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A lore-friendly and balanced player home/quest mod for TTW that sees you renovate the ruin of the garage at Springvale Red Rocket into a fully functional and capable home for yourself. Clean up, restore power and water, salvage furniture, and purchase or scavenge powerful upgrades for your home.

Permissions and credits

  • Springvale Garage is a mod for Tale of Two Wastelands that adds a small, lore-friendly but extremely functional player home to Springvale (Red Rocket).
  • Inspired by New Vegas classics like Afterschool Special, the mod comes with a short quest that sees you transform the home from a ruined shell, to a full-featured staging point for your adventures and travels through the Capital Wasteland.
  • There are also several optional, but powerful upgrades to the garage, such as an infirmary/dermal sculptor to heal and change your face, a well stocked garden that grows plants from all over both wastelands, and a laboratory. These upgrades are NOT free - some can be bought with caps, such as decorative items or collectible displays. More powerful upgrades will test your skills AND your exploration/scavenging abilities to gain leads on them, track them down, and build them.
  • Begin the main quest by investigating the site - and uncover the grisly story of the previous owner.
  • If you get stuck, or need hints on what to do, refer to the Walkthrough


For centuries, Springvale Garage has remained as a curiously intact landmark in the center of Springvale, it's strong walls and uncommonly strong locks protecting it from the depredations of scavengers, and the harsh elements of the Wasteland itself.

But that all changed when a disgruntled ex-Rivet City resident discovered the long-lost keys, and became the first person in 200 years to make his way inside. Although the unfortunate man succumbed to the dangers of the wastes shortly afterward, his vision of what the garage could be remains very much alive...waiting to be realized by your actions.

Springvale Garage starts off with a gentle learning curve, as it is intended to be acquired soon after you exit Vault 101. But to realize it's true potential will require skill investment - and scavenging.


The Home

Springvale Garage consists of a small building, with a fully furnished bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/living area. The main room of the garage itself is a staging point for wasteland adventures, and when fully upgraded, features large amounts of storage for organized item storage, and a full set of crafting and healing gear.

The house also contains lots of space for display of items, but as an option, comes FULLY decorated with static clutter. Once this decoration has been purchased, this can be toggled ON or OFF at will. The house also contains switchable lighting in each room, and water supplies (which is upgradeable to purified water sources, after a lore-friendly and appropriate point in the Fallout 3 storyline.)

My design philosophy when producing mods is to produce a high-quality product that feels as though it was part of the base-game itself. To that end, new interior decoration and custom meshes have been used to decorate the garage, but stay completely within the base game's art style, seamlessly integrating it into the game world.

The garage is fully optimized and navmeshed throughout, for a companion-friendly, polished but performance-friendly experience.

Expand the spoiler to learn more...


The Staging Area

When fully upgraded, the staging area contains:

  • A workbench (enabled by default, required to build upgrades).
  • Lots of storage for meticulous organization. Recommended for use with sorting mods such as Stash Organizer.
  • A reloading bench (main quest objective)
  • Laboratory to detoxify yourself or produce chems
  • Fully animated Infirmary, with custom animations
  • Dermal Sculptor to offer Pinkerton-style plastic surgery

The Living Area

When fully upgraded, the living area contains:

  • Well equipped kitchen, including two refrigerators, a cooking oven, and two drinks vending machines (one of which can be used to make ice-cold Nuka Cola).
  • A Player-owned bed giving the Well-Rested effect.
  • A built-in Caravan radio that provides vendor services - use this to buy certain upgrades or decoration for the garage, or just as a convenient alternative to Craterside Supply in Megaton.
  • A bunk for your follower
  • Fully functional bobblehead stand.
  • Custom scripted snowglobe stand - activate to update the display. For the 7 vanilla snowglobes, the stand will automatically be updated when the Lucky 22 snowglobe display is updated. For the DLC snowglobes, the snowglobes are automatically activated when you complete each of the four NV DLCs.
  • Working shower!
  • Grooming table that allows you to change your hairstyle
  • Tastefully furnished for both aesthetics and functionality.

The Basement

When fully upgraded, the basement contains:

  • Pump and filtration controls (quest related) which also (optionally) allow you to fit a water purification module to upgrade the garage's water sources to dispense purified water.
  • A fully separate, respawning hydroponic garden that provides plants from all over both wastelands + DLCs. Includes all TTW harvestables.

The Quest

The quest of Springvale Garage is designed to offer the player early, but balanced access to player housing. The quest starts when picking up the keys from Hacksaw's body, and is designed to give the player an opportunity to meaningfully earn their player housing, while also teaching them the basics of how to upgrade the garage when the mod eventually stops holding your hand. The quest objectives start off comparatively simple, but gradually get more and more complex. At it's heart, while by no means as complex, Springvale Garage takes inspiration directly from "subtle" quest mods, such as Puce Moose's series.

It is DESIGNED to be played with quest markers OFF - I HIGHLY suggest selecting another quest in the pipboy, or using a mod like LStewieAl's Tweaks to disable the quest markers/objective markers.

The player must read notes to interpret hints as to which world locations contain quest objectives/upgrades. This generally narrows things down to a single location or interior cell. The player is then expected to hunt around and explore each cell thoroughly, in order to meaningfully earn the upgrades. The main quest has HUD quest/objective markers, but three of the four most powerful upgrades (the lab set, the infirmary and the garden) depend on reading the notes, exploring the wasteland to find those named locations, and then carefully hunting things down.

Furthermore, investment into key related skills is required to build the more powerful functional upgrades. I opted for this because these are VERY powerful upgrades, and I didn't want to just offset the benefits with a simple cost in caps. You can buy decoration, furniture and collectible stands with caps, but if you want the best stuff - you have to work for it.

Expand the spoiler to learn more about the upgrades. To prevent spoilers, this DOESN'T contain the details of the skills/locations, just which upgrades require the player to put in effort:

  • Bed, fridge and cooker all require a skill investment. (Quest marker)
  • Reloading Bench requires a significant skill investment (Quest marker)
  • Caravan Radio requires a skill investment (Quest marker)
  • Lab set requires a skill investment, and for you to find the lab equipment (HINT: Buy info from the caravan radio to get a lead!)
  • Garden requires a skill investment, and for you to find garden supplies (HINT: Buy info from the caravan radio to get a lead!)
  • Autodoc/Infirmary requires a skill investment, and for you to find the items to build (HINT: Buy info from the caravan radio to get a lead!)
  • Water purification module. Let's just say this one is unmarked. But it's in an OBVIOUS location AFTER the Fallout 3 main quest is completed.

A Walkthrough, with both hints and explicit steps is available, but I recommend playing the mod the way it was intended.


  • Install as usual with MO2 or Vortex.
  • Manual installation is...c'mon people, it's 2022. Just get a damn mod manager.
  • Load order - Springvale Garage should be loaded AS EARLY as possible. Put it JUST after TTW/YUP. If you are running AWOP for Fallout 3, allow that to load earlier (Springvale Garage should load AFTER that)
  • A new game is recommended, but NOT required. Just make sure you're far away from Springvale exterior when you activate the mod. I recommend finding a nice safe INTERIOR location and waiting for THREE in-game days to ensure all the respawn timer is set.
  • Uninstallation midway through your game is NOT supported, this mod contains (very lightweight) scripts. If you uninstall mid-game and complain about it breaking your save, I will laugh at your plight, and use your saltiness to season my french fries.


  • You are FORCED to read Hacksaw's notes for a reason. Not only do they provide backstory and explanation to the mod, they tell you EVERYTHING you need to go out and start hunting down things. If you get stuck, READ THE NOTES. They cover ALL the main quest upgrades. For the OPTIONAL upgrades, you can buy information at your discretion from the caravan radio. Again, these are rumours and gossip that give you vague direction, but ultimately, the aim of this mod is to support PLAYING THE GAME. That means go explore!
  • If you have a quest objective that instructs you to build something, but you can't see it in the workbench, scroll down and make sure it doesn't require additional items. Some workbench recipes ask for extra supplies - again, these are in the notes.
  • Seriously, read the f***ing notes.
  • It should not be required, but I recommend that when you buy housing upgrades, you buy them one at a time, and exit the menu and allow several seconds to elapse before buying any new ones. I don't THINK this is anything to worry about, but for anyone running on potato hardware, this should help ensure the game isn't trying to enable too many things at once. If you still suffer crashes when buying too many upgrades, try this first!


See the FAQ Article


See the Walkthrough


Folks in the TTW discord for answering my questions, providing suggestions and putting up with my bulls***
The Many, for being a champ with helping me test, Spartan Seth for alerting me to the crash on crafting bug, Matt for whingining about his sledgehammer, Roy for suggesting a less janky method for crafting stuff, and many others for thei words of advice, support and constructive criticism.

Custom Meshes/Textures:

I'll be honest guys, Springvale Garage has been in development for...a very long time. I worked on and off for years, WITH several years breaks. Therefore, this is my best guess as to what I've used, and their makers. Please feel free to contact me if you feel I've missed you off this list.