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Small obse plugin that prevents resistances & spell effectiveness from rounding magnitudes down to the nearest integer.

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Name: FractionalMagicDamage
Version: v1
Date: 2011-03
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Author: JRoush ([email protected])

- Oblivion v1.2.0416
- TESCS v1.2.404 (only if you are planning to make mods using AAV)
- OBSE v0020 beta or higher

Magic effect magnitudes are rounded down to the nearest integer after resistances, weaknesses, and spell effectiveness factors are applied. If the effect had a small magnitude to begin with, this can greatly exaggerate the effects of resistance and effectiveness penalties.

This simple obse plugin prevents the rounding, and also lowers the absolute minimum magnitude from 1.0 to 0.0, making resistance and spell effectiveness more precise.

Installation & Uninstallation:
To install, extract FractionalMagicDamage.dll from the archive to your Oblivion\Data\OBSE\Plugins\ folder. If this folder does not exist, create it. To unistall, delete the file.

Bugs & Compatibility:
This is a very simple mod, and the likelihood of problems or conflicts is correspondingly small. If you do encounter a problem, please contact me using the email address given above, or via private message.

- Bethesda Softworks, for Oblivion
- The OBSE team, for the incredible Oblivion Script Extender
- InsaneShadow from the Bethsoft forums, who brought this issue to my attention