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An addon for Av Latta Magicka to add Sun Magic, a new Restoration effect for damaging undead.

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Av Latta Magicka - Sun Magic Additions

After playing Skyrim for some time and being upset that Oblivion lacks the offensive Restoration spells that Dawnguard added, I decided to implement them myself. This mod adds 12 new spells with a new Magic Effect called Sun Damage that deals offensive Restoration damage to undead.

Av Latta Magicka and all of ALM's requirements

Sun Damage (entirely separate from Vampire's sun damage) is a Restoration effect and deals offensive damage to undead enemies only. If you are a Master in Restoration (100 Restoration or more) the spells will deal damage to non-undead targets.

The added spells are as follows:

  • Novice
  • Sunfire - 5 damage for 4 seconds (Target)
  • Radiant Aura - 1 damage in a 5 foot radius for 30 seconds (Touch)
  • Apprentice
  • Solar Flare - 9 damage for 5 seconds (Target)
  • Searing Touch - 10 damage for 6 seconds (Touch)
  • Journeyman
  • Eclipse - 10 damage for 10 seconds (Target)
  • Dawn's Light - 5 damage ina  5 foot radius for 30 seconds (Touch)
  • Expert
  • Daybreak - 10 damage in a 15 foot radius for 10 seconds (Target)
  • Solar Flare - 10 damage in a 20 foot radius for 10 seconds (Touch)
  • Master
  • Stellar Core - 25 damage in a 15 foot radius for 10 seconds (Target)
  • Stendarr's Aura - 25 damage in a 10 foot radius for 30 seconds (Touch)
  • Supernova - 30 damage in a 25 foot radius for 10 seconds (Target)
  • Divine Radiance - 30 damage in a 20 foot radius for 30 seconds (Touch)

The spells are distributed similarly to ALM's spells and can be bought from various Restoration spell vendors. Scrolls and Spell Tomes are also added into ALM's leveled lists to find in the world. 

Bethesda for Oblivion
JRoush for OBME and AddActorValues
qwertyasdfgh for Av Latta Magicka