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AddActorValues adds script functions for much greater control over actor values. It also allows modders to add \'new\' actor values for their own use.

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Name: AddActorValues
Version: v1.0
Date: 2011-12
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Author: JRoush ([email protected])
Forum Thread: Bethesda Forums

NOTE: using AddActorValues with the wrong verison of Oblivion will, *at best*, cause it to crash.
  • Oblivion v1.2.0416
  • TESCS v1.2.404 (only if you are planning to make mods using AAV)
  • OBSE v0019 or higher

[size=+1] Description:
[/size]AddActorValues allow modders to create and use *new* actor values, which are treated *exactly* like the built-in ones. New actor values won't do anything by themselves, of course, but they are very convenient ways for mods to attach information to any actor, which is then saved with the savegame. For details, see the included `Features' pdf.

Note that this is a *resource* - a mod is required to actually use the new features. Included is a demo mod, AddActorValues_Example.esp, which illustrates how to use the basic features.

New Actor Values can be used for:
-All Scripts, using the various Get/Set/Mod functions that end in 'C' or 'F'
-GetActorValue & GetBaseActorValue Conditions for Quests, Packages, etc.

New Actor Values cannot be used for:
-Skills (this is planned for future versions).
-Magic Resistances or the target of a ModAV effect, *unless you install OBME*
-Class Major Attributes

[size=+1] Latest News:
[/size]I'm working on the framework for more advanced features. This will involve a rewrite of most of AAV (and many of my other mods), so I've decided to officially freeze the current AAV code line. I've also decided to stop calling it "beta" - should have done that months ago. I will obviously still continue to release bug fixes.

[size=+1] Questions & Bug Reports:
[/size]If you encounter a problem, something that is confusing or doesn't seem to work as expected, *please* do the following:
  • Read the readme, and the AV-related pages on the TESCS wiki.
  • Reproduce the problem. I cannot fix problems that I can't reproduce, so try to work out an exact procedure for me.
  • Grab a copy of your save or mod file and "AddActorValues.log" and "AddActorValues_CS.log" from the Oblivion\ folder.
  • Send everything to [email protected], or post it the forum thread.

[size=+1] Compatibility:
[/size]AddActorValues is compatible with all conventional mods, and with all known obse plugins. If you encounter an incompatiblity, please report it right away.

[size=+1] Changes:
- Changed the way that AAV overwrites the native OBSE ModAVModC, SetAVModC, and GetAVModC commands. This should fix situations where those functions were not working as expected, such as just after starting a new game.

[size=+1] Credits:
[/size]- Bethesda Softworks, whose game has sucked up far, far too much of my free time
- The OBSE team for their incredible modding resource, without which this plugin would be a joke.
- Saebel, for providing me with essential debugging feedback.