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Applies a multiplier to all enchantment costs, increasing (or decreasing) the amount of uses. Affects ALL weapons and staves without touching any of them. Doesn't change the gold value of the items, doesn't affect the strength of enchantments you can create - simply multiplies the amount of uses available.

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This OBSE plugin lets you apply a multiplier to all enchantment costs, increasing (or decreasing) the amount of uses. It does not change any values on items, but instead it hooks into the game code right after the enchantment cost has been calculated by original game code and applies a multiplier.
By default the cost multiplier is set to 0.5, which means the available uses are doubled. This and a few additional settings can be changed in the .ini file.


  •     Automatic compatibility with any weapon or staff in the game, custom or predefined enchantments
  •     Gold values of the items are untouched
  •     Custom enchantment balance is untouched
  •     Additional features allow the user to define a maximum and minimum cost per use
  •     Can be added or removed at any time, no changes are done to any of the items

The plugin hooks into all the places where a vanilla function that returns enchantment cost is called when hitting an actor with an enchanted weapon or using a staff, and applies a multiplier and/or a clamp on the returned value.
This approach allows the gold values to stay unchanged (not breaking the already unbalanced economy of the game) and the custom enchantment limits and values are exactly the same as without the plugin (so you can't create stronger enchantments than before - only the uses will be multiplied afterwards, exactly like in predefined enchantments).
The function that displays the available uses in the inventory item tooltip is also hooked so the displayed value is correct.
This was developed mostly as a reverse engineering exercise.

Explanations for each of the settings are in the .ini file.


Newest version of OBSE. I recommend using xOBSE for fixes and improvements over the original.


Extract all the files into the Data directory, or use a mod manager.


Edit settings inside enchantment_cost_multiplier.ini.


Should be compatible with anything. As for More Effective Enchantments and similar mods, it should be compatible but this plugin is intended to be a more compatible and less complicated replacement.


None at the moment. I have played with the mod for quite some time.
There are two additional hooks that can be enabled in the .ini that are disabled by default, you can try enabling them in case you find any situation where the wrong, original cost is applied. I couldn't find any, let me know if you do.


Available on GitHub.