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Changes how Ulysses' perceives your factions to be involve MUCH BETTER and more sensible parameters to truely depict your Courier's allegiance. Also includes dynamically changing duster.

Permissions and credits
Lonesome Road was the hugely anticipated final DLC and finale to the tale of Courier 6. The coming together of two Couriers under different flags. Throughout the game, Ulysses addresses the player per their allegiance under a flag. How this is determined through the vanilla game was both sloppy and inaccurate, basing your character's motivation purely off reputation points alone.

Why was this bad? It meant that, whichever faction (NCR, Caesar's Legion, The Strip/House) was highest, it would automatically assign your player as following that path. If you didn't have any reputation in either three (ie. They were all neutral) you were assigned the title of 'Wildcard'.

This would cause a lot of conflicts. For example, you could have had Caesar killed and was on a questline with House, but as long as your Reputation with CL was higher than the rest, you would still be regarded as Legion.

Mod Description
The parameters for your allegiance has been altered to reflect on your quest status, rather than reputation.

NCR Allegiance
You have to have at least killed Mr.House and not failed the quest "For the Republic, Part 2". You also can't have failed the quest "Don't Tread On The Bear".

Caesar's Legion Allegiance
You have to have at least killed Mr.House and not failed the quest "Render Unto Caesar". You also can't have failed "Beware the Wrath of Caesar".

Mr.House Allegiance
You have to have completed "The House Always Wins IV" and Mr.House can't have been "neutralised".

Independent Allegiance (You are true only to yourself).
*This has two sets of parameters to be extra careful with allegiances. Elseif is set as a failsafe.
- You have to have failed "Don't Tread on the Bear", failed "Beware the Wrath of Caesar" and completed "The House Has Gone Bust!".
- There are no parameters for the secondary option. This is in the case that you have not made any factional progress.

Depending on the above parameters, picking up the Duster will have it change to the appropriate factional allegiance, if it is not already set to the correct one.

Final Dialogue
Dialogue with Ulysses entering the final encounter can involve the Courier attempting to use his reputation status to convince Ulysses of his views. Now, it would decide depending on your quest path (above) firstly, then depending on your reputation points with that specific faction, will see if you are successful or not. (ie. You have to be Liked or Idolized by The Strip if you're on the Mr House quest path).