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No more potato faces for Height Adjusted Races users! Simple NMM or manual install.

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A tiny edit of Ranaline's patch for RS Children and Height Adjusted Races. Pretty self explanatory. Ranaline's patch, however, only worked with the regular Height Adjusted Races.esp, and not with any other version of Height Adjusted Races. I use Height Adjusted Races with True Giants, so that's the version this patch is compatible with. If you're using the playable race version of RSChildren, download the matching file. If you're using the non-playable race version, download that file instead. 

How do pls?
This mod REQUIRES RS Children and Height Adjusted Races (with True Giants). Meaning the Height Adjusted Races version that says...you guessed it...true giants
Just download with NMM and activate. Make sure the patch .esp is loaded AFTER the RS Children .esp's and the Height Adjusted Races .esp's. 
Or, if you want to do it manually, download the archive and unzip it. Drag the patch .esp into your Skyrim/Data folder and then activate it from the Skyrim Launcher's Data Files option.

(Seriously, I recommend using NMM. It's so much simpler.)

This patch works regardless of what other patches for RS Children you have. It's good with USKP and should work with the other RS Patches by thordir. If you run into any problems, let me know.