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This is Qarl's Texture Pack 3 Redimized by Qarl, Bomret and dev_akm

Permissions and credits
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NOTE: A texture pack for Shivering Isles is also available:
 Bomret's Texture Pack for Shivering Isles v1 with meshes from USIP

Forum thread: https://bethesda.net/community/topic/67277/relz-mods-modified


QTP3R finally on the Nexus! This is version 1.0 with the 1.3 patch and fixes included. It was merged, including the original readme files because many people didn't download the separate patch. Included in this version are PYFFI Optimized QTP3 Meshes - Fixed. Most of the textures are 1K (I don't recommend using larger textures anyway, no matter your hardware, as Oblivion is not optimised for modern hardware - if you use overlarge textures and many mods, especially mods that add new NPCs OR/AND new objects, your FPS will go down significantly).

This pack contains mostly:
- architecture
- landscape
- rocks
- dungeons
- furniture, and other medium-sized clutter
- blood splatters, falling snowflakes, butterflies


Important: Be sure to set textures to Large from the game menu.

If you want to install manually: extract "textures" and "meshes" folders to some temporary folder and move them to your \Oblivion\Data\ folder and use one of the various Archive Invalidation methods (search for keywords: archive invalidation oblivion).

Step 0. (installation using mod manger) I recommend to install this pack using mod manager of your choice - for the convenience of installation/uninstallation and automatic Archive Invalidation (if you don't know what that is, search for it), as without it not all new textures may appear. Wrye Bash will do that automatically, in OBMM you have to click in options Utilities -> Archive Invalidation -> BSA redirection -> Update Now. Otherwise, if you don't see the new textures, you have to use some external mod for Archive Invalidation, but Wrye Bash is the best

Additional steps:
1. If you use Unofficial Oblivion Patch which is highly recommended, you still need newest QTP-UOP Compatibility Patch from the UOP page, which is here (install after both mods):
Unofficial Oblivion Patch
2. It is advised that you use Unofficial Oblivion Patch excessive draw calls fix if you use Unofficial Oblivion Patch. Helps to avoid some FPS drops.
You may want to give Kudos to Pherim for this :)
3. EngineBugFixes is also highly recommended for stability.
4. 4GB Ram Patcher is also recommended for stability (if you have at least 4GB of RAM).
5. Oblivion Reloaded is also recommended for stability and graphical enhancements. Don't turn on POM shader, as QTP3 is already parallaxed.
If you don't want to use Oblivion Reloaded, use other form of memory purging like Purge Cell Buffers ++


All credits for the textures goes to Qarl for first creating QTP and to Bomret with dev_akm who further modified the textures.
If you like the mod, you may give them kudos:
Credits to Exiztence for allowing me to include PYFFI Optimized QTP3 Meshes - Fixed which you can endorse here:
Credits to zilav for uploading QTP3FortFloorFix and amnes who provided QTP3 Transparent Rock Texture Fix which you can endorse here:

I'm just the uploader (with Bomret's and dev_akm's blessing:).
RoclorD a.k.a. CarlosS4444
My own mods: Blue Daedric, Blue Glass and MOBSification of MODS

ORIGINAL README (for detailed information on original mod, included in download, OLD):

Qarl's Texture Pack 3 Redimized
             Version 1.0


With the third version of his texture pack for Oblivion, Qarl set very high standards for the visual quality of games using high resolution textures. He showed possibilities that inspire other texture artists and even professional game designers can learn from just looking at his work. But his pack also set high demands on PC hardware. Even high-end systems still stutter with the enourmous load it demands.

That's why dev_akm and me, Bomret, decided to try lowering the system requirements while still maintaining the unique, high-resolution, very detailed look of Qarl's textures. We have put almost every QTP3 texture through a very complicated and time-consuming process to archieve this goal -- all by hand (no automated scripts). We chose to make our decisions on a per-texture base while keeping the overall look and performance in mind at the same time.

Most of the time was spent on the normal maps -- to regenerate them, edit them, and decide wether they should be reduced or not. We tried to keep all of Qarl's unique features, such as tweaked mipmaps, etc.

We think that we were able to get this thing right. It runs much smoother now, with only a very minimal loss in visual quality.

The name "Redimized" means Reduced and Optimized.

You don't need the original package, this version includes all the textures and meshes. The fixed meshes from the latest UOP-Compatibility Patch are already included.

256MB graphics card owners should have at least 2GB of RAM. It still will stutter in various places. We strongly recommend using Streamline or a similar mod to lessen the stress on your machine.

512MB card owners should have no problems with this version of QTP3.

If it still is too much for your system, you probably have some other GPU-hogging mods running, such as AEVWD. In this case, you should try Bob Markinson's "QTP3 Reduced".



Extract the included "textures" and "meshes" folders to a temporary folder and then move or copy them to your \Oblivion\Data\ folder and use one of the various archive invalidation methods.

If you just want to test this package, we recommend creating an Omod with the Oblivion Mod Manager!



If you have created an Omod, just Deactivate it. Otherwise there is really too much work to do. Compare the files in the package with the ones in you "Data" folder and subfolders and delete them there. Next time you start Oblivion, it will use the stock textures again.

Known Issues/Bugs:

none so far


All mods that alter the Oblivion textures and meshes.

Final words:

It was a hell of a project to do this. We never expected it to take so long. We really hope you enjoy playing. If you find a bug, please contact us so we can fix it.


You can find us on the official forums at www.elderscrolls.com under the name Bomret and dev_akm. For german players, ask Bomret on the german forums of www.scharesoft.de or www.ei-der-zeit.com.

Or send an E-Mail to [email protected].


Qarl for making his wonderful texture pack.
Credits go out to the people that gave feedback, so propably you :)
And of course Bethesda for the game itself.

Have fun :)

Bomret + dev_akm