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Added: 17/07/2014 - 04:30AM
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Do you remember you first time going through Lonesome Road? You're going around the Hopeville Silo for the first time, exploring and finding ED-E, the marked men and some pre-war skeletons? And after searching around for a bit, you find some dead ghoul wearing a a military overcoat? Well that ghoul is suppose to be a corpse. A 200 year old corpse (with nothing around to suggest that he could be preserved otherwise, mind you) that just stopped rotting. Yeah, he totally wouldn't be a skeleton like everyone else in the building.

Anyway, that bugged the hell out of me when I first played and when I replayed Lonesome Road again recently, it still bugged the hell out of me. So, being the moderate to average experienced modder I am, and not being able to find a fix by another guy somewhere, I fixed it myself.

Not too tough of a change actually. Although that's because I didn't really have to do any original work. I just redid the same method used in Dead Money for when you find Vera Keyes' skeleton and can loot her dress. Same exact thing here now. So, when you loot Martin Retslaf, the game will just add the overcoat and the various other items on his person to your inventory.

== Issues ==
None that I've found.

== Requirements ==
Just need Lonesome Road.

== Install ==
Drag the Mesh folder and esp from the archive to the data folder, click yes to the popup and tick the esp with whatever you use. Should work fine.

== Credits ==
My autism
Obsidian for everything else