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Reworks vanilla faction safehouses to be more atmospheric, useful & true to their associated groups. This mod completely redecorates & redesigns the NCR, Brotherhood, Legion and Followers Safehouses. Each has had it's own perks reworked and improved upon, with new commissary terminals replacing and evolving upon vanilla caretaker characters

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Volume 1 of Lime's Player Housing Overhauls

Welcome Courier. Whichever flag you fly, I'm sure you will find value in my latest and most ambitious mod to date. This plugin completely redesigns, clutters and improves both atmosphere alongside the base functionality of the Faction safehouses in Fallout: New Vegas.

When I first played New Vegas all those years ago, I really loved the idea of faction specific housing. I looked forward to earning the key to these small mysterious little bunkers to see what they held within. Once I discovered the exterior of the NCR safehouse - it sat there teasing me my entire playthrough. 

To my disappointment after gaining all the keys over multiple playthroughs, I was met with disappointment again and again in the form of  barebones, messy looking shacks with no real atmospheric storytelling or functionality. None of the safehouses really evoke the faction they claim to be an extension of. No interesting decor, No thought in the placement of faction gear (It usually ends up spread across the beds) and not even places to craft in some cases. Why are they all so dirty? who would live here? these places are all literally all have housekeepers, so why are beds at 45 degrees to each-other & the floors covered in grime and burned books?

This mod also (Optionally) removes the annoying caretakers and projects their perks onto commissaries and other interactive objects in the safe-houses. Each safehouse retains it's unique offering of bi-weekly items and all now have repair functions. The brotherhood has also received an additional perk in the form of a crafting material dispenser via the commissaries (This is to ensure all safehouses have a unique set of times available and repair functions). 

Sadly what could have been a fantastic aspect for roleplaying and player immersion lies in a sorry state. These faction safe-houses are semi-late game rewards requiring considerable progress with each faction's reputation to obtain, so why do they feel so barren and thoughtless?  

With this mod I set out to make these safehouses truly shine. I have painstakingly reworked each of the four faction safehouses to really feel like they were built and maintained by their respective faction. Each has been totally re-cluttered, the default loot has been shuffled around and improved. I've added small, unobtrusive pieces of lore to ground these safehouses in a playthrough even more, further integrating them with the Mojave.

The following video should give you a  good idea of the atmosphere / functionality this mod will provide you. It will exhibit each of the four main faction safe-houses and highlight their improved and more faction aligned aesthetics.

The next section will cover the main features added by this plugin.

  • Complete overhauls to, Brotherhood, Legion, NCR & Followers of the Apocalypse safe-houses
  • Removes those annoying Caretakers & replaces them with more functional Commissary terminals (Caretakers can be reinstated with an optional patch)
  • Commissaries match the perks that each safehouse Caretaker provides, adds repair to all safehouses, and adds a new safehouse perk for the BOS.
  • Decor changes made to more reflect the identity of the associated faction
  • lots of lazy clutter cleared away (Burned books, Tin cans etc.)
  • Reward loot improved and remains true to faction identity
  • All Navmesh updated to accommodate redesigns
  • Added lore-friendly world building to each, helping ground each location in the Mojave
  • Crafting & reloading benches added to all safe-houses
  • Auto-Doc & custom medical sign textures added to Followers Safehouse
  • Faction reward loot relocated to more thoughtful locations (Instead of being placed on the beds haphazardly)
  • Unobtrusive, lore friendly notes & terminal entries
  • ILO, TTW, AWOP, FNV Interiors Project compatible
  • Plugin fully cleaned in FNV Edit for dirty edits and unused masters. 

One of the new features that this mod brings are the Commissaries scattered throughout each base.

This took a lot of scripting, effort and time. But i'm glad they are all functional. These Commissaries are designed to replace the unreliable caretakers that show up in game every few days to provide the player with perks and benefits. Each Caretaker provides a unique set of items or perks to the courier, and these new Commissaries replicate and improve upon each's function. I've also taken efforts to ensure that they remain balanced, the user can always repair their items for caps, but an item perks can only be redeemed once every 3 in game days. In the case of the legion faction safe-house, I've followed lore convention and imagined how the legion would likely treat such technology, with apathy and neglect. As such the legion Commissary is rusted and some of it's functions are non functional - the non functioning features can be accessed by a much more lore-friendly grindstone placed in the base (The legion Commissary does however still dispense basic items). 

I've laid out a table of the available perks & items for each faction Commissary in the below table:

| Commissary         | Items             | Additional         |
|     |                   | Functions          |
| Legion             | Cateye            | Repair             |
|                    | Stealth Boy       | Available          |
|                    | Magazines         | Via Grindstone     |
| BOS                | Scrap Metal       | Repair             |
|                    | Scrap Electronics |                    |
|                    | Sensor Modules    |                    |
| NCR                | Projectile Ammo   | Repair             |
|                    | Energy Ammo       |                    |
|                    | Explosives        |                    |
| Followers          | Stimpak           | Repair &|
|                    | Super Stimpak     | Medical Services   |
|                    | Radaway           | Via AutoDoc        |
|                    | Rad-x             |                    |

The following section covers installation of this mod, it's a fairly simple affair as far as mods go but please read this section carefully and follow all the below instructions.

Before proceeding, check you have satisfied the following requirements: (Mandatory)

  • Fallout: New Vegas up to date
  • Own, have installed and activate all Fallout: New Vegas DLC
  • NVSE (xNVSE preferred) & JIP LN Plugin installed 
  • Your preferred Mod Manager is up to date and ready to go! (if you plan on using one, although - you really should)

SUGGESTION: Remove any important gear from the vanilla cells before installation of this mod. Some containers present in the vanilla locations have been removed / replaced for aesthetic & spatial reasons. If your items were placed in said containers and then this mod is installed they will be lost. If you think you are missing items, uninstall using the next section, load a save before installation of this mod, remove required items and reinstall.
Once you are happy that you at least satisfy the above minimum requirements follow either method 1 or 2:

Method 1) Install with preferred mod manager of choice (Recommended) ~ Optionally install the ILO compatibility patch & Caretaker Enabler.
Method 2) Drag and drop Data folder into your Fallout: New Vegas directory. ~ Optionally install the ILO compatibility patch &  Caretaker Enabler in the same manner [Load after LFSO.esp] 

This mod features two optional .esp files, their function is outlined below, instructions for installation are the same as above, please examine the following table for information on their function and load order information:

| Plugin (.esp)          | Mandatory | Requirements | Function                                   | Load Order   |
| LFSO                   | Yes       | FNV DLC      |Main File, Overhauls all four main faction  | Always above |
|                        |           | Plugins      | Safehouses with new clutter, unobtrusive   | optionals    |
|                        |           |              |lore and functionality                      |              |
| LFSO_ILO_Patch         | No        | LFSO & ILO   | Ensures compatibility between LFSO &       | After LFSO   |
|                        |           |              | ILO (Interior Lighting Overhaul)           | & ILO        |
| LFSO_Caretaker_Enabler | No        | LFSO         | Re-enables caretaker characters disabled   | After LFSO   |
|                        |           |              | by LFSO if you prefer.                     |              |

Note: Optional .esp's can be loaded in any order respective to each-other

NB: LFSO_Caretaker_Enabler is deprecated as of version 2.10, use the .ini file to handle this

IMPORTANT: I suggest you load this mod AFTER any texture / mesh mods you are currently using as I have modified a few textures / meshes in this mod. If you are using vortex, allow this mod to overwrite other texture mods. This is where manual installation naturally falls short.2

As above, I ask you read this section carefully if you wish to remove this mod. Similarly with installation, it's quite simple.

SUGGESTION: Similar to my recommendation above, if you have any items stored in any of the safehouses after the installation of this mod & wish to keep them, please remove them before uninstalling this mod. The reverse of installation is true as uninstalling this mod will restore all vanilla containers, removing all new / replaced containers. If you have already removed this mod and find items are missing, reinstall & load a save prior to uninstallation. Remove your items and proceed to remove the mod again.

Again, Follow either method 1 or 2:

Method 1) Uninstall with preferred mod manager (Recommended)
Method 2) Remove/delete LFSO.esp from the data folder, LFSOH folder from Data > meshes folder and LFSOH from Data > Textures folder.

Additionally use the above methods to remove the ILO compatibility & Caretaker Enabler patch (If you installed either).

I recommend using the first method. If you choose to follow the second method please be careful that you only delete the files listed above. You don't want to go deleting vanilla files or assets from other mods! I have highlighted what you need to delete in bold and underlined the direct folder where this should exist. 

If you read this far, thanks! I'd like to take this opportunity to once again ask you to endorse this mod if you enjoyed it (Maybe even vote it for mod of the month!) and provide any feedback you may have. I'm very proud of my work and any opportunity to make improvements based on community feedback is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to AnewFranz, Demorome & Darian Stephens for helping with the scripting of the commissaries

Thanks to Patchier for the "Legion Radio" compatibility patch.

Lime Drawing by Peach