive Children installed:

My mod restores child animations such as unique child-sitting animations by not only NOT removing the essential ActorTypeNPC keyword from child races, but it also edits the idle animation records associated with children by changing the vanilla IsChild condition to a condition checking for the actor having a keyword that I have created, "IsChildRace." The keyword was added to all the child races in order to simulate the "IsChild" condition. This is the kind of thing that was not done with the previous killable children mods; ALL those mods caused those unique and dedicated child animations to cease functioning, simply because the "IsChild" condition became obsolete as an effect of unchecking the child flag from vanilla child races. Such a simple flag controls much of vanilla child behavior, and most people don't even realize it. My mod fortunately fixes that issue, something I like to call "animation restoration."

Have I convinced you by now? Still no? Well, just go ahead and take a look at the next two pictures so that I can drive the point home:

I hope I have persuaded you of the improvement of my mod over other killable children mods.

5. Requirements

Dawnguard (Only for Version 2.0)

NOTE: Despite the requirements, I have included separate downloads for users who have:
Version 1.2
  • Both Hearthfire and Dragonborn
  • Only Hearthfire and NOT Dragonborn
  • Only Dragonborn and NOT Hearthfire
  • No Hearthfire nor Dragonborn
Version 2.0
  • Legendary / All DLCs
  • Vanilla / No DLCs
  • Dawnguard*
  • Hearthfire*
  • Dragonborn*

* Versions of Immersive Children 2.0 meant for Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn require the Vanilla version of Immersive Children 2.0.

6. Installation

NMM or MO is recommended for easy installation. If you're doing manual installation, extract the files to the main Skyrim directory. Do the same for my compatibility patches.

7. Uninstallation

Generally, unless a mod is a simple texture and/or mesh replacer, it is never recommended to uninstall a mod mid-save. However, if you need to uninstall this mod, first in your save, go to a room with no children. Next, enter the console command "stopquest ImCh_DeadBodyCleanUpQuest" (and "stopquest ImCh_DeadBodyCleanUpQuestHF" if you use either "Immersive Children - Legendary" or "Immersive Children - Hearthfire"), then save your game. Finally follow the directions below.

NMM or MO is recommended for easy uninstallation. If you're doing manual uninstallation, delete ImCh (Insert abbreviated DLC name here).esp, ImCh (Insert abbreviated DLC name here).seq, and the pex and psc files with the ImCh prefix. My compatibility patches are just esps, so just delete them if you use any of them.

8. Recommendations

I recommend using any mod that overhauls child appearances in order to get rid of the potato head abominations created by Bethesda. Any child appearance overhaul mod like RS Children or TK Children will do nicely.

By far my favorite child appearance overhaul mod is tktk's TK Children. Personally, I think this mod does the best job in making Skyrim children look like children, making me want to interact with them more often. Doesn't it make more sense that children who want to play Tag and Hide n' Seek with an adult should look much younger? With TK Children 2.0, tktk even added a bit more diversity to different children's faces, so there's a bit more facial variety to be had with TKC 2.0. However, TK Children has the issue of plastic-faced and small-headed children, so be sure to also install the following mods (in THIS ORDER) alongside TKC:

If you would like to know what one of TK's children look like with these patches, here's such a picture of Aeta from Skaal Village:

Miles better than vanilla children, don'tcha think?

I also recommend Prince and The Pauper to replace the boring vanilla children clothing with more interesting and varied children clothing. I further recommend Gamwich's Rustic Clothing which is included in the fomod installer of PnP.

9. Compatibility

Version 2.0 conflicts with other mods that modify all race records with the keyword "ActorTypeNPC", certain quest records, all furniture records with the "RaceToScale" keyword, and certain placed reference records. This is necessary for you to know because there are many mods that alter vanilla race records, such as race overhaul mods like Disparity and Imperious. This mod also conflicts with mods that add "ActorTypeNPC" custom races simply because these races are obviously not affected by Immersive Children. As such, these mods require compatibility patches to work with my mod. In that regard, I'll do my best to provide compatibility patches. However, if you already know how to create compatibility patches in TES5Edit, you shouldn't have to wait for a compatibility patch since you'd know how to make one yourself anyway.

Also, be sure to watch the Youtube video about Merged Patches at the bottom of this section. A merged patch is something all modders should know and will make your life a hell of a lot easier when it comes to dealing with mod incompatibilities in an extensive load order.

Compatible mods*
Bring Out Your Dead
  • A patch to utilize BOYD's grave assets for non-city children is planned
Child clothes for adult based children-My little addon
Cutting Room Floor
Inconsequential NPCs
Interesting NPCs
Moon and Star
Mour - Fully Voiced Halfdragon Follower
  • Spoilers: Her race is the vanilla "BretonRace" in the Creation Kit.
Rustic Children

* With the release of Immersive Children 2.0, I have to re-check these mods for compatibility.

Conflicting mods with compatibility patches are colored in light green. You can download the patches in the Downloads section.

Conflicting mods highlighted in this color are mods I am interested in creating a patch for. If you would like a patch made for another of the conflicting mods, or any other mod for that matter, notify me about it so that I can take it into consideration.

NOTE: Any mod that adds new "ActorTypeNPC" races are by default INCOMPATIBLE with Immersive Children and MUST be patched.

Conflicting/Incompatible mods

Amalia - MBWS Custom Voice Follower (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Ambriel - The Lost Princess (Fully Voiced and Quest) (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Argonian Assemblage and Argonian Children Overhaul

Bandit Children

  • No compatibility patch required. Simply load my mod after Bandit Children for my child race changes to take effect.
  • NOTE: Whoever used this mod without another killable children mod unknowingly used a killable children mod, as this mod removes the child flag from vanilla child races.
Caesia Follower - Custom Voiced With Own Dialogues (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Cerwiden -SMART Healer- AI Configurable Companion
Decapitate Children plus much more
Disparity -- Player Character Class - Race and Gender Diversity (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Dolls- children Overhaul

Ethereal Elven Overhaul (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Even Better Quest Objectives - EBQO

  • If you know how to create compatibility and merged patches, this shouldn't be a problem.
Forsworn Children
  • No compatibility patch required. Simply load my mod after Forsworn Children for my child race changes to take effect.
  • NOTE: Whoever used this mod without another killable children mod unknowingly used a killable children mod, as this mod removes the child flag from vanilla child races.
Hoth (by hothtrooper44) (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Imperious - Races of Skyrim (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Khajiit Child Maisha

Kidmer - Adoptable Elf Children

Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul (both FULL AND LITE)  (read my sticky in the comments section for incompatibility reason)
  • With Immersive Children 2.0, the incompatibility with ICAIO has been lessened drastically. However, a tiny ICAIO patch is required to make the two mods fully compatible.
  • In regards to to Immersive Children 1.2 ICAIO is severely incompatible.
Jarek - The Custom Voiced Skeleton Necromancer Follower (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Little Caravans and More Children Wears
M'rissi's Tails of Troubles (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
My little hatchling Ram-Ku-Argonian boy
My little kitty Ma-Rakha-Khajiit boy
NPCs Protected Redux
  • Technically there is nothing conflicting at all between this mod and Immersive Children. However, the only children that the author did not give the protected flag to are Babette and Sofie (because they are already Essential in vanilla), so I had to make a patch to address those two. The patch is only a single tiny script.
Patricia (by Overknee)
Recorder - Standalone Fully Voiced Follower
Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul
RS Children Overhaul
  • See sticky in comments section for further details about compatibility
Skyrim Child Overhaul WIP
Skyrim Family Life - Pregnancy (WIP)
Skyrim Healer Onean (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Skyrim Tanker Neisa (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Skyrim Healer Onean (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
T3nd0s Skyrim Redone (Races Module) (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Tania the Hermit (ONLY VERSION 2.0)

The Kids Are Alright
TK Children
TK Children Bigger Head
Tokkimoon's More Adoptable Children
Vilja in Skyrim (ONLY VERSION 2.0)
Vimune - Kitten Khajiit Companion and Adorable Daughter - Utilizes Child Voice
XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement Compilation Pack
Xvision Children - Redone
Yumi - an adoptable kid

Potentially conflicting/incompatible mods (Must be checked)

The following mods are made obsolete by Immersive Children simply because they do the same thing as my mod. However, they have issues that my mod fixes.

Obsolete mods
Kill Children
Killable And Lootable Children
Killable Children
Killable Children - No Race Menu
Killable children V2
Non-Essential Children
Pickpocketable Children
Stranger Danger - Children can be pick-pocketed or killed

Found an incompatible mod? Let me know and I will update these lists. I might even be able to make a patch as well.

Have a favorite child appearance overhaul mod that I haven't made a compatibility patch for yet? Let me know, and I'll most likely make a patch just for you and other users of your favorite child mod.

NOTE: Although I have provided a slew of compatibility patches for numerous mods, there is NO EXCUSE that a user shouldn't create a merged patch. If you don't know what that is, go watch the video below and be enlightened as a better mod user. (Especially know how to create a compatibility/merged patch with Immersive Children 2.0 and higher).

10. Issues

Other than potential mod compatibility issues, I don't know of any issues with my mod. Be sure to report it to me if you do find one though.

11. To-Do List

  • For Version 2.0, figure out which mods out there edit vanilla race records and/or adds new "ActorTypeNPC" races.
  • Create a video highlighting the main (and most important) features of this mod.
  • Create Immersive Citizens patch.
  • Get permission to make a compatibility patch for "Skyrim Family Life - Pregnancy (WIP)."
  • Create a fomod installer (especially since the downloads section is getting crowded. I'm so sorry for that. >_< )

12. Permissions

I'm not really sure what you would be doing to need permission for this mod, but be sure to ask me for permission first before doing anything with it.

13. Credits

Bethesda for "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and its DLCs
ElminsterAU and others for TES5Edit