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Various random mods I've made while playing that aren't big enough to earn their own page. Stuff will continue to be released as I find stuff to change. All in one version available!

Permissions and credits
Ammo Ingredients Loot:
- Adds various ingredients used to craft ammo into logical containers (tool boxes/military containers) 

Armored Ghouls have DT:
- Gives ghouls that have visual armor (Trooper Ghouls, Vault 34 Security Ghouls) proper damage threshold (5 for troopers, 7 for security) 

Better Hollowed-Out Rock Loot:
- Greatly improves the loot found in the hollowed-out rocks in both the base game and Honest Hearts

Better OWB Scaling:
- Changes the enemy level scaling in Old World Blues to reduce bullet-sponge enemies. Enemies can now spawn at any level tier less than or equal to the player, rather than always just equal to. Stolen Borrowed from Voidwalker's Enhancements Implemented Logically

Clean Crafting Menu:
- Hides recipes that require items from DLCs until you start said DLC

Convenient Map Markers:
- Adds various map markers to locations for easier fast travel (mainly locations in The Strip/Freeside, also ones for Camp McCarran and the Primm NCR camp). Based off Extra Map Markers 2.0

Fallout 76 Stash:
- Makes the Mojave Express Dropboxes around the wasteland function like Fallout 76's stash boxes, meaning you can stash items in one dropbox and they will automatically be available at every other dropbox. Has one small "conflict" with Loot Menu where the quick loot menu will show that the container is empty, but thats just how the dropboxes are set up. Just open the container normally and you will see everything. Inspired by VEIL

GRA No Common Vendor Special Ammo:
- Removes GRA ammo types (mini-nukes, 40mm grenades, .50 cal, etc) from regular vendors like Chet, Cliff Briscoe, and generic travelling merchants. They are still available from the high-end merchants, Gun Runners and the Vann Graffs. Recommended for use with GRA Unique Weapons Relocated and JSawyer Ultimate Edition (specifically the JSawyer Ultimate Edition - GRA Merged file). Inspired by Mojave Arsenal.

Harder Strip Credit Check:
- Raises the Strip credit check to 5000 caps. No other changes to the other entry methods. If you want something more complex, check out Harder New Vegas Strip Access. Recommended to use with an economy mod like Economy Overhaul
Less Annoying McCarran Unmarkeds:
- Improves the Dealing with Contreras and Not Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans unmarked quests from Camp McCarran. In dealing with Contreras, you have to bring 100 pieces of scrap metal to Isaac in vanilla. I couldn't lower the amount needed since its specifically said in a voiced line, so instead I made every large metal object (everything but cans and scrap metal) account for 5 pieces of metal. In Not Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans, I changed the requirements to fix the machine to 2 conductors 1 firehose nozzle, 1 fission battery, 2 scrap electronics, 2 sensor modules, and 3 scrap metal.

Less Currency in Loot:
- Lowers the amount of NCR/Legion money to be closer to the average amount of caps in loot. Inspired by JSawyer Ultimate Editon's Push's Tweaks file. 

Less Legion Loot:
- Lowers/varies the amount/types of loot found on Legion NPCs/in Legion containers

Nerfed Energy Drops:
- Lowers the amount of Energy Cells in loot and tweaks the level requirements for the higher-tier Bright Follower weapon spawns

NPC Package Tweaks:
- Various tweaks to assorted NPC packages, mainly making quest NPCs you follow/wait for run instead of walk

Tougher Mutants:
- Gives Super Mutants/Nightkin 25 DT, 10 DR, full poison resistance, +25% energy/flame resistance, +20 unarmed and +25 melee damage, and +100 sneak (Nightkin only)

Tougher Reavers:
- Buffs Reavers and restores their projectile attack from Fallout 3. Projectile attack implementation taken from Ghoul Rad Tweaks

Varied Raider Armaments:
- Adds much needed variety to the weapons and armors worn by all types of raiders (only uses vanilla weapons/armors). Inspired by Mojave Raiders

Vendors Have Throwables:
- Expands the collections of throwable weapons that vendors carry, giving melee players a good early-game ranged option

Vicious Wastes Combat AI:
- Standalone combat AI changes from Vicious Wastes. Does not change any game settings related to AI detection/fleeing, so it shouldn't break any scripted scenes/cause unintended behavior in NPCs. Relatively untested though, so be careful. Compatible but not entirely recommended with TTW, as AI-changing mods tend to break the Liberty Prime scene. Though as mentioned earlier this mod shouldn't break it since it doesn't edit any game settings.