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This Mod adds a Player Vault on the the Wasteland near Spring Mt. Ranch State Park. The vault includes all the amenities including a Armory, ammo Sorters, Weapons wall, water purifier, book shelf, grow area, and is Companion Friendly

Permissions and credits
My Skyrim Home by Danthegeek

Underground Hideout New Vegas

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This Mod adds a Player Vault on the the Wasteland near Spring Mt. Ranch State Park. The vault includes all the amenities including a Armory, ammo Sorters, Weapons wall, water purifier, book shelf, grow area, and is Companion Friendly


The entrance is located West of Spring Mt. Ranch State Park next to a boulder and pond. Check your map for the exact location.

Update Notes


When upgrading to a new version, your load order will change. You must fix the load order so optional plugins for this mod works correctly.

You do not have to do anything to your game when upgrading unless I specifically state so below. So no need to remove items from the hideout or containers unless I state to. Just copy the new versions files and overwrite the old version, that easy.

If you are having crashing problems, Open up Heidi's command console and navigate to Hideout Settings -> General Settings-> and enable Purge Cell Buffer setting. That will help with any issues while in the hideout due to low memory.

You need v1.3 of fallout to use v3.7 or newer of this mod. Otherwise, you wont see an entrance to the hideout. Empty any items from the nuka fridge and nuka machine in the kitchen before updating.

Remove any items stored in the containers on the workbench side of the crafting area. (5 containers total)

Remove any water, drinks, food, from the shelves in the main room. You can restock them after updating. That is all


If you see graphical errors when looking through windows in the main part of the hideout, close and re-open the shutters.

2.9 or newer, delete the performance patch from the fallout data folder. This is now built into the mod. You will have issues if you do not do so. Such as unable to see rooms or objects in the main area of the hideout

2.5 or newer, exit the hideout before updating or you will be locked in.

1.6 or newer, exit the Display room before updating to a newer version


Unzip the folder and copy the "UHNV.esp" and the "UHNV.bsa" files to the fallout new vegas data folder

You need v1.3 of fallout to use v3.7 or newer of this mod. If you are using an older version of fallout new vegas, you will not be able to enter the hideout. I did not intend for this to happen. It is simply a bug/side-effect of using the new GECK v1.3. If I could change this I would. But unless I can legally find an older version of fallout new vegas (buy a DVD copy maybe), I cant fix this.


Uncheck and Delete the Plug in File named "UHNV.esp" from the Data folder. Delete the BSA file name "UHNV.bsa".


Fallout New vegas

For v3.7 or newer, Fallout New Vegas v1.3

Suggested Mods

If you want companions to make the Underground Hideout their new home, I suggest downloading Follower Home Marker. This mod will allow you to change the default location that companions will call home.

To see what I see, use some high res texture packs. Install Detailed Normals first. Next install NMCs Texture Pack for FO3 using Fallout New Vegas HD Texture installer to install it. If it asks you to overwrite, select yes to all. That should do it, enjoy how fallout should look. Suggested for higher end system only.

DLC Info

You must have UHNV v3.7 or newer to use the Dead Money Patch V3

If you are using the Dead Money patch, you must have V3.1 or newer for it to work correctly

Hideout Decorations through Quest completion

Boone Beret and Hat Stand (cant be taken)/ "One for My Baby"
Repcon Rocket In Living Room / "Come Fly With Me"
Helios One Sign In Living Room / "That Lucky Old Sun"
Guitar in Living Room / "Talent Pool"
Sunset Sasparillo Sign In living room / "The Legand of the Star"
Plane Prop on Pillar / "Volare!"
Vault Door on Pillar / "Why Cant We Be Friends?"
Gulf Cart on Pillar / "Flags of Our Foul-Ups"
Creature Figurines On Pillar / "Bleed Me Dry"
Stealth Boy of Pillar/ "Guess Who I Saw Today"
Slave Collar On Pillar / "Left My heart"
Jail Door on Pillar / "I Fought The Law"
Crucifix on Pillar / "Cold, Cold Heart"
The Plants Kill sign in grow area / "There Stands the Grass"
Secuirtron in Fish Tank / Kill House


Slight update to main esp
fixed meshes for DLC meds and drinks added

-Main File
Hidden Hallway to Armory/Systems Room/Display Room Moved (next to companion area door, look for the statue)
Scripts edited for DLC compat.

Added all Chems and Drink sorting and stocking to all DLC patches
All food can be sorted
Added MRE from Lonesome Road to food stocking

-Main file
Changed Armory layout back
Added hidden doors to hide weapons
Moved all weapons walls back
Lonesome Road Bug fixes
OWB bug fixes

-Main File
Added stockable pre-war money to hidden room
armory layout changed for DLC patches
Increased bedroom lighting
Moved surgical machine to recovery Chamber
Other small changes
OWB bug fixes
HH ammo sorting and stocking updated (smaller footprint)
LonesomeRoad patch 1.0 added

-Changes to work with future DLC patches.

-Rad-remove Shower added to entrance
-Armor storage locker given labels
-Try sitting on the toilet. Listen ;-)
-Can Access reactor by bridge
-Can sort all items into lockers in bedroom
-Cosmetic Changes
-New models for improved performance/memory usage
-various bug fixes
-Support added for newest Dead Money and Honest Hearts patches

-Fix map marker (may have to re-discover it)

-Fix explosives stocking bug
-Possible fix for missing entrance (let me know)
-Fix companiion showers
-Added more power options to settings menu

-Fix stuck in Sim Pod after comleting quest
-Fix possible reactor refueling problem
-Powers on Hideout if hideout is off when disabling reactor power usage in menu or hideout settings

-New power option, can have hideout run on Isotope UF6
-Power usage can be disabled/enabled in hideout settings menu
-New cheat menu under hideout settings (enable all decorations and shelf items
-wall added to armory for enhanced performance
-power effects added to sim pod
-power effects added to teleport stand
-Stockable drugs in lab.
-Lab redesign
-New decorations
-Various Bug Fixes
-alot more im forgetting

-few apperience changes
-"Utility room" changed to "Systems room"
-Quest, can now duck/sneak under higher lazers
-craftable items sorter (switch added to player bedroom and armory)
-Must activate phone in simulator main room to enter sim areas (no longer automatic, but phone appear after you chooze a location)
-Many new creatures added to hunting simulator (now 39 total)
-Hunting Simulation, after completeing, choosing creatures changed to terminal interface (makes it easily expandable so i can add all creatures eventually)
-Can order multiple items at a time with ordering system
-Ammunition added to ordering system
-Changed ordering system delivery time to 2 game hours
-Maintence Protectron added to Systems Room (only walks around)
-Lots of script changes

-Quest added, optional (exit hideout before upgrading)
-Reactor room added
-Power Options added, disable power, enable power, open reactor, close reactor
-lots of script updates
-few mesh updates


-New emergency room, in place of hidden weapons spot
-Plants in grow room must now be planted to grow, requires 1 coresponding item to plant it
-New apple, pear, potato, carrot, and pinyon nut meshes
-rebalanced faction flag, must now reach liked/hated
-Ammo shleves made SCOL for peformance
-Ammo Shelf guards can be disabled
-New Aquarium shutters
-Performance increase when closing blinds and aquarium shutters
-Various performance increases by smaller meshes and textures
-Hidoeut Console made terminal interface
-New settings added and menu layout changed
-Start of Ordering system, weapons armor ammo coming soon!!
-Teleport Device must be constructed if lost using work bench
-Workbench in main bedroom now repair items


-Bleed Me Dry figurines fixed and updated
-Fixed 10 mm hollow point shelf label
-Added ablility to take all ammom off of ammo shelves
-Updated shelf ammo scripts
-Misc. Armor container added above current armor lockers
-Misc. Weapons locker moved near work benches
-Weapons Mod and Weapon repair kit container moved near workbenches
-Added sorter for Weapon Mods and Weapon Repair Kits
-Fixed enemies not spawning in Outdoor Sim (will re-spawn after 12 hours)
-"Creatures Spawned" notification fixed
-Updated Shooting Range Speed Challenge script
-Changed weapons/armor given during Indoor Sim
-BOS stats changed as they were too powerful at easy/med levels
-Added Boone Beret and Hat Stand next to couch as quest reward
-Container added next to teleport stand as requested (toolbox as it fits the look)
-Probaly More but I forget lol...


Simulation system
-outdoor hunting simulation
-indoor combat simulation
-shooting range with mini games

Other stuff
-Re-designed utility room
-trash incinerator
-fixed bath water
-Steamy showers
-Sinks with running water
-toilets flush ;-)
-nuka cola machine makes ice cold colas
-shelf labels in armory (ammo types/placement)
-fixed falling weapon on weapons wall (if you have one, tell me which one is falling off or I cant fix it.)
-Changed pinpoint stock
-Roscoe has fixed laser and a silencer in place of scope (use 10mm laser and silencer)
-lock-down system lights and sound changed
-improved auto doors (wont shut in your face)
-Window Blinds now animated with sound


-Added Misc Weapons Container in Armory
-Help and Compatable weapons list added to Weapons wall menu
-Fixed Teleport Device, hammer, and Custom weapons from adding to Weapons walls in armory
-Player can obtain new Hideout moving device from HEIDI's console
-Added tree in grow area for Pinyon Nuts
-Fixed Container ownership in companion rooms
-12 and 20 gauge Hulls added to Ammo reloading bench sorting


-Added Weapons mods to Hidden Weapons (wont display modded, working on a fix with NVSE for future release)
-Roscoe 9mm Mods (add extended magazine & scope)
-Snubby 44mag Mod (add scope)
-Carbine Assault Carbine Mod (Extended magazine)
-Hidden Weapons wall scripts changed to work with weapon mods
-Cave Fungus in Bedroom Harvestable
-Feral Ghoul Removed (Bug)
-Heidi Console Menu improved organization
-Safe in bedroom locks when closed
-Auto-Lockdown stuff tweaked
-Companion Bedrooms cluttered a bit


-Fix #2 for LockDown Issues. Will have to walk through hidden door for the autolockdown to be turned on.
-Lock down test topic wills be added to HEIDI from the start


-Main entrance changed
-Key added. Located in Wooden Crate next to Entrance Door.
-Movable Entrance added. Use hammer found in player bedroom to move the entrance.
-Bobblehead stand added above Snow Globe stand (optional through HEIDI console)
-Lock-down system added (will start when player attacked in Hideout)
-Lock Down test can be started from HEIDI
-Teleport Effects and Sounds added
-Apples, Pears, Carrots, and Potatos added to Grow area
-Rocks can be disabled under HEIDI console
-More aesthetic clutter added


-Fixes missing Mesh in utility Room
-Changes Followers of the Apocalypse Flag
-Teleport Stand Effects added


-Teleport System added Located in Utility Room
-Primm, Boomer, Powder Gangers, and Followers Added to Reputation Display wall
-Tweaked Pinpoint Hunting Rifle
-Armors added to HEIDI Sorting
-Safe Added to bedroom
-Mesmetron shelf Ammo fixed
-Alien Shelf Ammo fixed
-Few bugs and cosmetic Changes


Terms of use

This file can not be uploaded to another domain or location without my consent. I vertify all content included in the UHNV.BSA is either original or modified from Fallout New Vegas content. For this reason, I claim no right of ownership to these files. Please contact me if you wish to use the content in any way.

Special thanks

Send a thank you to Sagyxil for making the ammo container textures.


Bethesda and Obsidian for New Vegas
Blender for their Modeling program- http://www.blender.org/

Thanks to jello44 for his French translations of this mod. Send him a kudos and thanks

Sagyxil at danthegeek.webs.com for his work on the ammo containers

A special thanks to AndyW1384 for the Mannequin Mod. If you like the Mannequins, you can download his mod giving them more features such as the ability to hold weapons and set poses.

Thanks to noraimironhand for the Vault door models

Malo- Animated Aquarium-http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6263

Meos Vault-Tec - Resource- http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13078

RegentEagle-Wooden Hut- http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37531

Hengebobs-STmoddersResources Shower- http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=39740

TAJocelyn- Beds- http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=14777

Teleport Sound- If anyone knowns the author, let me know. It was found online.