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Addon package for JAM/JVS that includes new features, animations, gameplay options, and 360 movement support.

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  • Restored 1st person landing sounds
  • New 3rd person sprint, long jump, and landing animations
  • Male and female sprint animations
  • No more sliding when sprint jumping in 3rd person with custom animations
  • Movement speed synced across 1st and 3rd person perspectives
  • Speed bonus option updated to affect both 1st person and 3rd person equally
  • Option to make companions sprint with the player
  • Option to toggle AP and/or H2O consumption when sprinting in and out of combat
  • Option to disable sprinting during combat
  • Option to apply drawn weapon movement and/or armor penalty to sprinting
  • Option to disable sprinting while swimming
  • Fixes some vanilla JVS oversights and bugs
  • Built-in support for Titans of The New West 2.0 and 360 Movement


  • Load JSP after JAM or JVS.
  • If using Titans of The New West 2.0, be sure to update Titans to the latest version 2.1.05 and disable the JAM/JVS patches that come with it.
  • If using 360 Movement, load order doesn't matter.


  • Any first person animations intended for JAM/JVS are fully compatible.
  • Any third person animations intended for JAM/JVS are not compatible but won't cause any issues if loaded. They just wouldn't be played in game.
  • Mods that were incompatible with JAM/JVS are almost certainly incompatible with JSP.
  • Mods that had issues with JAM/JVS will almost certainly have the same issues with JSP.

Mod Settings
  • JSP adds several new options as well as changing a few existing ones, so be sure to check and make sure they're set correctly and most importantly to your liking. Turning on both 1st and 3rd person animation options is highly recommended. Next, it is highly recommended to set Force Holster under Gameplay Options to Disabled, as the option is rather archaic. It doesn't work in 1st person with sprint animations on and can cause some animation issues in 3rd person.
  • If using Titans of The New West 2.0, it is highly recommended to use the Titans sprint animations, by enabling both the 3rd person animation option in JSP and the sprint animation set in Titans. Doing so can prevent a glitch that causes the player to become stuck in the run animation while in power armor, if 360 Movement is also active.

Known Issues
  • According to numerous users, using the toggle option with a controller breaks the sprint and causes the player to move to slow motion. I don't work with controllers so I'm unable to provide support nor confirm the issue as of now.


  • Now that movement speed is synced across 1st and 3rd person perspectives, sprinting in 3rd person may feel a bit faster than before. This is normal because the 3rd person sprint animation has always been a beat slower than 1st person + the default 75% speed bonus.
  • Limited play testing with 360 Movement by me. One, I don't use the mod myself. Two, 360 mod consistently crashes on my system after several minutes, so there's not much I can do.