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Keeps enemies respawning in the Big MT even after you have completed the DLC. Also optionally re-enables the random announcements from the Think Tank and Doctor Mobius if they are not all dead.

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Ever heard that joke phrase "oh no, that was a load-bearing boss?" It refers to the strange phenomenon where after you kill the Big Bad at the end of a dungeon said dungeon suddenly starts collapsing around you. More broadly you can think of it as commentary on any large change in an area that occurs when a boss is defeated or a quest completed, even though there is no logical reason why it should produce that change.

Well, Old World Blues has a big one of those moments. Once you finish the main quest Big MT is miraculously unpopulated. No more Y-17 Trauma Override Harnesses, no more Lobotomites, no more various robots and critters. All of it just stops, and Big MT goes silent save for a few reliable spawns, mostly in interiors. Not only that, the Think Tank (who may or may not still be alive) for some reason stop broadcasting announcements. None of it makes sense, and for those of us who like the consistent challenge of the enemies Big MT offers, it's kind of a let down.

This mod adds a script which runs after the completion of the Old World Blues main questline. The script simply re-enables the random encounter system, as well as the quest which triggers the random announcements in Big MT. The announcements have been modified slightly so that they will not play unless the people speaking them are alive, i.e. you won't hear announcements from Mobius if he's dead.


Because of how this mod works, the effect it has is permanent if it is enabled after the completion of Old World Blues. To be specific, uninstalling this mod after completing the DLC will not remove the random spawns from Big MT. You have been warned.

If you for some reason don't like the random announcements, there is a "No Announcements" version in the Optional Files section. This version only re-enables the random spawns in Big MT but leaves the announcements disabled.

For those of you looking for something like this but for Honest Hearts, quanster has put together a mod with the rather long title Honest Hearts DLC white legs respawn and npcs stay after finish. Like the title indicates, the mod keeps Zion Canyon full of White Legs and other tribals.