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Three wood elven child followers - Liette, Natasse, and Caenlyn. New version of my other mod Child Followers Liette and Caenlyn. Requires MFVM and RS Children Overhaul. Adoptable with console commands.

Permissions and credits
Liette, Caenlyn, and Natesse are custom Bosmer child followers, using the RS Children mod as their base. They can be adopted using console commands to remove them from the potential follower faction and add them to the Hearthfires adoptable faction (xx004290, where xx is the position of Hearthfires.esm in your load order). They require the More Follower Voices Mod to have follower dialogue (not needed if you just want to adopt them).

Liette is a conjuration based mage, Caenlyn is a destruction based mage, and Natesse is a thief who can dual wield. Liette and Caenlyn are eleven year old twins, while Natesse is their seven year old baby sister. They can be found in the Bee and the Barb in Riften. I went ahead and gave them all the spells they would have as they leveled up - I've confirmed that they start using higher level spells as soon as they have the magika. I gave them the lightfoot perk (so they won't set off traps), and all the relevant perks to their class type.

They are somewhat overpowered for lower levels, and for lower difficulty settings, especially if you have all three of them. This is largely because of the number of perks they have. 

RS Children Overhaul at  (you need the playable child version for them to fight. I'd suggest also getting RSChildren_PlayableOverride.esp and putting it near the bottom of your load order, definitely below them and anything else impacting kids)
More Follower Voices Mod at ( 

Size Does Matter (prevents rescaling):
XPMSE Skeleton for RSChildren:  Pretty much needed if you have the XPMSE skeleton!
Children Animation Path:
Armor and Clothing for Kids:  (Meshes are unchanged, so will give Natesse and Liette breasts, which is creepy. Natesse has her own armor [she's wearing an outfit with Leather stats, type "help natesse" to get the IDs of armors for her with elven/glass/dragonscale stats], so I'd recommend only using this for giving Caenlyn an enchanted robe)
Children Fight Back: (Probably not needed. Usually they'll fight back, since they have high confidences, but on some load orders they wouldn't. Needed if you want to recruit vanilla children as followers though)

Problems and Compatibility:
No major problems that I've noticed stand-alone (except for occasionally resizing while sandboxing - this only happens with the "lean against the wall/rail" animations from what I've seen them do. Size Does Matter fixes this). They are however incompatible with everything RS is incompatible with. They're technically compatible with Convenient Horses, but they wouldn't ride horses when I tested it :/ Even though playing as a child race I could ride a horse

Their ears won't appear at first. Try taking away then giving back their shoes. Sometimes their ears (esp Caenlyn's for some reason?) will be a different color than their skin. 

Sometimes they won't participate in combat and will instead run away. "Children Fight Back" fixes this. Also make sure that a) you have the playable version of RS, and b) it's working (it doesn't always...), and c) try giving them new weapons, they don't always realize they already have daggers. I've also noticed a weird bug with EFF (was testing them with different follower mods) in that when you recruit one whichever you've recruited previously stops following you. Focus them in your crosshairs, open the mcm, then navigate to EFF>Settings, in the bottom right there's something you can click to forcibly recruit them. This doesn't happen with other follower mods as far as I can tell.

Load Order
RSChildren in general should be put relatively low (RSkyrimChildren.esm needs to be your last esm, though above the Unofficial Patches, no matter what LOOT might say). Here's my load order, which so far I haven't had any bugs with [other than the ear thing; "not fighting" bug was before I moved RSChildren.esm below other esms, put the Unofficial Patches below that, kicked ChildrenAnimationPath up above the other RS Patches, and downloaded the XPMSE Skeleton for RS Children - I'd been sorting with LOOT, which messed things up]:

(Stuff; aka Skyrim, official DLCs, etc)
Unofficial patches
(Assorted stuff)
Follower mod (kuerteeSimpleMultipleFollowers.esp is mine)
RSChildren - Complete.esp
PrinceAndPauper - RS children Patch.esp
HearthfireMultiKid PNP Patch RS.esp
Armor and Clothing for Kids - All DLCs.esp
RSChildren Followers Bosmer.esp
dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp

If you have Children Fight Back.esp, put it somewhere between RSChildren Followers Bosmer.esp and ChildrenAnimationPathForRSCO.esp (I think).

Future changes:
Custom voice and dialogue, including awareness of location and current quest. Would love if someone a) better at voice acting than I am, and b) without my heavy accent would be willing to help with this. 
Possibly hireable or including a quest to get them to follow you. Caenlyn and Liette requiring that you've either adopted Natesse or taken her as your follower
Re-adding Anorien's Journal (was in Liette's inventory in previous versions; has their story, but needs to be updated to include Caenlyn)
Adoptable and followers at the same time

Their story:
They were born in Valenwood, and spent their early years there. When the twins Liette and Caenlyn were nine, and little Natesse was five, their mother died. Their father decided to travel to Skyrim, taking his three children with him. Liette and Caenlyn were excited about the chance for adventure, although Natesse wanted to stay home. All three are child prodigies, taught the art of fighting by their pyromaniac father and necromancer mother. Liette takes more after their father, Caenlyn after their mother, while Natesse wasn't really interested in magic, and instead practiced her archery and playing pranks. Liette hoped to enroll in the College of Winterhold, but was rejected because of her age. Their father, a year into their stay in Skyrim, met a charismatic Stormcloak woman, who talked him into joining the cause. They moved to Riften, and their father joined the fight, only to die as one of the many casualties in the civil war. All three were sent to Honorhall, but almost immediately ran away. They use what's left of their father's money, doing odd jobs on the side to supplement their income, to rent a room in the Bee and the Barb, where Caenlyn and Liette spend their days in hopes of a proper job. Natesse, to her siblings' despair, has taken to pick-pocketing. Liette spends what little money she can save on spell tomes, while Caenlyn saves for a better sword. The twins long for travel and adventure, and once they heard of the return of the dragons, they started dreaming of fighting them. They jumps at the first chance for adventure, eagerly following their new boss into the greatest danger as long as Natesse's safety is secured (although they'll reluctantly allow her to accompany them adventuring). Caenlyn and Liette are currently eleven years old, accompanied by their seven-year-old sister. All three are as much of prodigies as ever.