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TES4Edit is an advanced graphical module editor and conflict detector.

When started it will automatically find your Oblivion Data directory. You then get a dialog to select which masters/plugins you want to load with the current selection from your plugins.txt as default value. This is followed by a second dialog which lets you choose

Permissions and credits
TES4Edit 3.2 EXPERIMENTAL by ElminsterAU. Updated for Skyrim by Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran.

This is for FNVEdit but it still applies to TES4Edit.

Self Help Resources:

Users are expected to use common sense, read previous posts, look through the Wiki pages, watch the videos, and look through the Training Manual before posting.  If it's already covered somewhere you may not get any answer to your question at all.

Current Documentation:

Fallout3 Training Manual for FO3Edit (applies to all game versions)
FNVEdit Training Manual for FNVEdit (applies to all game versions)

If you would like to contribute to the conversion of the Fallout New Vegas documentation please visit the TES5Edit Documentation pages on the CK Wiki. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Official Bethesda Forum: Best place to ask technical questions related to the inner workings of TES4Edit.

When started it will automatically find your Data directory. You then get a dialogue to select which modules you want to load with the current selection from your plugins.txt as default value. Once you have confirmed that dialogue the selected modules will start loading in the background. Depending on your system it should take 30 seconds to a few minutes (!) for all modules to load. You can follow the progress in the message window. (Don't panic if it seems to freeze, it just takes time).The tree view on the left side now shows all active modules in their correct load order. By navigating that tree view you can look at every single record in any of your modules.Once a record has been selected the detailed contents of that record is shown on the right side. The detail view shows all versions of the selected record from all modules which contain it. The left most column is the master. The right most column is the module that "wins". This is the version of the record that Fallout 3 sees.Both the detail view and the record list use the same color coding to signal the conflict state of individual fields (in the detail view) and the record overall (in the record list). Background color:White - Single RecordGreen - Multiple but no conflict
Yellow - Override without conflict
Red - Conflict

Text color:
Black - Single Record
Gray - Hidden by Mod Group
Purple - Master
Gray - Identical to Master
Orange - Identical to Master but conflict Winner
Green - Override without conflict
Orange - Conflict winner
Red - Conflict loser

Conflict detection is not simply based on the existence of multiple records for the same FormID in different modules but instead performs a comparison of the parsed subrecord data.

The record tree view on the left side has a context menu where you can activate filtering. Filtering is based on the same conflict categorization as the background and text color.

Yes, filtering will take a while. It has to decode and compare the contents of every single record which turns up more then once.