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*Update 9/12/2016 - Two new children added. The new merged esp has all eight children, or you can download the new two separately.*

This should probably go without saying, but please download either the merged esp OR your choice of the separate kid files, not both!

Hi, this is my first mod so I hope everything works well.

I really like adoption in Skyrim and usually spend the first part of a playthrough running around snatching urchins off the streets, lol.  But like many other people, I would like to have more options for adoption including the non-human races. There are a few mods adding in Khaijit and Argonian children (which are lovely by the way), and other mods adding in elf children, but none that I could find with the RS Children look, and I wanted mine to match. Hence, this mod.


Aymar is an orphaned Dunmer boy living in Windhelm.  He can be found in the New Gnisis Cornerclub and will happily go with you at the slightest invitation.  He uses the default male child voice.  


Eilonwy is an Altmer girl who's staying in the Solitude Temple of the Divines.   She uses the default female child voice.

Minedhel and Methredhel

These two siblings were unfortunately orphaned when their hunter parents died somewhere in the wilderness (probably attacking a bear, or something). They were able to make it to Stonehills, the nearest settlement, but have been stuck there ever since.  They can be adopted separately.  Incidentally, Methredhel is a girl, she just likes running around in her big brother's clothes.  She'll wear a dress if you give her one.


She can be found in Warmaiden's and uses the default female child voice (a bit jarring on an orc, but it's tolerable because they're tiny).  She's wearing a blacksmith oufit, because if you have to have an Orc child running around, why not teach them a little smithing? But really Batul just wants a family, like the other kids. 


(He looks extra emo here, but he's actually very cheerful).  Uzul has spent his whole life in the stronghold of Dushnikh Yal.   Not many opportunities there, unless you're interested in mining (and he's not).  He'd love to see the world, or at least a different part of it.   He uses the default male child voice.

And introducing...


Llevana managed to make her way to Winterhold, only to find that the College of Winterhold doesn't accept children. Now she's stuck in the Frozen Hearth inn with Nelacar and his...experiments. Can someone please get her out of here?


Faelian has lived a hard life so far being an unwanted child in a harsh city like Markarth. He tries to act haughty like Ondolemar and the other Thalmor in Understone Keep, but under the frowny exterior he's just looking for a little kindness. (To find Faelian, go to Understone Keep, up the stairs like you're going to talk to the Jarl, then head right at the top of the stairs, where the Thalmor always pace back and forth. He's usually sitting in one of the chairs, or sometimes wanders into the smithing area.)

Future plans: None! I am declaring this mod finished, at least for now.

Requires: Hearthfires and RS Children (obviously).   Vanilla Hair Variety Plus is needed if you use the Bosmer kids or the merged file.

Recommended mods: Hearthfire multiple adoptions by TMPhoenix for all your multiple urchin-snatching needs.

Credit to:
RS Children Overhaul by Ranaline
NaturalEyes by Nevenbridge81 for the eye textures 
Vanilla Hair Variety Plus by Omega99jp for the bosmer kid's hairs

Also: I don't use any ENBs but Purity is used in all of the external screenshots.
The Breezehome mod seen in most of the inside shots is here and highly recommended.

Some tutorials, for those interested in making their own adoptable kids:  
CarrahRose's tutorial on making adoptable children
Exporting a face made in Racemenu
Video tutorial on making custom NPCs by Bad Apple Pie