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Visit the province of Elsweyr!
High beyond the hills of the Niben lies the great desert plateau of central Elsweyr. From sandy desert wastes to rocky, red badlands, from grassy savannah to jungle coast, the lands of Anequina beckon.
This new region includes new landscapes, towns, quests, monsters, mounts, homes and items.

Permissions and credits
An across-the-border landscape and cities expansion

Elsweyr Anequina was first released 10 years ago in June 2009! This is the original upload with the latest version attached (Mar 2014). This page also includes many long lost support files which I had thought lost for good. Zaldiir "the Kvatch guy" who is moderator on Nexus encouraged me to reactivate my old account after 7 years and I rediscovered this page. :)

The main download site for the mod is Arthmoor's AFK Mods site which has all the latest support files and patches: 

The description below is years out of date. I've kept it as a "flash back". See the AFK Mods site for the current one.

If you wish to contact me do so via the AFK website as my PM is disabled here.



* The Unofficial Elsweyr Anequina Patch listed under "Mods requiring this file" is incompatible with the 2014 version of the mod. The contents of that patch were reviewed and mostly incorporated in the 2014 version.
* The Elsweyr-Valenwood Improved patch on the AFK Mods site is incompatible with the 2010 version of Elsweyr Anequina as it includes and requires a unique version of the ElsweyrAnequina.esp (2014 version).
* There is patch to make the Elsweyr City Extension mod compatible with the 2014 version (see the AFK Mods site in Mirrors).
* If mesh or texture replacement mods don't work use OBMM's Archive Invalidation function. This OBMM tool makes sure that loose replacement files override the ones packed in the bsa archives.


***To install just extract the single download file to your Oblivion/Data/ folder. You also need to disable the game's borders (see instructions below).***

The landscape will look a lot better if you run the utility TES4LODGen after installing it. This will add all the new cities and trees to distant view as shown in the screenshots.


High beyond the hills of the Niben lies the great desert plateau of central Elsweyr. From sandy desert wastes to rocky, red badlands, from grassy savannah to jungle coast, the lands of Anequina beckon.

This new region, spanning the section of Elsweyr between Skingrad and Leyawiin, includes four new landscapes (desert to jungle), four new towns, several villages, Khajiit sub-races, a couple of dozen small quests, three small player homes and a monster-filled wilderness to explore.

The deserts and badlands of Anequina are hidden behind high hill ranges, so are not readily visible from Cyrodiil, despite their close proximity.

I hope you have lots of fun exploring these new lands! :)


1. Description
2. Quests, Houses & Mounts
3. Requirements
4. Installation
5. Additional Mods
6. Compatibility & Patches
7. Troubleshooting
8. Translations (French, Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish)
9. Acknowledgements
10. Cleaning




1. Firstly, you must have your in-game borders disabled or you won't be able to reach the new region! See the installation instructions to learn how.

2. This mod is fully playable but not 100% complete. (E.g. Some buildings in the cities are closed off and certain other locations.)

3. NPCs have some unique dialogue topics, but none of it is voiced.


* Twenty-four new mini-quests and three small joinable guilds.
* Four new landscapes : Savannah, Sand Desert, Rocky Badlands, Coastal Jungle and also a small coral reef.
* The cities of Corinthe, Riverhold, Orcrest and Dune.
* The villages of Alabaster & Duncori Walk.
* The waystops of King's Walk and Darkarn Place.
* The imperial forts of Seaplace and Riverkeep.
* More than 400 new NPCs including custom desert bandits and Khajiit tribesmen.
* Buyable elephant mount from the King's Walk caravanserie (on the road between Riverhold & Orcrest) and a buyable camel mount in Dune.
* Buyable houses in Riverhold, Orcrest and Dune.
* A few caves and three hostile tribal villages.
* Custom monster-spawns and new creatures in the wilderness.
* A new road from Skingrad to Leyawiin, and from Faregyl Inn south.
* New plants, ingredients, armor, weapons, and other items.
* New Khajiit NPC sub-races (based on lore).


To start the various quests speak with the following NPCs or read the notes--

Ogra, Marketplace (Hunters Guild Quests)
Tynemwe, Commerce Office (Merchants Guild Quests)
Jinsiraga, Jinsiraga's House (Thieves Guild Quests)
Missings Cats Note, posted on buildings

Eloine Brigette, Marketplace
G'juna, Oasis
Chews-On-Rats, Town Slum
Grauush Bonekeeper, Shrine of Malauch

Jo'Rasma, Mages Guild
Nasius Dio, wandering town

Libia Beltaire, Darkarn Place Inn
Gretje, Duncori Walk beach

Note on Skeleton, Weavers Cave (east of Dune)
S'lababa, camp (north-west of Orcrest)
Rarassa the Goatkeep, road from Leyawiin to Corinthe
Highwayman, road from Riverhold to Orcrest
Magic Lamp, desert gully (north of Dune)
road from Corinthe to Duncori Walk (after Cat Spores quest complete)

Grand Vizier, Orcrest, Palace
Queen Naghea, Riverhold, Castle Throne Roome
Zayiq Cherim, Dune, Cherim Hall

Gnyassa, King's Walk Caravanserai (War Elephant Mount)
Leba, Dune, Clayd & Leba's House (Camel Mount)


A. The in-game borders must be disabled. See installation instructions below.

B. The latest official Oblivion patch is needed to run this mod:--
Download Official Oblivion Patch


1. Download main file and extract the contents directly to your Oblivion/Data/ folder. Answer "yes" when it prompts you to overwrite.

2. Check the file ElsweyrAnequina.esp in your mod lists.

3. The in-game borders MUST be disabled. This can be done either by--
A. By switching the "bBorderRegionsEnabled=1" to "0" in your Oblivion game ini file. You can find this ini in your folder My Documents/My Games/Oblivion. The setting can be found near the top of the ini file under the heading [General].
B. Or by installing a border removal mod, e.g. "Borderless Cyrodiil."

4. (Optional) If you wish to see the cities and trees from a distance, run TES4LODGen after installing this mod. Distant view for new types of architecture is dependent on load order, so you need to generate these yourself.
Download TES4LODGen (Very simple to use! Just double click on the file exe from the download.)
Its best to create a backup of your folder Data/DistantLOD/ before running this utility, so that you can restore them if need be.

5. (Optional) If you are using the Elys Silent Voice mod you can delete the file called ElsweyrAnequina-Voices.bsa which only contains a set of blank sound placeholders.

6. (Optional) If you wish to create a character using any of the new races download the Custom Race Fix mod, which tweaks some of the vanilla quests to allow for new races. Download Custom Race Fix


These are some additional mods made by others to work with Elsweyr Anequina. Please don't install any of these until you have checked that the Elsweyr mod is properly installed and working fine in-game first.

1. Optional In-Game Maps (Five types, pick the one you like!)
A. Download Colour Map by Yian This map comes with its own esp.
B. Download Resized Colour Map by Kyoma A resized version of Yian's map.
C. Download Colour Map by Volkar Combines Elsweyr Map by Yian with those of various other mods. Includes its own esp.
D. Download Elven Map by BigOriginal
E. Download Antiquated May by Xtudo
F. Download Topographical Map by Worm Includes its own esp.

2. Anequina Manor Version 3 by Reaper
This mod adds a sumptuous player home at the oasis half way between Orcrest and Dune. Includes a quest and Nequinal lizard mount.
Download Reaper's Anequina's Manor

3. . Elsweyr-Leyawiin-Topal Bay Walkabout by Angkor
New region to explore between Leyawiin and Elsweyr including an enormous dungeon.
Download Elsweyr Leyawiin Walkabout

4. Elsweyr Plantations & Co by Prettfly
Adds some new tropical plantations south of Corinthe.
Download Elsweyr Plantations & Co

5. Elsweyr Anequina Races patch for HGEC and Robert bodies by Xtudo
Download HGEC Roberts Races patch

6. Tales from Elsweyr Anequina by David Brasher
New locations and quests.
Download Tales from Elsweyr Anequina

7. The Fang of Anequina by Kohdi
A special khajiit sword with quest.
Download The Fang of Anequina

8. Elsweyr Anequina - Severe Desert ModSets Patch by Kuroko
Leveling mod to increase the degree of difficulty in Elsweyr. Creatures, spawns, items, quest rewards, etc. beefed up.
Download Severe Desert ModSets Patch

9. Elsweyr Tribal Huts Replacer By Washington
Alternate replacement model for the tribal huts.
Download Tribal Huts Replacer


See section 6 for compatibility patches.

1. Valenwood Improved by Eldarie plus Compatibility Patch
The neighbouring province of Valenwood plus a patch to make it compatible with Elsweyr.
i. Download Valenwood Improved
ii. (Edit: The patch is on AFK mods.)

2. Elsweyr and Waalx's Creatures Patch by Washington
Adds new desert and jungle creatures from Waalx's mod to the Elsweyr spawn lists. This requires the Waalx mod which is only available on a private forum.
Download Elsweyr & Waalx's Creatures Patch

3. DarkUI Loading Screens Patch for Elsweyr Anequina by Phinix
DarkUI style versions of the Elsweyr loading screens.
Download DarkUI Loading Screens Patch

4. CM Partners for Elsweyr by BlackRonin
A few new custom companions. These require the main CM Partners mod as well.
Download Alicya Whitelock CM Partner
Download Four CM Partners for Orcrest

5. Animated Window Lighting System and Chimneys
This mod now lights up the cities in Elsweyr as well as Cyrodiil at night!
Download Animated Window Lighting System

6. Realistic Ragdolls Skeleton Converter w/ Patch by LogicDragon
The patch adds this mod's ragdoll physics to the Elsweyr creatures.
Download Realistic Ragdolls Skeleton Convertor

7. RAEVWD (Everything Visible When Distant)
An RAEVWD extension for Elsweyr by Arthmoor. Only recommended for higher end computers.
Download Elsweyr RAEVWD
Note : You need to run the TES4LODGen utility after adding the RAEVWD files.

8. Better Music System for Elsweyr (You must supply your own selection of music for the new Elsweyr music folder)
Download Better Music

9. Sensual Walks for Female NPCs by Surazal patched to incorporate many Elsweyr NPCs.


It should be compatible with most mods. The region is beyond the borders of Cyrodiil and I have not altered any default lists or objects.
View a Map of the vanilla cells edited by this mod.

There are patches available for some mods:--

1. Anequina + Unique Landscapes : Fallenleaf Everglade
Download UL: Everglades Patch

2. Anequina + HGEC and RobertsMale Bodies by Xtudo
Download Elsweyr HGEC and RobertsMale Bodies Patch

3. Anequina + Faregyl Village
Download Faregyl Village Patch

4. Anequina + Leyawiin Reborn
No patch required for the latest version of Leywiin Reborn.
A combined landscape LOD for these two mods is included in the Anequina Optional Files download.

5. Anequina + C&C Blackwood Co.
I've made a small patch for this which you can find in the Optional Files download.

6. Anequina + Town of Riverhold
Please uninstall my Riverhold mod, as it is has been incorporated within this mod and updated.

7. Anequina + weather mods
Rain, snow or fog in the middle of the desert?
One or two of the weather mods apparently use scripts to override the weather in the whole of Tamriel including the custom weather for the Elsweyr regions so you end up with snow in the desert. As it uses scripts and not the game's standard weather templates I don't know how to patch it.

8. Valenwood Improved
Patch available. See Additional Mods section above.

9. Incompatible and Partially Compatible Mods
The current mods are currently incompatible and need patches for landscape rips and floating objects--
Village of Suliin (landscape conflicts)
Skye Village (some very minor landscape tears only)
All Natural (this mod increases the size of many plants and buries much of Riverhold beneath a mass of overgrown foliage making it hard to navigate)


1. "You can't go this way, please turn back" message means the borders haven't been disabled yet. See the installation instructions. Its just a matter of changing a single digit in a file.

2. Some things are pink and there are giant exclamation marks.
Make sure everything from the download file has been extracted to your Data/ folder. The bsa files for meshes and textures are absolutely essential.

3. Game Crashes
Ensure that sure you have the latest Official Patch installed.

4. Distant landscape loses its textures or a giant gap appears in the mountain. It can be caused by one of two things.
A) Try opening up your Oblivion Mod Manager, click on Utilities, Archive Invalidation and then the button Update Now.
B) This mod comes with a new set of distant landscape files for the Elsweyr region. But sometimes other mods will overwrite these and the new distant landscape in the area with vanish.
To make it easy to restore these if you lose them I have uploaded a separate Optional file called ElsweyrLandscapeLOD which contains just these eight files. So if you ever lose the distant land view you can just grab that small download to restore them.


1. Download French Translation of Version 3, Nov 2010 update & optional files

2. Download Russian Translation of Version 3

3. Download German Translation of Version 3

4. Download Japanese Translation of Version 2, Jan 2010

5. Download Spanish Translation of Version 2, Jan 2010


A special thanks to Mr Siika, Arthmoor, Mavrix-Watadarkstar, PacificMorrowind, Uglulyx, Senten, Siegfried, DavidWolf, Daemondarque, Raggidman, Yian, Rentner, and Worm82075 who have helped with this mod.

Mr Siika has provided many of the wonderful custom items in this mod including:-- Town of Dune architecture & layout, Orcrest walls, towers, palace & arena, Desert fortresses, Noria, Kings Walk caravanserai, Minotaur village, Elephants, Running birds, Durzogs, Camels, Minotaur oxen, cows, champions & elders, Animated seagulls, vultures & seahorses.

And a big thanks also to the following modders whose resources have been invaluable in the making of this mod.

Mr Siika (Dune city architecture, parts of Orcrest incl. palace & walls, caravanserai, desert fortresses), DarknessEternal (Desert architecture incl. Corinthe and some Orcrest houses), TheKarithian (Desert architecture incl. some Orcrest houses and Two Moon Temple), IronicEcho (Tents), SevenRavens (Tribal hut), Siegfried (Obelisks).

Addiktive (Desert Textures), Koniption (Trees, Plants, Corals, Ingredients), Texian (Water Rapids & Coastal Waves), Siegfried (Palmetto Trees), DeathlessAphrodite (Cacti & Baobab trees), DarkRider (Sandstorms), Mr Siika (Seagulls & Vultures), Arthmoor (WaterLOD), Sachiel (Rock Formations), Senten (Barrel cactus), Phitt (Anim. fish), Mr Siika (Seahorse)

AlienSlof (Khajiit retextures), Luchaire (Ohmes-raht Khajiit "Tabaxi"), Veld (Khajiit black), Corthian (Tsaesci), SniperDaria (Tattooed Ohmes)

Trollf (Desert Chain, Leather, Mithril Pit, Chain, Elven & Daedric Armors, Daedric Collar & Skirt), Ghogiel (Bonemold Armor), Koniption (Maomer Armor), Frank (Tribal Shields), Frankpants (Lamellar Armor), Uglulyx (Retexs of Lamellar & Pit Armor, and Hide Cuirasses), Ayhan (Ottoman & Archer Helms), AlienSlof's Orc (Tribal Fur Armor), Exanimis (Elephant Shield), Corthian (Scale armor)

Trollf (Peasants' Weapons), Exanimis (Tribal Weapons), Waalx (Khajiit blades), Hel Borne (Broad Spear, Trident), Koniption (Meat Cleaver)

Trolff (Misc Robes & Clothing), KrimsynKane & Kikaimegami (Scarves), Waalx (Fat clothes), Pale Rider (Straw Hat), Nessa (Upper05 retextures)

Koniption (Ingredients, Canoes,Nets, & Misc Clutter), Hel Borne (Orc Skulls), Senten (Road/Shop Signs & Tree fix), Lazarus (Tall baskets), Meo3000 (Moon globes, Open books), McMuffin (Skooma Pipe), Der Kriger (Mounted Heads), DavidWhitefang (Foods), Phaedra (Vomit, Urine), Khugan (Gold & Silver Bars), LiquidGraph (Magic Lamp, Talon, Giant rib, Geode), Trolff (Portable lamps & candles), MrMuh & RPG-BlackDragon (Havoked crates, barrels, sacks) Mr Siika (Animal skull), Chigga (Brazier), DominickCryomonde (Khajiit Skulls), Prometheus (Lacquered Table & Stool), Xiamara & Lazarus (Cushions), Lutur (Dried corn), Mr Siika (Spinning wheel), Washington (Morrowind beverages), Darkness Eternal (Urns), Phitt (Old Iron Chest)

InsanitySorrow (Brown Troll), Cryonaut (Red Wolf), Mr Siika, Divine Avenger & Yarharhar (Elephants, Elephant Mount), Mr Siika, Corepc & Jdfan (Durzogs) Francesco (Goats, Cats), Cyronaut, Malo, Elveon & AlienSlof (Spiders), AlienSlof (Tiger), Skingrad24 (Zebra), Corepc (Red & Black Boars, Fat Bellied Minotaurs), Cryonaut, Xmarksthespot & Grimdeath (Pahmer & Crocodilion), Argentsol (Skavens "Desert Goblins"), DeathlessAphrodite (Red Sand Crabs), Sjors Boomschors & Toru Miyazawa (Sharks & Fish), Hel Borne (Orc Zombies), b3w4r3 (White Deer), Prometheus & Xilver (Lizard, Glyptodon, Addax, Ape, Sandcrawler), CGChaos & Infiniti (Sea Lamia, Spore Cat, Marine Abominations), Mr Siika (Camel, Slarjei Bird), Mr Siika (Minotaur Ox, Cow, Bull, Chief & Champion)

Raggidman (Hunting Hunted Hunters)

DavidWolf (Custom loadscreens), Watadarkstar (Custom loadscreens), Xtudo (DarkUI versions of loadscreens)

DaemonDarque & Sen-Chan (Roberts Male & Female Body Adjustments), Gaikotsu Akunin (Compiled some FF Body Replacers)

Arthmoor (Optimised meshes)

And Bethesda of course for providing us with this wonderful open ended game in the first place!


This mod has been cleaned using TES4Edit Version 2.2.3.