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Azlla Chocbar98 and KospY

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A replacer for the Lucky 38 Suite, originally by Chocbar98 and Kospy, now updated with DLC support!

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Major overhaul of the Lucky 38 suite. 
This suite takes one complete level of the Lucky 38 tower and it is now possible to see the sky from the windows all over the place.

Several months ago, I decided to make my own bootleg DLC update for the Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded mod for my own use. I had thought that it would take a week or two. Instead, I spent three months updating, optimizing, and customizing the mod to suit my tastes. I didn't originally intend to share this, but after spending so long working on it, it seemed like a waste. I also know that there are tons of people like me that have been wanting this for a very long time.

Tale of Two Wastelands Compatibility

KatoHostilius has very generously made a compatibility patch for TWW that fixes the weapon displays for vanilla weapons. I know this was something a lot of people want, so I greatly appreciate their help with this.
TTW Patch

akajimmy has also made an incredible standalone version of the suite for TTW that includes support for items from DC, including adding all of the available weapons to the displays in the armory! Please check that their mod if you use TTW!
Standalone TTW Version

Chocobar98's Mod
Kospy's Mod


Version 5.3
-Fixed placement of Recompense of the Fallen
-Corrected issues with magazines and books displaying on the shelves
-Rearranged magazines and books, they are now alphabetical
-Fixed some lights not turning off in the great room
-Fixed garden collision problem

Version 5.2
-Changed back the worldspace climate due to issues experienced by users
-Minor changes to balcony navmesh to avoid strip npcs from suiciding
-Misc items will now be added when crafting food
-Spent energy ammo will now be added when using the workbench
-Moved lounge bathroom sink to prevent clipping

Version 5.1
-Weapon Display support for Courier's Stash - new hooks will not show up without fresh install of the mod. Everything else works fine.
-Holovendor upgrade - purchasable after finishing Dead Money
-Transportalponder! - purchasable after finishing Old World Blues for 2000 caps
-Now uses the Lucky38Worldspaceclimate climate
-Fixed DLC Snow Globes - If you have already found the Snow Globes, use the console to add them to your inventory and update the displays
-Fixed invisible windows
-Fixed bedroom fingerprint scanner

Version 5.0
-DLC Support added
-Weapon displays
-All item sorting
-New Ammo and Chem container textures
-Weapon display script rewritten to utilize NVSE
-Most item sorting scripts rewritten to utilize NVSE
-Added garden, accessible from lab and kitchen
-Fixed invisible balcony door
-Fixed invisible laboratory column
-Fixed beverage fridge issues
-Stability improved (no more "out of memory" crash)
-Alfred, VR pod, teleporter, and mannequins removed

I removed Alfred and the VR pod because they were buggy and I had neither the ability nor desire to fix them. I believe that Alfred in particular was responsible for the "out of memory" crash. He was the first thing I changed, and I never saw the crash again after removing him. I personally never used the teleporter, and decided I would rather have a garden. I understand if some people liked it, since fast travelling to the Lucky 38 suite is kind of a pain, but as the house that was already script heavy, I decided it would be best to remove non-essentials.

I accidentally broke the mannequins and spent a week trying to fix them before I gave up. Very sorry about that. 

I do not currently plan to provide a ton of support for this mod beyond fixing any bugs that are found.
Please feel free to further update this mod however you want, so long as you don't redistribute, as per Kospy's wishes.

If updating from a previous version, I recommend removing all items and companions from the suite and doing a CLEAN SAVE before installing 5.0.
Not doing so may result in losing items and/or companions!

Bugs/Know Issues
Sometimes Crashes on Load. New Vegas Anti Crash (NVAC)will fix this. If you do not have it currently, I highly recommend getting it.

Below is Chocobar98's Version 4 description (updated to reflect changes made)


The suite features an armory to display the Courier's proud collection of weapons and ammunition.

The suite contains it's own infirmary, including: 
- MK1 AutoDoc - From facial surgery to a simple haircuit.
- Med Storage Shelves
- Recovery Chamber - To completely heal your character of all the damage caused by the Mojave.

The laboratory is a large section of the suite, which can be customized and upgraded through the terminal system.

Performance Optimization (New 3.00) 
By adjusting lighting and environmental variables and by removing old unnecessary scripts, I have been able to optimize the suite's performance in comparison to Version 2.

Aesthetically, the suite remains virtually identical to Version 2.00, however both lighting and ambient adjustments have been made to remove the 'creepy, annoying' ambiance from v2.00 and improve the overall feel of the suite.

The Lucky 38 Suite System
Each room in the suite can be upgraded and customized, using terminals in certain rooms. Since Version 2.00, I have made many changes to this system, with the following:
- New radio station controller
- New items

The suite now features a purchasable balcony, looking over the New Vegas Strip. This includes a fridge, grill, sunbeds and beverages! Companion friendly and compatible with NVR!

Water Purifier
You can now purify your water in the kitchen by boiling it. (Yes, I know boiling won't rid the deadly nuclear waste from your water) This is a very simple feature, please use your imagination. :)

Working Fireplace
You can now feel more at-home with a working fireplace!

Ice Cold Nuka Cola Fridge
Ice Cold Nuka Cola Fridges are purchasable through the Lucky 38 upgrade system. Put your Nuka Cola in and watch Ice Cold Nuka Cola come out.

Radio Station Controller 
This allows you to flick between Mojave Music Radio and Radio New Vegas at a click of a button. (Possibility of introducing Wave Radio in the future)

Washing Machine
Thanks to the suite's washing machine, the courier is able to wash dirty clothes which they may have in their inventory. Keep it clean.

Magazine Bookshelf
Always hated that inability to display your collection of comics, magazines and books? No problem, the suite now incorporates a fully functional bookshelf in the master bedroom.

There is plenty more to discover...


-New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE)
-Fallout: New Vegas
-I advise you to install the latest patch for New Vegas, as this mod is based on it.

Manual Install

1. Extract the files from the archives.
2. Remove any old installations of "Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded"
3. Copy the files into the "Data" folder where the game is installed (Default : C:\Program Files (x86)Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas\Data)
4. Start Fallout: New Vegas Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp/.esm file.

Manual Un-Install

1. Start Fallout: New Vegas Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the file Lucky38Suite_Reloaded.esp and L38R folders in both the "Meshes" and "Textures" folders


- Do not use anything that modifies the Lucky 38 suite's interior.
- Balconies on the Lucky 38 will definitely conflict
- Compatible with NVR
- Companion friendly
- Compatible with Run the Lucky 38

Lucky 38 Users no-longer require a compatibility patch!

Bugs/Know Issues
Please report any bugs in the comments or via PM

4.1 02/07/2014 -   Performance optimisation, aesthetic improvements, new bathroom, ESM version.
4.00 02/07/2014 - Major Bugfixes, new features and stability improvements.
3.00 12/04/2014 - More features, bug fixes and a VR POD!
2.00 25/04/2011 - Lot of new things : Items sortings, Securitron servant, redone armory, performance optimization, i'm lazy to enumerate all.
1.11 13/03/2011 - Fix the "floating white shelf" near the staircase (latest patch addition)
1.10 06/03/2011 - Improve the pool, added blue light and better transparency. Add player bed style selection.
1.01 06/03/2011 - Fix the missing sound for the teleportation 
1.00 05/03/2011 - Initial Release

Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian for creating Fallout: New Vegas.

Many Thanks to Danthegeek, for letting me use some parts of his UHNV mod 
Thanks to odin_ml for the Animated Light Switch model 
Thanks to David Whitefang for the grand piano model and HugePinball for convert it to Fo3. 
Thanks to Malo and Kalten1979 for the aquarium ressource 
Thanks to Coneman for the working toilets models 
Thanks to Hengebobs for the shower and bathtub model from STmoddersResources 

Special thanks to KospY for letting me continue his mod!

Tools Used


You are not able to dispatch redistribute this mod without KospY's approval, but if you want to improve this suite, feel free to develop mods based on this one.