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Xilandro - master JazzIsParis - DarianStephens

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This mod adds weapon inertia. Part of Project B42. Thanks to JazzIsMagic... I mean Paris. ;)

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This mod adds weapon inertia. As a part of Project B42, this feature can now be released separately thanks to new functions by JazzIsParis.
Now with customization! Though still no movement inertia.
Pics don't really explain what this mod does exactly, so that's why there's only one for header. These videos should explain it well enough:


This mod requires an edited skeleton.
As of version 1.0, this skeleton is provided wholly by Compatibility Skeleton, meaning any other mods which change the skeleton will need to get their changes merged in to that in order to be compatible with Inertia.
If you have any mod compatibility requests, I suggest you direct them towards the author of both your desired mod, and Compatibility Skeleton.

Just install and play the game.
Check the config to tune the mod to your preferences.
Could be unstable, due to the very nature of the mod - we never tried before to mess with meshes directly, nobody knows what's going to happen. This seems to have been proven false. Over the years, mods have made use of these functions with no issue, so I think it's safe to say the mod is pretty stable.


Install required mods first. They are essential and without them – this mod will not work.
"Weapon Inertia" mod installs like any other mod, manually or using a mod manager.
I recommend the latter for easy uninstallation.

Same as installation, in reverse.

JazzIsParis for all the magic
Obsidian for Fallout New Vegas
NVSE for all the good stuff
DarianStephens for the 1.0 and onward updates

Armed Forces of Ukraine, for keeping me alive and safe

Слава Україні!