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  • 76. TES4LODGen for Oblivion

    One-Click DistantLOD Generator

    updated 9:25, 27 May 2015 182,413 6,121 1,147kb ElminsterAU

  • 77. Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul for Oblivion

    This is an overhaul mod, improving many aspects of the game, while maintaining the overall feel of the game and ensuring compatibility with most other mods. All features are configurable through OMOD installation and/or editing the ini file.

    updated 15:42, 20 Oct 2017 74,767 2,723 5,501kb Maskar

  • 78. Supreme Magicka Update for Oblivion

    REQUIRES OBSE v19 and Oblivion patch 1.2

    When I first played Oblivion as a mage I found that magic was way too underpowered and it was very difficult to survive as a pure mage. I then turned to a popular mod, Mighty Magick. That just flipped it around and made magic much too powerful.

    updated 21:35, 21 Jan 2011 205,252 4,235 2,246kb Strategy Master

  • 79. Female EyeCandy Body Replacer Underwear for Oblivion

    Female EyeCandy - Body Replacer v1.0
    by Exnem


    This is a modification for "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" in an attempt to make female bodies more to my liking. As is, this is a very personal project, and not one for any comercial purposes or fame or anything like that, just my own attempt at making women more pretty in

    updated 23:20, 7 Jan 2008 174,275 3,604 5,566kb exnem

  • 80. Archery Rebalance for Oblivion

    Tired of shooting darts with your bow? This mod give arrows more realistic physics and makes arrows feel and behave like arrows!

    updated 20:22, 11 Jan 2014 65,208 2,357 5kb GalenMyra

  • 81. Lights of Oblivion - Road Lanterns for Oblivion

    Adds exterior light posts to all the main roads of Cyrodiil, and lanterns to settlements and inns. You can choose between 5 different light posts.

    updated 21:57, 17 Oct 2017 23,556 626 1,791kb monkeyangie

  • 82. Better Blood for Oblivion

    This mod adds more blood, and makes it look better.

    updated 17:47, 11 May 2011 66,720 1,668 1,079kb xxXEvandarXxx

  • 83. Mesh Improvement Project for Oblivion

    This project is a large undertaking with the aim of (slowly) fixing or replacing broken/ugly meshes found throughout the game's world.

    updated 22:06, 17 Aug 2015 44,638 2,015 51,942kb InsanitySorrow

  • 84. Knights of the Nine Revelation for Oblivion

    Thousands of players have laughed, cried, thrilled and despaired as they undertook a perilous journey thousands of years into Tamriel's past, becoming the lone salvation for millions of lives. Do you have what it takes to avert the slavery of all humankind in this award-winning quest?

    New quest and features added for January 2013.

    updated 8:19, 9 Oct 2013 87,458 3,514 1kb Lanceor

  • 85. Oblivion XP for Oblivion

    This mod completely changes the default leveling system to one similar to the classic XP systems found in games such as Baldur's Gate and World of Warcraft. For example, you now gain XP for completing quests or feeding on someone as a vampire. Explore new areas, search for Artifacts or steal items to gain XP! And best of all, every setting is fu

    updated 17:23, 17 Aug 2009 241,661 4,501 1,819kb SirFrederik

  • 86. Beautiful People for Oblivion

    NOTE: USE PES FOR NOW. TESSource isn't cooperating with me.

    This mod combines Ren's Beauty Pack and Mystic Elves, Nequam's Ainmhe, Nequam's Elaborate Eyes, KyneTarse's Vampire Hunter's Sight and Khajiit Night Eye toggles, Grimdeath and Syko Fox's Tang Mo, Capucine's Colorable Beast Hair, Com's Argonian Headsets, Trigge

    updated 1:24, 6 Feb 2008 326,649 4,910 36,068kb MidnightVoyager

  • 87. Rocks retexture for Oblivion

    a retexture of all rocks

    updated 23:33, 28 Jan 2015 34,083 963 76,907kb Lougian

  • 88. Cobl for Oblivion

    Common Oblivion (Cobl) is: 1) a world enrichment mod that adds lots of little things that enriches your gameplay experience; 2) a shared library that acts as a resource for other mods; and 3) an integration tool that allows different mods to "talk" to each other.

    updated 8:29, 16 Oct 2009 305,498 6,502 911kb Wrye

  • 89. Mythic Creatures for Oblivion

    High res retextures of Vanilla Creatures!!!

    updated 21:08, 26 Jan 2010 31,113 1,017 93,956kb themythofanst

  • 90. Combat Stance Reanimation for Oblivion

    Something to replace idle animations and blocking stances. BBB "enabled"

    updated 1:39, 23 Jan 2016 47,026 2,124 7,036kb ElAlquimista

  • 91. Moonshadow Elves for Oblivion

    Adds a new race with a panda-like look :)

    updated 23:56, 25 May 2010 296,582 3,913 381kb TerranceKim324

  • 92. Elven Map For Shivering Isles for Oblivion

    Elven map for Shivering Isles to be used with the "Elven Map Redux mod" by xythen his mod can be found at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3002

    updated 5:19, 16 Apr 2008 45,853 1,535 679kb odin_ml

  • 93. AliveWaters for Oblivion

    Beta 0.6 of AliveWaters (Includes both addons!!)- Updated 23/05
    This mod main aim is to improve the underwater aspect of oblivion to make you actualy enjoy being underwater.
    The original underwater landscape was so boring, just rocks and sand! A bit like the moon.

    What this version contains (including addons - see below):
    -6 retextured sea we

    updated 23:56, 7 Jan 2008 144,964 4,239 13,560kb windsurfer

  • 94. Alternative Beginnings for Oblivion

    Alternative Beginnings puts you in the position of the poor forgotten prisoner lamenting life's choices. You will be able to choose from several different options on how to begin the game, all from the discomfort of your dank prison cell. Your choices influence the circumstances by which the game begins.

    updated 5:25, 17 Jun 2017 44,426 1,955 2,997kb Arthmoor

  • 95. Better Looking Armor for Oblivion

    Enhances the armor textures to look more sharp and "up to date".

    updated 22:15, 24 Apr 2014 38,352 1,805 60,544kb SpiderAkiraC

  • 96. Gecko's Imperial Dungeon Textures - 2K Parallax for Oblivion

    True HD, parallax-enabled remake of Imperial dungeon/prison

    updated 16:43, 9 Apr 2016 13,709 370 299,963kb lazyskeever

  • 97. Let There Be Darkness for Oblivion

    Makes all dungeons in the game darker by removing the universal ambient lighting and fog. You will need torch/light spell/night-eye to see well in dungeons.

    updated 13:32, 26 May 2009 51,575 1,535 25kb LprMan

  • 98. Companion Vilja for Oblivion

    The young nord alchemist Vilja has her own mission in Cyrodiil - but she needs your help! Will you let her tag along? Will you let your Cyrodiil life be changed by a talkative, curious and unpredictable girl who might be a nuisance at times, but who also will offer a strong, indepth friendship, and later on also optional romance.

    updated 19:08, 1 Mar 2016 400,329 7,717 261kb Emma

  • 99. Sensual Walks for Female NPCs for Oblivion

    This mod changes the walk forward animation for each female NPC based on her type (class, job, age, etc). The mod covers Dark Seducers, Golden Saints, female NPCs in Oblivion, Shivering Isles and female NPCs introduced by a number of other mods.

    updated 12:10, 9 Aug 2015 169,844 4,271 12,148kb Surazal

  • 100. Quest Award Leveller for Oblivion

    This mod makes level-scaled rewards from quests be upgraded to their higher versions as you reach the level for those versions.

    The items, spells, and sigil stones you get as rewards for many quests in the game are scaled to your level. Some of the these rewards are among the best items in the game but only if you do the quest at a high level. O

    updated 23:48, 7 Jan 2008 114,417 3,615 28kb Quazzy