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Adds a simple home to Goodsprings, replacing Victor's Shack.

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Goodsprings Shack - Redux

Version 1.1

Hiya! I made the original Goodsprings Shack mod nearly 10 years ago (good lord), and decided to remake it because it was rather lacking and I stopped finding it useful because of the utter lack of storage and utility. So, I remade it! Most every bit of Victor's Shack has been touched-up, giving it a nice, lived-in feel, as well as adding a basement area for further storage and space for crafting benches and other things (including two purified water sources - compatible with Water Overhaul). Some things have been added outside as well, with a small covered "garage" area, a little water collection tower on the surface, and a bathhouse out back.

I HIGHLY recommend using Stash Organizer by Eddoursul with this mod. I use this instead of adding an auto-sorter since it's lightweight and lets you choose where you want stuff to go.


-Lots of storage!
-Weapon displays, courtesy of hman101's Dynamic Weapon Displays mod!
-Two purified water sources, compatible with any mod that touches the base game water sources (such as Water Overhaul).
-Reloading and Crafting bench in the basement.
-A stovetop you can cook on! (functions identically to a campfire)
-Toggleable lights!
-A bed that gives you the well-rested bonus!
-A radio with a hat!!!!!!!!!!

-Fallout: New Vegas (duh)
-All DLCs (presumably, was developed with all of them on)
-Dynamic Weapon Displays by hman101

-Should be compatible with anything that doesn't modify Victor's Shack, and even if it does, the interior cell is the same, meaning if something is placed there, it should show up but may or may not look right since a lot has been moved around.
-If there's a huge mod that is incompatible with this, let me know and I'll probably add a patch

-Go to C:/Program files (x86 for 64 bit OS)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Fallout New Vegas/Data
and put "goodspringsshack.esp" in the Data Folder!


-Should the "install with Manager" option on the Nexus not work, go into MO2's file dropdown, hit "Install Mod... (CTRL-M)", browse to this mod's zipped file, and... install it!

Known Bugs:
-Light Switches don't work toggle on first use. Don't know why this happens, but you have to hit them twice the first time you activate them to actually toggle lights on or off.
-Can't toggle the Nuka Lamp or Lantern. Added scripts and everything, but the activator won't work and I'm not entirely sure how to get it to work, since the model browser doesn't show either model for me to set on the activator, and the other method I tried didn't work either.

-Original mod and remake by ProfessorHappycat
-Dynamic Weapon Displays by hman101
-GECK Extender (used to make this) by Roy Batty et al. ( https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/64888 )

-Added a safe downstairs
-Moved briefcases out from under the bed and scaled them up to an appropriate size
-Added two more Dynamic Weapon Displays to the main display wall
-Added a generator outside